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  1. HallyG

    Icon Viewer Script

    Thanks. Here's a slightly modified version where the text has been moved to the tooltip of each image: Script:
  2. Hi, Here's a simple icon viewer that I threw together. This allows you to easily view and search through all icons present in loaded .pbos. Run the script from the debug console. Use the search bar to search for specific icons. Click on an icon to copy the path to your clipboard. Since it uses addonFiles, icons from .ebos cannot be viewed. Script: https://gist.github.com/HallyG/fa7a6cda10abcb630b1dc325f0523553 Cheers
  3. Hi all, Update v1.5 is now available. Notable changes: Improved the GUI appearance by minimising white-space and changing colours to match BIS' theme. Added an example mission to demonstrate using different stores. Added a help button that links to the Usage page on the GitHub wiki. Added optional target parameter to HALs_store_fnc_addTrader to determine what players (e.g. BLUFOR only) can access the store (default is everyone). Added function HALs_store_fnc_openStore to open the store without the action. Added function HALs_store_fnc_addActionTrader to add an open store action to all targets. Changed traders can be any type not just CAManBase, ReammoBox_F or Car_F. Changed stock and starting funds can now be greater than 999,999. Fixed typo in the store open action - with a new entry in stringtable.xml: STR_HALS_STORE_OPEN_ACTION. Visit the Usage page for information about how to use new/modified functions. Known issues: Sometimes you can't use grenades after they have been added to your inventory. This could potentially be solved using reload. Cheers
  4. Thanks! I've already improved the UI further.. so if you want a sneak peak: old versus new. In terms of converting the items to money, it's a take eventhandler, which selects an amount to add based on the item classname. In the current version dropping money is unavailable but I've already created a script to allow dropping money. Hi, I've updated the function usage with some examples (seems like I should have done that in the first place). In your case, <store type> needs to be replaced by the name of the store defined in the HALs\Addons\store\config.hpp. For example, in the provided test mission, you could use either "weapon" or "navigation": if (isServer) then {[this, "weapon"] call HALs_store_fnc_addTrader;}; if (isServer) then {[this, "navigation"] call HALs_store_fnc_addTrader;};
  5. Hi all, A new version is available, v1.4.1. This is a smaller update but in short: Added compatibility with the interactive money objects added from the Old Man update - pick up any of these objects to acquirer some sweet ol' cash (video). The player's money is now displayed in their inventory. Replaced addAction with the BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd. Various performance improvements and bug fixes. Weapons classes with attachments can now be sold (if not stocked, their price comes from their parent weapon class). Slight colour-schemes tweaks to better match in-game UI colours. The full change-log can be viewed here. Cheers
  6. Here's a script snippet to play around with that can be used to visualise your shots during target practice. At the moment this only works in singleplayer (I haven't tested it in multiplayer). init.sqf The classname of the target used in the video is "TargetP_Inf_Acc2_F". Change HALs_hits_target_history to change how many previous hits that each target remembers. Change _w, _h in HALs_hits_fnc_ui to adjust the width and height of the ui. Change _max in HALs_hits_fnc_ui to change the maximum number hits that can be shown (on the ui) at once. Add a target object with [<obj>] call HALs_hits_fnc_removeTarget. Add a target object with [<obj>] call HALs_hits_fnc_addTarget. Set the target object's active shooter with [<obj>, <unit>] call HALs_hit_fnc_setTargetShooter. Add your own target types in HALs_hits_fnc_targetOffset.
  7. Hi all, Version 1.4 is now available; in short it adds various optimisation improvements and selling 😉. Feedback is welcome for any bugs you find (I haven't extensively tested this). To sell an item, the store needs to stock it and you will need to check a certain checkbox. This version has actually been available for a while over on GitHub but due to lack of free-time I haven't been able to update anything here. Cheers
  8. I plan on adding this feature, yes. Currently I have very little free time due to RL stuff. I recommend checking the GitHub because sometimes I'll add features without mentioning. Was planning on adding a temporary script to sell everything in an ammo box (without an UI). I've written a very basic script for you and added comments to help you understand:
  9. This will return how many characters there are in a string which is an alternate syntax already documented.
  10. Money for killing enemy units: For adding money when searching a body, I would take a look at this. Alternatively, you could try creating an addAction on the enemies to, for example, pilfer their wallets. I'll make sure to add this as an option in the next update. Cheers
  11. [[1920,1080,792,594,1.77778,0.55],[18,16,8],[18,16,8],true]
  12. Unless you equip the uniform upon purchase, you will need a separate script to enable that functionality. I suggest you take a look at @pierremgi's "wear what you want" script. Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad it was able to give you some inspiration! If you're looking for additional gun-store-style inspiration then this is another approach I have been working on (solely with ctrlCreate) ((shameless plug)): Excellent, just make sure you listen to some Blur whenever it is used Cheers
  13. Certain uniforms can only be dressed by certain units. You cannot manually dress a unit with a restricted uniform unless you use the forceAddUniform command. To check whether a uniform can be worn by a specific unit use the isUniformAllowed command. Cheers
  14. Try removeMagazine like Schatten suggested. Also I don’t think it was entirely necessary to create a new thread when you have already posted a few times in the original thread.
  15. You want to modify HALs_money_fnc_getFunds (maintaining that it returns a scalar) to: For HALs_money_fnc_addFunds maybe something like: This should give you something to start and build upon.