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  1. I plan on adding this feature, yes. Currently I have very little free time due to RL stuff. I recommend checking the GitHub because sometimes I'll add features without mentioning. Was planning on adding a temporary script to sell everything in an ammo box (without an UI). I've written a very basic script for you and added comments to help you understand:
  2. This will return how many characters there are in a string which is an alternate syntax already documented.
  3. Money for killing enemy units: For adding money when searching a body, I would take a look at this. Alternatively, you could try creating an addAction on the enemies to, for example, pilfer their wallets. I'll make sure to add this as an option in the next update. Cheers
  4. [[1920,1080,792,594,1.77778,0.55],[18,16,8],[18,16,8],true]
  5. Unless you equip the uniform upon purchase, you will need a separate script to enable that functionality. I suggest you take a look at @pierremgi's "wear what you want" script. Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad it was able to give you some inspiration! If you're looking for additional gun-store-style inspiration then this is another approach I have been working on (solely with ctrlCreate) ((shameless plug)): Excellent, just make sure you listen to some Blur whenever it is used Cheers
  6. Certain uniforms can only be dressed by certain units. You cannot manually dress a unit with a restricted uniform unless you use the forceAddUniform command. To check whether a uniform can be worn by a specific unit use the isUniformAllowed command. Cheers
  7. Try removeMagazine like Schatten suggested. Also I don’t think it was entirely necessary to create a new thread when you have already posted a few times in the original thread.
  8. You want to modify HALs_money_fnc_getFunds (maintaining that it returns a scalar) to: For HALs_money_fnc_addFunds maybe something like: This should give you something to start and build upon.
  9. Hi, you could change the functions HALs_money_fnc_addFunds and HALs_money_fnc_getFunds without having to alter the functionality of the store script itself. I would provide some code for you to try but I am unable to test anything because my computer is completely broken. Cheers, Hal
  10. Just whipped this together quickly to demonstrate my point: player addEventHandler ["Fired", { (_this select 6) setShotParents [vehicle (_this select 0), (_this select 0)] }]; addMissionEventhandler ["Draw3D", { _friendlyGrenades = (player nearObjects ["GrenadeHand", 10]) select { (getShotParents _x) params ["_vehicle", "_unit"]; side group _unit isEqualTo side group player }; if (count _friendlyGrenades > 0) then { { drawIcon3D ["", [1,0,0,1], visiblePosition _x, 0, 0, 0, "Target", 1, 0.05, "PuristaMedium"]; nil; } count _friendlyGrenades; }; }];
  11. Not sure if it will work, but in the fired eventhandler you could use setShotParents and then, while using nearObjects, filter the indicators according to the side of the group and using the array returned by getShotParents.
  12. Try changing: [(visiblePosition _unit) select 0,(visiblePosition _unit) select 1,((visiblePosition _unit) select 2) + 10] to (visiblePosition _unit) vectorAdd [0,0,10] Then, _enemyArray = []; {if ((((side _x) == AIside) && (isFormationLeader _x)) or (((side _x) == AIside) && (vehicle _x != _x))) then {_enemyArray pushBackUnique (vehicle _x)}} forEach allUnits; to (using the select command) _enemyArray = allUnits select {((side _x isEqualTo AIside) && (isFormationLeader _x)) or ((side _x isEqualTo AIside) && (vehicle _x != _x))} apply {vehicle _x}; Additionally you are using str when format already returns a string. parseText parses structured text which the strings used do not contain (therefore it's not required): _text = str(parseText format["%1m",(str _distance)]); to _text = format ["%1m", _distance]; Additionally, you are using pushBack when you could use the apply command:
  13. To play sounds simultaneously, have a look at createSoundSource. For spawning flies, try bis_fnc_flies which is essentially:
  14. HallyG

    Hold Action Not Appearing

    Try increasing the distance in the condition. The distance command measures the distance from the centre of the object and as such, due to the object's geometry, you might be unable to get within 3 metres of it.
  15. I think the result you want to obtain is dependent upon your definition of a gunship. However, in my attempt I assume that it is a gunship if it has "CAS_Heli" in the array returned from the config value "availableForSupportTypes": //--- Get vehicles which are aircraft and can be spawned in the editor _allHelicoptersCfgPaths = "getNumber (_x >> 'type') isEqualTo 2 && getNumber (_x >> 'scope') >= 2" configClasses (configFile >> "cfgVehicles"); //--- Get all vehicles which have the 'helicopter' simulation and are not autonomous _allHelicoptersCfgPaths = _allHelicoptersCfgPaths select {toLower getText (_x >> 'simulation') isEqualTo "helicopterrtd" && {toLower getText (_x >> 'vehicleClass') != "autonomous"}}; //--- All Vehicles which are allowed to be used in cas module // _allHelicoptersCfgPaths = _allHelicoptersCfgPaths select {isClass (_x >> "Components" >> "TransportPylonsComponent")}; _allHelicoptersCfgPaths = _allHelicoptersCfgPaths select {"CAS_Heli" in (getArray (_x >> 'availableForSupportTypes'))}; //--- Dump config names to the clipboard copyToClipboard (_allHelicoptersCfgPaths apply {configName _x} joinString endl); (you could do this all in one line but it's easier to read like this) Obviously, this will only work if the helicopter has "CAS_Heli" in the array for "availableForSupportTypes" in the config. You could, however, modify the script to instead verify if the helicopter can equip missiles (might help for mods).