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  1. CraftyBadger

    Steam workshop policing is meant to work how?

    I agree. check out his profile screenshots also. :391:
  2. CraftyBadger

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I once mentioned a while back about using a simple interface to control squads. This could be optional just like AFM Someone mentioned about presets/macros so you could do all this complex setup then just save it as a preset. that would be available via another key.
  3. CraftyBadger

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    What myself and ruebe were saying is all related to AI? possibly I covered to much in one post for you to take in but it is just some ideas that would help with areas of the AI behavior. where is the interface discussion so I can post some bits there? Also continuing on what ruebe said the interface could have ability of saving these macros / presets just like the new virtual arsenal.
  4. CraftyBadger

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I really enjoyed the campaign and the scouting / free roaming (as expected)even more so. One of the few areas that was frustrating in the campaign is not being able to manage squad members easily when they are running out of ammo. Like Bouben suggested an indication of distance of rearming would be great. Or when you hover cursor over dead body you can say rearm or take primary weapon and ammo. Would this be possible? Only other thing is making some options more visual based like in Zeus. Currently to command AI your fingers must perform some sort of riverdance to get them just the way you want. Imagine how epic it would be if I could select my team mates select an option and a similar screen to this. https://twitter.com/KarelMoricky/status/457120561978560512 You could select all these on one screen as selectable icons. with a decent description of what the ai does because it's not always obvious. Modes Tab Fire mode / Engagement Combat Mode & Speed Formation Stance Movement Tab Advance Stay back Flank Left Flank Right Stop Wait for me Find Cover You either bind it to a key or have it bound to a number key command. what do people think this system hasn't improved since OF
  5. CraftyBadger

    AI Configuration - feedback

    I'll try the smoke because it is an exposed hill. Johan S you are right! (on some points ;) ) maybe the Friendly AI is taking a different route these days. As the AI cresting the hill is timed perfectly with the valley AI. Could be my imagination but I still think the initial accuracy & and first shot speed seems faster and better. It's a shame they take a few steps forward in one area and a few back in another area. balancing such a complex sim must drive them nuts I think they need to devote some more testing in this area because if the whole game is now this difficult I can't see anyone completing the campaign without a struggle. AI Skill level - "Normal" currently feels like "Real life" difficulty I want "Normal" to be something like Call Of Duty - harder :) Maybe bring these finer levels of control closer to the surface instead of in "Game options" I personally don't think Novice, Normal and Expert is enough. but maybe they can just make normal easier again. This could be all just my experience and you are all gods at this game maybe you prone the whole way to victory! +1 for more AI control
  6. CraftyBadger

    AI Configuration - feedback

    Having difficulty with Showcase - infantry. Difficulty Regular. AI level Normal. Second engagement as they come from over the hill and down the valley. Most of the time I get hit on first couple of volleys while near cover. AI Squad mates also getting killed off easily I have played it a few times to make sure I wasn't just getting unlucky as I am sticking to cover and killing what I can. not made it to the rescue point after 5-6 tries. Is it supposed to be like this now? I remember being able to complete this pretty much every go.
  7. CraftyBadger

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Why is this still not fixed? Not even a reply from a developer? We can't play the whole game constantly turning our heads slightly to the right for every dialogue.
  8. CraftyBadger

    Does ARMA3 crash immediately upon startup? Read this.

    all of the above didn't work on my win7 machine. This did. right click arma3.exe and click "Run as administrator" I only needed to start the game like this once.