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  1. celticalliance

    virtual arsenal custom loadout cant be loaded

    @dlegion as far as I know it has nothing to do with Task Force Radio. Even loadouts saved that only use vanilla items can't be loaded. A reliable source, a mission and mod coder for those who wish to jump on the bandwagon again, told me that the issue was created by BI's latest release. We're still trying to find a workaround or solution but so far I wasn't able to get much help. Edit: I was wrong about the Task Force Radio items. For us it seems to be the mod that is pointed out as being non-Arsenal items, whatever that may mean. For those who use ACE, like us, ACE Arsenal seems to be a solution at this point. The loadouts will still appear greyed out but can still be loaded. The question remains now though that if you import BI Arsenal loadouts into ACE Arsenal in the editor, can they be loaded when using ACE Arsenal in a mission on the server? We never used or set up ACE Arsenal so yeah...
  2. @shay_gman we are sometimes using MCC to create AAS missions. Can you tell me if it's possible to make so-called splits, a capture point that allows teams to split up into two separate routes? Right now I believe you can only make routes with one single line of connected capture points, it would be nice if there could be several. I hope what I said made sense. If not I'll gladly explain things some more.
  3. celticalliance

    Update 1.94 - Custom loadouts BROKEN

    Stanhope, I did not know about any upcoming changes that would break our missions. And no, I maintain the server, not our missions. They are made by somebody else. It is only normal for every update to break something? I should know this? You have got some nerve, not to mention a typical attitude I see way too much around here. Which explains why I hardly come here and post here, let alone post about issues on the feedback tracker. I always get the same attitudes. I have quite a busy working life and a very busy PERSONAL life going on, so I don't have time to delve into matters like you supposedly are doing. I am the type of person who expects a company to do some proper code checking before they release stuff. Accepting bugged releases with added hotfixes afterwards is noty what I expect of this company. I also do not code any missions, and I wouldn't know where to start fixing this. So, your comments to lecture me on how to maintain a server or a mission are void in this case. I don't understand why this isn't working. And that is why I ask. I am also stating facts here, yet another update broke the game and some of its features for users. I am not a code wizard. So stop acting like I should know everything. God, some people are so ignorant. All I know is that we add the Virtual Arsenal to a crate with the BIS Arsenal function to allow access to ALL mods and content we have. So there's noithing wrong with the code there. And no, I can not provide an exported loadout because the Arsenal DOES NOT allow me to export one. I also don't have the time to export a loadout from within the editor, I'm busy as it is with leading a life. So before you start giving me an attitude better ask for details first, mister. I'm done here. I'll just wait for help from another angle. Mods, lock this thread. I'm done with having the same senseless discussions with fanboys here.
  4. Yes, I am here again. With yet another issue that again broke our set up. We have discovered that none of us can load custom loadouts through the BIS Arsenal. They all appear greyed out. And no, we have all the mods required running etc., so that is not the cause. The cause is the 1.94 update. Even when I save a brand new custom loadout with VANILLA items the loadout still can't be loaded afterwards. It again appears greyed out. I am sorry, but with every update you guys release something breaks. I as the server admin am forced to spend hours to find info that is non-existent and it's starting to annoy the hell out of me. What determines something is incompatible? The mods are running on server level and on client level, so the loadouts should be allowed to be loaded, is it? This is really starting to become a drag really. So some explanation would be nice.
  5. celticalliance

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Alright. Thanks for the heads up. It's working flawlessly 🙂
  6. celticalliance

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Can't I just copy the files into the main ACE Addons folder? That's what I did just now.
  7. celticalliance

    3CB BAF Weapons

    One question, just so I do it correctly, do we add this to the ACE folder or the 3CB Weapons folder?
  8. celticalliance

    Any questions about Arma 3

    To have multiple Zeuses place a Game Master module on the map for each Zeus slot. Give the units you wish to use as Zeus a name and add each name to the Owner bit of each Game Master module. Keep in mind that for some reason players need to respawn after joining before they can use Zeus. At least that's what I have experienced so far.
  9. celticalliance

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    domokun and stburr91, I am in no way offended by anything the two of you said. Nor what has been said by others. It just irritated me that I was getting the same type of response others were getting. Here is why. I DO get why you believe Arma is not suitable for consoles. I never even said I felt it was. I merely said it would be nice to have a game as deep as Arma on consoles. Because yes, I play on PS4 and PC and I believe that a more in-depth game on the PS4 than the regular shooters nowadays can actually be made. I also love Arma, just like you. There is no other game like it. It allows our clan to play the way we wish to play, and the fact we can create our own missions and Operations is just amazing. I however don't expect to get the same thing on a console if someone, not necesarily BI, made a game similar to Arma. Note the word similar. And I am fine with that. Having said all that, I am playing Arma long enough by now to know how frustrating coding for missions gets. I and some other clan mates have literally spent hours finding workarounds for things that just couldn't be done in a easy way thanks to SQF. SQF still frustrates me A LOT. As such, I sort of felt like assumptions about me were made because I am not just the average Joe someone referred to. Maybe I took some things the wrong way but hey that is what it looked like to me. The reason I said good luck discussing this further is also quite simple, I don't have the time to start picking fights, nor do I want to keep discussions going. I hope this explains things further. Have a nice day everyone.
  10. celticalliance

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    domokun, stburr91 and whoever it may concern: I have played Arma for quite some time already, just like many of the people here. I am also not the average Arma player who doesn't know about the amount of time it takes to create missions. I am actually doing that as well. So, wrong assumptions people. And as such I do not require any lectures. I happen to appreciate the comments made by the OP, who by now thanks to some of the responses here, already doesn't show himself anymore and I may do so. Just because someone doesn't have that many posts, or actually doesn't mind the opinion of someone who happens to have a different view than most people here, doesn't mean he does not know anything or requires lectures. I have been reading these forums for quite some time already and only recently started to post here, so yeah. Good luck with continuing the discussion everyone.
  11. celticalliance

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    You clearly misunderstood my comments. I said it would be nice to have something as deep as Arma on consoles. As such your explanation is nice but it wasn't needed in my case. I am puzzled as to why people get so worked up over just a thought somebody has. This is a game. Sometimes I just feel people take it way too serious, but that could be me.
  12. celticalliance

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    Wow guys. What a lot of testosteron flying around here. It would be nice to have a game that is as deep as Arma is on consoles. I for one can understand the comments of the OP about hysterical cod type of games nowadays on consoles, so something different would be nice.
  13. celticalliance

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Is there a .bisign file in the same folder as that file? If all is well there should be one.
  14. celticalliance

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    And I am a very happy customer. The hotfix solved our issues and we can connect again. The new improved session lost message was very helpful btw. It turned out to be that on server level we had some ACE files installed while we didn't have those installed on client level because we are not using that functionality of ACE but still wanted to allow others to actually use it. After removing these files on server level we could connect fine. I may be quite a critic at times but I am also man enough to say I think Bohemia did a good job fixing this. So thank you for putting up with me and kudos to the work done.
  15. celticalliance

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Any word on when the hotfix is released?