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    Contact DLC - stuck with bloody communications...

    I'd love to know too. I am stuck here. Not able to continue at all. Been shifting through 3 different frequencies for about 10 minutes now and nothing.
  2. Raiders International is a community of players who play a variety of mil-sim games in a team-work driven mindset. We find that playing with a group who communicates and works together, a more exciting experience for everyone. We play Squad, Escape from Tarkov, Arma 3, DCS, and others. From a family-fun adventure of Genital Jousting to a tactical loot run in Escape from Tarkov we do it all. We provide a resource-rich environment with our own public and private servers for the unit to play on, even if you can only participate for an hour in the week there is always something to play. We have a few requirements for our players. Some games may require mods, and we require you to have a mic for our Teamspeak Server. Players from all over the globe are joining up to play in kick-ass communities. Our clan is a relaxed mil-sim unit. Based on America's elite operating forces. We meet every weekend for gaming and other various operations in one of many games. Most of our members are veterans or active duty, while some are dedicated gamers. TL;DR Realism Unit Requires Mods Multiple Games Private and Public Servers Meets every week 18+ (younger requires unanimous vote) Check our website out. You know you want to.. raiders.damnserver.com You can also join our teamspeak at our.damnserver.com Or our discord server at https://discord.gg/6Rsdxeg
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    [CO-30] Op Yellow Star

