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  1. Kain181

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Good news. I just reinstalled the game and it works. I have no idea of what happened, but now everything is fine. Sorry for a heart attack 😂 😂
  2. Kain181

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Yap!! I also reseted my profile as a default and and it keep happens the same. I noticed that since the last update.
  3. Kain181

    Emitter 3Ditor

    I don't know why. But the key shortcuts has stopped working. I tried without any mod and only CBA and it does not work either
  4. Uoaa!! It works perfectly !!! Thank'u so much!!
  5. Hi everybody. I'm trying to create a weapon Upgrade/modify module using the RHS: AFRFand USAF infantry arsenal. So the objective is to take some weapons with different skins or versions and let the player to modify then in a workbench like the "Metro Exodus" guns Wokbench. For example: We have the MK18 ("rhs_weap_mk18") and you want to upgrade with a SOPMOD stock ("rhs_weap_mk18_KAC") or the painted version of the same (Desert: "rhs_weap_mk18_d" / Woodland: "rhs_weap_mk18_wd"), so if you use the workbench as an "addaction" it lets you to updgrade or modify the weapon. Or, you have the AK-103 ("rhs_weap_ak103") and the workbench lets you to install the B-13 rails system ("rhs_weap_ak103_npz") or install the grenade launcher ("rhs_weap_ak103_gp25"), or both ("rhs_weap_ak103_gp25_npz"). In my mind, I thought that using "IF" clausures as: if (player hasWeapon "rhs_weap_ak103") then { workbench_modify addAction ["<t align='center' size='1.2' color='#FFD733'>MODIFY WEAPON</t>", "weapon_modding.sqf", [], 1, true, true, "", "", 2, false]; ... ... ... }; But i'm not sure how to do it. If you let me some ideas it'll me so helpfull. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys!! I'm creating a weapon modification module with the removeweapon and addweapon commands. But when my script works, it logically deletes the current attachments from the player's weapon. There is some way to move the attachments currently used to a specific container and then apply the remove / add commands. Thank you
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong. As I know you can't activate a Game Logic entity with a Trigger. So, is it any way to spawn a unit or group with that mod if the player enters an area or complete an objective? The only way I know to do it, is via a trigger. Is it possible?! Cheers!!
  8. Hi Pete, sorry if i'm a bit late. I'm doing my first mission and I'm trying to introduce your mod. But the point is that i want to interact with the NPC's and display an icon using the "addaction" function into ini field before it opens the dialog window. So, how can do to insert the script for it works?! That's the ini field of the NPC: this addAction ["<img size='6' shadow='0.8' image='Img\icons\player\icon_talk.paa'/></t>" , [dude_01, opener"] call IP_fnc_addConversation , [], 1, true, true, "", "", 2, false]; So when i use it, the talk icon doesn't appear when you're near the NPC, you have to use the scroll menu and it shows the icon and the "opener" conversation function.
  9. Kain181

    Help First Person Intro

    Great, thanks, it'll be usefull ;)
  10. Kain181

    Help First Person Intro

    I can't see any video.
  11. Kain181

    Help First Person Intro

    Hi everybody! I'm having some problems to create my SP mission's intro. I found lots of tutorials that explain how to create an intro with camera effects, bla bla bla ... but i didn't found any of them that explains how to create a first person camera intro. So there's another doubt, how can I do for ending my intro and start the mission?! Thanks.
  12. How can I make the player unit use all the uniforms I need ?! I have to modify something from your script or directly in the .ini file?
  13. Hi! I noticed that when i try to configure it to buy clothing, the uniforms buyed it cannot be used. Is it normal?!
  14. Hi, there's any way to introduce a money system script that everytime you kill a spawned unit, it gets a defined amount of this numeric variable?!
  15. Hi, i'm just starting my first custom mission and I'd like to add this mod in it. So, I tried to use the mod but it didn't work. Correct me if i'm wrong: I have first created an Area Contanination Module, sync it with a player settings module for the damage and also a mask settings module to use a mask to protect from the contamination damage but noting happened ... so, it's possible to show me a simple mission where the modules works correctly?! thanks so much