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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Welcome back to Kunduz and its caves. Taliban are now reinforced by heavy assets. Well... Destroy the base and sweep them off this region. You need: - CBA, - all CUP (Steam workshop), - any Kunduz map (fixed doors by author James2464, or script). I do recommend the enhanced movement mod by badbenson. Anyway, walls are collapsible by vehicles. You can choose a lot of parameters such as: - revive/heal for AI bros, - time acceleration, - weapon loots in houses, - civilian life + kamikazes, - and more... Be sharp with your resources and have fun! On steam: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1594586819 Pbo for servers: https://www.dropbox.com/s/60o3gastrnwyz7b/Another_day_at_Kunduz2.Kunduz.pbo?dl=0
  2. Hi all, If you used to play on Kunduz, Afghanistan map, you remarked the doors of any building are not active. Here is a simple code to add in initPlayerLocal.sqf to make them work. (Create it in mission root if missing) if (modParams ["@Kunduz, Afghanistan", ["active"]] param [0,false]) then { inGameUISetEventHandler ["action"," private _intersects = []; if (_this select 4 == 'Close Door' or _this select 4 == 'Close Window') then { _anims = 'true' configClasses (configfile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> typeof cursorObject >> 'AnimationSources') apply {configName _x}; { _intersects = ([cursorObject, _x] intersect [ASLToATL eyepos player, (screentoworld [0.5,0.5])]); if (count (_intersects select 0) > 0) exitwith {_intersects} } forEach ['VIEW','GEOM','FIRE']; if (count _intersects > 0) then { _select_door = (_intersects select 0) select 0; { if (count _anims > 0 && {[_select_door,_x] call Bis_fnc_inString}) exitWith { cursorObject animateSource [_x, 0];true}; false } forEach _anims; }; }; if (_this select 4 == 'Open Door' or _this select 4 == 'Open Window') then { _anims = 'true' configClasses (configfile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> typeof cursorObject >> 'AnimationSources') apply {configName _x}; { _intersects = ([cursorObject, _x] intersect [ASLToATL eyepos player, (screentoworld [0.5,0.5])]); if (count (_intersects select 0) > 0) exitwith {_intersects} } forEach ['VIEW','GEOM','FIRE']; if (count _intersects > 0) then { _select_door = (_intersects select 0) select 0; { if (count _anims > 0 && {[_select_door,_x] call Bis_fnc_inString}) exitWith { cursorObject animateSource [_x, 1];true};false } forEach _anims; }; }; "]; }; Have fun on this beautiful map. Updated Nov. 20th 2018 (see comments)
  3. Description and dynamics of the mission This mission represents the French strengths in a real or fictitious conflict against an insurection. The primary purpose of the mission is maintaining of the peace, thus to patrol, secure roads, neutralize ammunition cache and to have a dissuasive effect, it does not necessarily mean that the fight will be absent. The insurgents will try to join localities to convert the civilians, and slow down you with IED and ambushes. When the insurgents will have succeeded, the zone in question has to reach a locality will become very dangerous. (There is 5 slots additional to intend for the players rebelled to pepper one can the mission). When a locality is captured your dissuasive effect decreases, thus it will be necessary to intervene as fast as possible while remaining careful. More time goes by without an intervention of the peacekeeper to secure a locality corrupted by the insurgents, more you will have of luck to see a nearby locality becoming hostile and so on, pay attention in certain cases that can go very fast. In this mission no objective is defined meadow, the only available information will be locality fallen to the hands of the enemy. Thus it will be commander of the unity who will have to attribute the objectives has his subordinates to be the most effective possible. To note the intel, the zones squeaky clean, the ied, the axes surs ... commander will be the person who will do so that the peacekeeper are the most effective possible. When a locality corrupted by the insurgents is secured your dissuasive effect on this locality will be permanent. Management of the efficiency A system of ticket, is present for the strengths of maintaining of the peace and for the insurgents every camps person possessed 100 ticket to begin: -every "frag" makes win a ticket / the death or respawn makes lose a ticket. -when a locality is corrupted: +15 for the insurgents/-10 for the peacekeeper. -when a locality is reassured: -20 for the insurgents. -when a weaponcache is destroyed: -15 for the insurgents/+5 for the strengths of maintaining of the peace. -when the peacekeeper are made delivered a vehicle -50 ticket (can imports the vehicle). -the recruitment of IA costs 1 ticket (10 IA max by group). Thus it can be 3 different successes there: -the strengths of peacekeeper fall has 0 ticket, failure of the mission: efficiency BAD. (Really needs to be bad or to make anything (or you really have no chance), success bad). -the insurgents fall has 0 ticket, successful mission: strong efficiency. (Really needs to be effective, difficult success) -The conflict gets stuck in the mud and nobody reaches has to dominate the region: mission which never ends. (Average success) HQ It is here where the peacekeeper start their journey, list of the supports available on the HQ: -arsenal -order of all the vehicles (light, armoured, aerials, support) -Recruitment of IA -resting zone (cross 6 hours) -scrap area, you can scrap the insurgent vehicle for extra ticket. -hospital (care in the max) -Support of land vehicle (gasoline, repair, ammunitions). -Support of the air vehicles (gasoline, repair, ammunitions) and especially pylons customizable. -3 box FOB which are also places of respawn, you can build fortifications, static weapons, arsenal, and light vehicle. The HQ can be attacked (players or IA) if insurgents approaches too closely a defense system will be automatically set up, this plan is not invincible thus be going to need that the players participate has the defense of the HQ. Note : the support vehicle are the just for the RP, it will not be possible to make of the maintenance on the ground it will necessarily be necessary to return vehicles at the HQ. Secondary Task Military convoy : It is necessary to deliver support truck has a precise point, the peacekeeper have to obtain vehicles has their expenses (truck of ammunition, fuel, repair) and will once be paid off arrived has destination. Every arrived vehicle has good port will reduce the tickets of the insurgents ( -5 ). -Humanitarian Aid : It is necessary to deliver humanitarian cargo ( IDAP) has a precise point, the peacekeeper will have to get the IDAP cargo has their expenses ( 5 tickets), and will once be paid off arrived has destination. Every arrived humanitarian cargo has good port will reduce the tickets of the insurgents ( -1 ) -Special missions: there are certain places well to hide on Kunduz who abounds in precious information, find files and get special task (you will not have pain has to find them if you know the map) Additional information and scripts included in the mission -AIS revive: everybody can revive (medic faster) care for the players need 1 first one who are not medic, the heavy damage kill instantly. -Advanced Sling Loadind -Advanced Towing -R3F Logistic -Mag Repack ( Ctrl+R) -ATM_airdrop -TAW ViewDistance -Vcom AI -NRE Earplug - sapper and team leaders can build walls of sandbag if they have a toolkit in their inventory. THUS DO NOT ACTIVATE THESE MODES ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE MISSION OR YOU RISK TO HAVE ISSUES. !!!Mission for dedicated server!!! It is strongly recommended to have a multithreaded server or at least 1 headlessclient available to be able to run this mission with no problem at all. Mission file here : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1haY7CDhBYLcjhvbkNLYt5jVySyoY8Lnb Steamworkshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1516776817
  4. Hi guys, this is my first (public) SP mission! (Steam WS) You're taking role of SBS squadleader and your objective is to infiltrate enemy compound, locate any enemy intel and get out before reinforcements arrive. Weather is randomized with every mission start so if it isn't what you expected just reload the mission from beginning. Every feedback no matter if its about scripting, syncing, translation, difficulty etc. is really welcome! (NEEDED!!!) I need it for future missions and so I can edit this one to your liking. Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features: Single Player mission. Level: Easy/Medium. Style: Infiltration. Intro Music / radio chatter Multiple Objectives Description: An afghan contact of ours in gave us some information about a Taliban meeting . It is in a small village deep in enemy territory and several ranking Taliban officers will be there. The village is about 15 klicks behind enemy lines. Afghan forces are still fighting with the Taliban on the border, so expect a lot of bodies and burned out vehicles in the village. We do not have any intelligence on when the meeting is happening so you will be leaving ASAP. A transport is ready and waiting for you. It will take you to 8 klicks out from the target. From there you will be on foot. Your primary objective is to sweep the village and collect intel about enemy forces, weaponry, etc. In a few days our US and Afghan allies will begin an assault to retake Kunduz City from the Taliban. Any information you collect will help in this effort. How you proceed is up to you but staying quiet is recommended. Remember, this is in bandit country, if you make yourself known, the Taliban will swarm you in no time Good luck.