    [Download on bottom of page] Operation Yellow Star By: Blackbeard Situation The Islamic State, hereafter referred to as Daesh, has a Headquarters stationed in the mountains of Pradesh. Using this HQ they are able to sustain their operations in the Kunduz Providence, Afghanistan. The People's Protection Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel) has a Forward operating training base for it’s volunteer forces in Kunduz. The YPG commander has ordered the base to establish operations against the Daesh occupation of Kunduz. Mission YPG units are to remove the Daesh HQ located in the Pradesh mountains. YPG is to also counter any Daesh operation in the providence. Execution Please refer to the commander’s guide for more information (scroll down). The Execution phase will be carried out by the commanding officer of the day. Administration and Logistics The base is supplied with (2) weapon caches and various ground vehicles executed by a VVS computer inside a cargo container. (1) Bell UH-1 Iroquois has been issued for assisting with Kunduz operations. The officer of the day will be responsible for the resupply and maintenance of the aircraft. Command and Signal Communications will be carried out by the officer of the day. Various smoke grenades and flares will be available on site, as well as a TFR radio crate. Mod Requirements ACE 3.5.1 CUP Terrains 1.0.1 CUP Units 1.3 CUP Vehicles 1.3 CUP Weapons 1.6 Iraqi-Syrian conflict Kunduz, Afghanistan NATO SF & Spetsnaz Vehicles RHSRF RHSUS CBA TFR VSM Gear Pack v1 Features 3rd Person in vehicles Arsenal Dead object Cleanup Side Ops Random Base attacks Random enemy AI Base Building Known Bugs None at this time Note* I cannot guarantee the proper actions of AI if you use ASR_AI or any other AI intelligence altering mods Credits Made by Blackbeard Alpha tested by Blackbeard and xXMoldyOcelotXx Closed Beta Tested by …. You may use this mission on your private or public servers. You may also edit the mission to suit your liking. Regardless of what you do with this mission my only request is to credit me for my work. License http://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike Commander’s Guide Have your men fill Teams 1 and 2. Make sure you have at least 1 man join Team 3. Team 3 will spawn at base and can setup defenses. Teams 4-6 will also spawn at base. Teams 1 and 2 will be transported from a YPG convoy to the base. If they are killed for whatever reason, they will respawn at base, as will everyone else. You’re the commander of this operation. It will be up to you to conduct which mission to do first. Keep in mind this is a realism operation! There is no auto generated tasks or prompts to let you know when the mission is complete. It is recommended to have a defense at the base at all times! You may use radio 0-0-1 to spawn a onetime YPG allied patrol around the base. Below you are given various intelligence (sideops & main mission) on enemy troop movements. It is your responsibility to take on these tasks. Remember this mission was built for immersion! Intel Reports: Darreh HUMINT reports of Daesh Activity Andi HUMINT reports of Daesh Activity Tal Gozar HUMINT reports of Daesh Activity and possible weapons stockpile Pradesh & Sujani Rocks -Suspected Daesh HQ -Recon patrol scouted the area 24 hours prior; one member of the team was killed when he stepped on an IED recommend extreme caution. North of Kamar YPG Patrol spotted Daesh movement requesting assistance Tappeh Ka YPG Patrol spotted Daesh movement requesting assistance Administrator’s Guide To get the best out of the mission you will have to setup your server as if this is a dedicated “Patrol OP†scenario. Anticipate this mission to take a long time to complete. Make sure your 3rd person option is turned on so you can get the full effect on the 3rd person script (optional). This Operation is intended to run on Veteran Difficulty! Task Force Radio is implemented with TFR module. So make sure you have “TaskForceRadio†channel on your teamspeak server with the password “123â€. The server administrator has access to Zues. You should not have to use Zues! Remember this mission was built for immersion! Development Road Map July 2016 Intergrade Apex Assets to remove mod dependency. Bug fixes & improvement Performance improvements Download Locations Steam Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=706806184 Please post any bugs you have here or in steam workshop
  4. Welcome to Blacksite Exile! We have just started a new Dedicated Exile Server open to all new players. We have a vanilla Exile server running and in time the blacksite team will open another modded Exile Server in the near future. Server IP: Teamspeak 3 IP: directaction.ddns.net We are currently using a global ban list, and have a strict no cheating policy. Any cheating will result in a instant irrevocable ban, while trolling will be significantly higher punishment than your typical Arma 3 servers.
  5. CIA Special Activities Division Special Operations Group We are a Arma 3 Realism unit. We operate our own servers and missions exclusively in house. We are a group based off of a CIA Direct Action unit. Our unit was developed from the ground up utilizing some of the US Marine Corps structure and bits and pieces pulled from DEVGRU, Rangers and other American military units all thrown into a CIA unit. Some of our members are veterans or active duty, while some are dedicated gamers. We conduct missions and training every week, excluding holiday weeks. Depending on the availability of all members we may conduct missions and or training on Saturdays and or Sundays. When not on a weekend the unit is officially on leave unless circumstances dictate. In other words during the week we may play other games in a “more relaxed mannerâ€. No only do we play Arma, but we also play many other games. We have multiple game servers. Realism Unit Requires Mods Private Teamspeak 3 Server Private Arma 3 Server Public Arma 3 Server Other Private and public game servers Custom Missions and training every week 16+ (younger requires team vote) We are not a “yes sir†“no sir†unit. You will not be required to act robotic in the unit during missions and training, however you will be professional and mature. We have a simple rule “Work Hard - Play hardâ€. We strive in being a well trained and a professional unit. Visit our teamspeak 3 server at directaction.ddns.net Fill out the Clan & Unit Application by visiting the Recruitment Channel on our teamspeak server (link in channel description). Once you submit the application and if a member has not already done so, one will reach out to you to conduct an interview. Interview takes place. If we accept your application you will be approved and will then be a “Prospect†in the unit. Unit Needs High - Medium - Low 0201 Combat Weapons Specialist - Auto Rifleman, HMG gunner 0202 Combat Life Saver - Medic 0203 Combat Support Operator - UAV, Mortarman 0204 Combat Explosives Specialist - AT, Explosives Specialist 0300 Armored Vehicle Operator - Drives Vehicles, Turret Gunner 0400 Reconnaissance Scout - Sniper, Recon, Intel Gatherer 0600 Critical Skills Operator - Special Forces 7000 Fixed Wing Pilot - Planes 7001 Rotary Pilot - Helicopters
  6. After checking out some old files I found all my previous missions I have made over the past few years / months. I rather not see them gather dust so I decided to release them to the community. Most missions are clan related and most are not your typical mission. I learned a lot of how to make scripts and missions by designing these missions so maybe they could help those who need it. I am releasing all the work without warranty or support. I am will happy to take reviews, criticism or questions if you have them and will try to get back to you in a timely manner. Some of my missions are designed from experience and real world situations. I prefer the realism open world approach than your typical run and gun approach. Some of my missions may be from current world events or designed specifically for shock and awe (Op Watergate). Some of these missions are incomplete, as in no forced mission ending, so if you’re up to it feel free to polish and complete said work. Just give proper credit if you do. I love making missions, and plan to continue making more as time allows. 15 missions 1 training template for dedicated server (Group Training) Most require separate mods, so you will need to do some downloading! Conflict mission pack details Mission: Infidel PDF Details https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4F2G0d3O96VN25SSHFVdHZCUWM/view?usp=sharing Mission: Rebellion PDF Details https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4F2G0d3O96VT3hVd3hnOTJjVWs/view?usp=sharing Mission: Ukrainian Flashpoint PDF Details https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4F2G0d3O96VR19LRTdiX1R6dEU/view?usp=sharing Download Link (Approx 9 megs in size) https://mega.co.nz/#F!hRh2DACR!Xc4HW1-8PcWZ7n0gT8iROg
  7. I am working on a custom project. I have a gas station that I want players to Rob for currency. I have everything working as intended, but in SP only. After QA test with friends and my server I am only able to rob the gas station. The alert alarm sound, and hints do not work. Here are my scripts. Name: gassman info stand init: this allowdamage false; this enablesimulation false; THIS addAction ["<t color=""#ff3300"">""Rob Gas Station", "SCRIPTS\roboilslick.sqf"]; roboilslick.sqf cash = cash + 5 (non working part) Trigger: As soon as the robber enters the area the hold up alarm sounds, with a hint showing globally, that a robbery is in progress.
  8. Thanks for the info, I actually just remembered that I forgot to add something. I'll report back if it works.
  9. blackbeard06

