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  1. CDR Frenette

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you said you were releasing 2-3 of your camos, and then we will be able to do our own re-textures just fine, correct? If so, will you be releasing the original .PSD file (or whatever file format it's in) so that we can easily do a re-texture? Literally just been waiting for this mod and Hrogthar's Design Mastery M4's update to come out, so I can do an initial unit stand-up exercise. :lol: This is the only uniform mod, other than some vanilla stuff, that I've wanted to use. One quick thing however: will you be releasing the uniform top in an un-zipped collar version? When I was serving and met with some unit guys, I can't recall them having their collars zipped up that way. Again, just a quick question is all. Love the detail you've put into this. Your work is greatly appreciated! Cheers.
  2. CDR Frenette

    Design mastery weapons

    Hogthar! Great to see you back on this thread. I'm glad you're still working on this project, these were amazing quality weapons. I've had to rely on RHS's weapons pack, which, is great, but you 'should' have their whole pack, even if you just want to use the weapons. As far as it goes for the camo patterns, basic black, AOR1 & AOR2 as well as OCP (NWU2/NWU3) patterns plus default black would be great. IMO, I think those are the most widely used. Would it be great to have woodland, the 3 color desert and whatever other ones? Sure! But if it cam down to it, I believe those 4 patterns would be bare minimum. I have a thing for Mossy Oak pattern: http://i.imgur.com/ypFjrSJ.png I also like that you are making MRT and ASDG switches useable as well. Again, great seeing you back on here! -Frenette
  3. CDR Frenette

    Dagger Weapons for Arma 3 (and ACE 3)

    @Dagger, Thank the Arma gods for you Dagger. I've been using your scopes for quite awhile now, and I love them! When I saw that you had released a weapons pack, centered around long range shooting, I almost lost my shiitake mushrooms. Finally! And I'm so glad this works with ACE, and the ballistics within. My Arma experience is so close to being complete! Just need a few more rifles, with perhaps the same, and more, different camo variations. I haven't noticed any bugs or problems yet, and I've been using them constantly since I've had them downloaded. Bravo! Again, thank you, and great job on this mod, as well as your scopes. Regards, CDR Frenette
  4. Would you be able to make one for the quadbikes? That'd be awesome if you could!
  5. CDR Frenette

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hey y'all! I'm SOC Frenette, from SEAL Team 11. I'm currently in charge of our Black Team (sniper teams), and as such, am looking for better assets for us to use, as we need to be packed like we can take on a whole country. One of the things that I've really wanted, was a smaller version of a Humvee, but bigger than a quadbike... I've been looking at these for a few years now, and just now had the idea of "What if this were makeable for Arma 3?". It's kind of a big project, IF anyone wanted to take it on. There 4 things I'm looking for, to be made: 1.) the Polaris MRZR 4 - http://www.polaris.com/en-us/military/combat/mrzr-4 2.) the Polaris MRZR 2 - http://www.polaris.com/en-us/military/combat/mrzr-2 3.) the Polaris DAGOR - http://www.polaris.com/en-us/military/combat/dagor-military-tan 4.) the Polaris Tac Trailer - http://www.polaris.com/en-us/military/combat/tactical-trailer I realize the DAGOR is the size of a Humvee, but hey, if the other three could be made, that'd be amazing! These assets would need to be nimble, speedy, and not so easily flippable. They would require all of the FFV options, and just for funzies, a mountable GAU-17 or something ontop of one of the variants. These are simple vehicles, as in, they don't need to have MFD's, or any of that other fancy stuff. Just a basic instrument cluster, lights, both IR and visible. Capability to be slingloaded. Would like this to be in multiple colors: black, tan, foliage, NWU2, NWU3, and Mossy Oak. Another feature, that is not IRL, is a 'stealth' mode. Basically, it would be a scroll wheel action, able to 'turn off' half the engine, which would then cut down the power, and noise, to make it a little more stealthy when getting in closer to AO's. I would very much like to do these on my own, but I lack the ability to even make a simple cube from Blender work in-game (config errors I assume). Much less creating a whole new class of vehicles to the game. If anyone would be interested in doing this project, please please PLEASE feel free to message me.
  6. CDR Frenette