  5. blackbeard06

    [CO-30] Op Yellow Star

    [Download on bottom of page] Operation Yellow Star By: Blackbeard Situation The Islamic State, hereafter referred to as Daesh, has a Headquarters stationed in the mountains of Pradesh. Using this HQ they are able to sustain their operations in the Kunduz Providence, Afghanistan. The People's Protection Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel) has a Forward operating training base for it’s volunteer forces in Kunduz. The YPG commander has ordered the base to establish operations against the Daesh occupation of Kunduz. Mission YPG units are to remove the Daesh HQ located in the Pradesh mountains. YPG is to also counter any Daesh operation in the providence. Execution Please refer to the commander’s guide for more information (scroll down). The Execution phase will be carried out by the commanding officer of the day. Administration and Logistics The base is supplied with (2) weapon caches and various ground vehicles executed by a VVS computer inside a cargo container. (1) Bell UH-1 Iroquois has been issued for assisting with Kunduz operations. The officer of the day will be responsible for the resupply and maintenance of the aircraft. Command and Signal Communications will be carried out by the officer of the day. Various smoke grenades and flares will be available on site, as well as a TFR radio crate. Mod Requirements ACE 3.5.1 CUP Terrains 1.0.1 CUP Units 1.3 CUP Vehicles 1.3 CUP Weapons 1.6 Iraqi-Syrian conflict Kunduz, Afghanistan NATO SF & Spetsnaz Vehicles RHSRF RHSUS CBA TFR VSM Gear Pack v1 Features 3rd Person in vehicles Arsenal Dead object Cleanup Side Ops Random Base attacks Random enemy AI Base Building Known Bugs None at this time Note* I cannot guarantee the proper actions of AI if you use ASR_AI or any other AI intelligence altering mods Credits Made by Blackbeard Alpha tested by Blackbeard and xXMoldyOcelotXx Closed Beta Tested by …. You may use this mission on your private or public servers. You may also edit the mission to suit your liking. Regardless of what you do with this mission my only request is to credit me for my work. License http://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike Commander’s Guide Have your men fill Teams 1 and 2. Make sure you have at least 1 man join Team 3. Team 3 will spawn at base and can setup defenses. Teams 4-6 will also spawn at base. Teams 1 and 2 will be transported from a YPG convoy to the base. If they are killed for whatever reason, they will respawn at base, as will everyone else. You’re the commander of this operation. It will be up to you to conduct which mission to do first. Keep in mind this is a realism operation! There is no auto generated tasks or prompts to let you know when the mission is complete. It is recommended to have a defense at the base at all times! You may use radio 0-0-1 to spawn a onetime YPG allied patrol around the base. Below you are given various intelligence (sideops & main mission) on enemy troop movements. It is your responsibility to take on these tasks. Remember this mission was built for immersion! Intel Reports: Darreh HUMINT reports of Daesh Activity Andi HUMINT reports of Daesh Activity Tal Gozar HUMINT reports of Daesh Activity and possible weapons stockpile Pradesh & Sujani Rocks -Suspected Daesh HQ -Recon patrol scouted the area 24 hours prior; one member of the team was killed when he stepped on an IED recommend extreme caution. North of Kamar YPG Patrol spotted Daesh movement requesting assistance Tappeh Ka YPG Patrol spotted Daesh movement requesting assistance Administrator’s Guide To get the best out of the mission you will have to setup your server as if this is a dedicated “Patrol OP†scenario. Anticipate this mission to take a long time to complete. Make sure your 3rd person option is turned on so you can get the full effect on the 3rd person script (optional). This Operation is intended to run on Veteran Difficulty! Task Force Radio is implemented with TFR module. So make sure you have “TaskForceRadio†channel on your teamspeak server with the password “123â€. The server administrator has access to Zues. You should not have to use Zues! Remember this mission was built for immersion! Development Road Map July 2016 Intergrade Apex Assets to remove mod dependency. Bug fixes & improvement Performance improvements Download Locations Steam Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=706806184 Please post any bugs you have here or in steam workshop
  6. KUNDUZ BASES by DonbassCZ Story: After completing the work which related to building and fortifying bases in Takistan we moved to Kunduz province in the northern part of Afghanistan. We have been called by the local command to build a new bases and some outposts that should improve the current situation in this region. Description: Hello. After my latest project called Takistan bases i started building bases in Kunduz province made by Project Reality team. It will be about 1-2 FOBs (I cant say it now), 2 outposts. So i hope you are looking forward and I hope that it would be as popular as Takistan bases :) PS: I will add pictures as soon as possible (7th April 2016) Greets DonbassCZ