    [MP] Wasteland VISHERA

    That makes sense I tend to agree with exploring the map more for weapons. As for the profileName.vars.Arma3Profile. I do not have that directory. I am using TADST which is probably why I am having problems.
  10. blackbeard06

    [MP] Wasteland VISHERA

    Cool mission. I've just finished testing the mission with three other friends on a dedicated server. These are the things I observed and some of my suggestions. -I've spawned in and found two vehicles however while driving around, I noticed vehicles were hard to find, especially on Stratis with 50 players, it could be a big pain in the ass.. -only 5 guns for sale at the gun shop??!! I don't agree with this. Plus I can buy a UAV terminal, but what can I use it with. I did not find any UAVs, UGVs, or UAV Bags anywhere on the map. -good guns on AI at missions, that is cool, and a great idea, but I only found and killed 1 AI on the main mission. Shouldn't there be more? -As stated there should have been stat saves when I disconnected and reconnected I started new with fresh stats. Suggest: -Better Blufor / Opfor base layout, seems like a paintball field setup with a "your gonna die sniper position" on the crane. Perhaps just place some buildings and let the players deal with the barricades / walls. -more guns to buy from gunshop -helicopters in realistic locations - level up system: very nice! I've noticed how the lvl bar goes up by the second. Could you change this to per minute or per 10 minutes? I'd really like the leveling system, but I think it should be harder to earn so it makes it that more valuable. for that is about it, at least for now or until I can think of something else.. Again this was a great mission, so don't feel like I'm trashing you. I am really looking forward to your updates.
  11. The resolution problems have now been fixed! I am now freely playing with this mod with out any problems, thank you. Bug: while performing action "bury" I am able to move away with the progress still progressing. (not sure if this is only on the bury option.) That is the only bug I am able to find right now. Not much of a big problem atm.
  12. Very good work! This mod is amazing. I have a problem with the resolution and the cell phone number not showing. Here is a screen shot: http://imgur.com/BRm0jfP In my native resolution I cannot see the number, however while changing the interface size I am only able to see half of the number which makes it very hard to read. This occurs for every lower or higher resolution I try. I hope you can fix this since I cannot utilize this mod while this problem is still current. resolution: 1804x1014 (using a 48" tv as a monitor)
  13. blackbeard06

    Generating Values instead of typing them?