    Design mastery weapons

    Has there been any new progress on this pack? I really enjoyed using this mod, super high quality stuff. Hate to see this disappear.
  7. BUMP This mod needs updating. I love using this mod, but it needs some TLC to make it updated, and to sort out the bugs.
  8. CDR Frenette

    McMillan CS5

    Gorgeous. This, and your MSR model. Amzaing.
  9. CDR Frenette

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Ah, I see now. What I'm trying to do though, is to have all of these, so that it can work with your AB and the Atrag. I don't know entirely on how to create a new gun profile, putting in all the separate variables for, say, the .338 Lapua that is in Massi's weapon pack. Or for 5.56 in the Design Mastery. From what I understand, modders use Spartan's data, and puts them into their weapons mods, and it SHOULD be ballistically (real word?) correct. I use Massis' weapons, Robert Hammer's pistols, and the Design Mastery pack. From what I understand, they use his ballistic data. But, when I'm doing some long range shooting, with Massi's pack, and use your AB and Atrag, I don't see a gun profile for .338 (8.6/8.58x70mm) or like a .300 Blackout gun profile for something in HLC's weapon pack. So my question I guess, is how do I add them to your Atrag?
  10. CDR Frenette

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    I've been looking for the past hour or more, and either I'm blind, or stupid, but...how in the hell can I add all the custom CfgAmmo and CfgWeapons? Where in God's green earth do they go?
  11. CDR Frenette

    ArmA III Ballistics Overhaul WIP

    Spartan, I've been keeping track of your progress on this project for awhile now. Your efforts and enthusiasm to make this what we all know what it can be, are respected and appreciated. Keep up the good work! And don't get yourself in jail ;)
  12. Zehn! This is an amazing mod. I've always known you can do 10 digit co-ordinance in this game, but how? I had no clue until I stumbled on this mod, and I have to say...I love it. The linking to the GPS to add a map marker at the observed position is priceless, in directing my troops to specific points in the AO. In summary, this has been very useful to a Sniper, who makes use of your mod, Ruthberg's mods, and some terrible marksman weapon mods :mad: I just wish there was more support for the sniper portion of this game...anyways. A few requests! I know you've mentioned a new model for the device itself, so that's one. And I'd love for you to keep your version of the LRPS scope, just make it 'updated' and conform, I guess? I loved it, but with certain weapons, I'd adjust my DOPE on the scope, and the reticle would disappear. A new marker for the "Observed Position" on the map. And perhaps, to maybe make it easier on your part...make your own version of a map? Start with Altis maybe, see how it is, then continue on with, well, all of them! Really do enjoy this mod. Keep it up! There are people who use this, who'd like to continue seeing updates and improvements :)
  13. CDR Frenette

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    Ah! I see now! I haven't been on in a few days, so I wasn't up to speed. Thanks all! I'll be looking at those weapon mod packs, thanks!
  14. CDR Frenette

    Design mastery weapons

    Hogthar: First off, love this weapons pack. Sounds are spot on, both suppressed & unsuppressed. The models for the weapons, and attachments - MINT. Love them. However...I have one or two complaints ;) First - I still have to use Massi's weapons pack for both LMG's, and marksman/sniper systems! So if you have anything planned for those...an amazing quality pack like your M4/M16's, in the making...I'm waiting and praying! Thanks again! And great work!
  15. CDR Frenette

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    Alright, so I'm going to open with this: I love your mod pack. I use this, in conjunction with Design Mastery weapons, and Massi's weapons (only because I haven't found a good marksman & sniper pack, or LMG's pack), along with the GPNVG-18 (the one with the 4 tubed NVG's). Perfect combination in all honesty. So, I was creating my mission last night, and I was looking for an AOR1 pattern..you have the MARPAT DES (which is great) and the old DCU uniform. My only request, along with perhaps new backpack camo patterns, is an AOR1 configuration. You'd make me a happy camper! :P Unless I'm utterly blind and didn't see that the pattern is already in there. In which case, I'll face palm myself. Much appreciated! Great work!