    Thank you for your help! I'll be sure to post there as well..
  14. I hope this is in the right topic... I have a good, Time Saving question, if answered.. I've placed 889 blocks onto a map each individual block is named "h", "h_1", "h_2"......."h_889". This is only half the problem, I must now type each block's name into a .sqf call function which is: null = [["h","h_1",......."h_899"],[4,2,100],[5,2,100],[1,1,100],[1],[2],[1,2],[0,0,400,EAST,TRUE,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn; Yes this is EOS we are dealing with. My question is: Instead of typing all those names, is there a way to generate them so I can save time?
  15. blackbeard06

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Great work! Big improvement and love the additions. two Questions: 1: I'm very big on realism. IS there a way to remove the names above the head on players / AI? I've placed the interaction module and set the value to 0, but the name will still appear. 2: With the map tool, is there a way to make it smaller so we can use the ruler to mark an 8 digit grid? It's almost as if the map tool is too big. Again, very good work! I am going to implement this into my server on my next reboot.
  16. Downloading now, looks very nice and am excited to see this! I'll report back my experience afterwards.. -edit- Looks great and working well. I managed to find the server that was running it. Perhaps you can add the ability to add backpacks so players may purchase, so we can carry explosives for missions. Other than that during my short play time I did not find any errors or serious FPS issues. Great Work!
  17. blackbeard06

    TMN Defense Budget System

    This works perfectly. Thank you!
  18. blackbeard06

    TMN Defense Budget System

    After attempting to add another item to the market, in this case a offroad, I failed at doing so. This is what I did. The end result is purchasing a DAR_M1151 for $70k instead of my $32k offroad. Theoretically it should have worked. What am I missing? here is a pastebin of the entire file: http://pastebin.com/6YTE7ZRr
  19. blackbeard06

    TMN Defense Budget System

    Really great work! I love this script. Do you have plans to implement a recruitment market? Until then i'm using a simple reinforcement script, I'd rather pay money from my defense budget to gain AI. BTW, using the method: Does not work with adding new items to the script. Your format is different, probably because of the new update. I have lots of things I would like to add, but cannot use your previously described method.
  20. Thanks guys I have now fixed it. had to dig around a bit.. It just confused me since I was using HFB servers.
  21. I have tried using this in my server config file and it does not set the difficulty. Config file: http://pastebin.com/DDXanKzG All I want is everything off, except for 3rd person. am I doing something wrong?
  22. i'v look at this before and do not know what to do. I am using a control panel for HFB servers to control my server. I only have arma3config_19056\config.cfg file to edit I don't have anything else to edit.. I'm confused
  23. My server will not appear on arma 3 server list. The server version: 1.10.114486, my game version: 1.10.114700. Not sure if this is why. I have recently updated the server to Stable branch 1/21 and am running with mods. That is the problem. W/ mods activated the server will not appear on the server list. Running with NO MODs, and boom! I see my server and everything is looking good / running smoothly. What am I doing wrong? I've posted a support ticket with HFB servers, but my average response time is 3 days, that is unacceptable, could you help me? Log files: w/o mods http://pastebin.com/SYii7XgE w/ mods http://pastebin.com/30JvMYRy Command line w/ mods: -mod=@A2Helos;@ASDG_Attachments;@ASDG_JR;@CBA_A3;@FSF_SacVentral;@HMV;@HiddenIdentityPackv3;@JS_JC_FA18;@JumpMF;@Nimitz;@Peral_A-10C;@R3F;@RAV_Lifter_A3;@RH_M4;@RH_MK18;@RH_Pistol;@SGW_CSAR;@TFA;@VTS_Weaponresting;@XEventSystem;@XMedSys;@alive;@bullethits;@fhq_accessories;@marsof;@mcc_sandbox;@t1_silencer_fix;@task_force_radio;@tmr Command line w/o mods: -port=2702 -name=arma3config_19056 -config=arma3config_19056\config.cfg -cfg=arma3config_19056\basic.cfg -profiles=arma3config_19056 -cpucount=2 -exthreads=2
  24. Found the problem.... Hint, pay attention to your logs!! ErrorMessage: Include file userconfig\task_force_radio\radio_keys.hpp not found. to fix it I added the userconfig from task force radio.. if i did that i would have saved 2 hours.... damn. Thanks for your help guys.