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  1. Dram kindly posted Link to feedback tracker best place to get problem resolved http://mars.takeonthegame.com/feedback/my_view_page.php
  2. Hi All , I always wanted to put some more Animals in A2 but due to lack of Modelling skills and some restrictive EULA problems (couldnt ontact the owners) I decided better to keep them to the Archives. Now we are in Arma 3 and there is Abundance of Sea life models with nice Creative common license on Blend Swap i feel ican actually post a thread that will lead to some actual releases. SOO : What i would like is to use this thread a sdevelopment and recieve ideas how to prgress this new world into a more interactive /ambient place to Play . There are in essence Three kind of ways to enter animals /fish into A3 each one progressively more complex than the last these are: 1: Ambient class , these are imply spawned (shown in the videos) Very simple to make from any model and very simple in there nature ,they are simply Ambient with very little interaction, CConfigged in there own right but paramters set in the Terrain config dictate there presence and numbers. 2: Animal CLass Similar to the Ambient class however they are FSM driven and can be given more complex (ish) AI , these can also be player vehicles chosen in the editor and include more contolls in the Cfgmoves (more animations) 3 Man/Woman class A lot more complex in the AI department these can also be given waypoints and be grouped , however may still become very lazy if not closely managed by a Human leader , yes in theory these sharks can be fitted with "Frikkin lasers" The stor so Far is that i have imported two basic models from Belndswap and given them life with the means of : Skeletons keyframe animations (ofp Anim) Geometry shadowLods Fish_base_f class derived identies 6rs4elBX3fw Orca Original model by Pasilan ZeJOfaUDrME Great White Original model by joshwedlake If you have any Ideas please feel free to contribute , iwouldnt like to start adding lasers right away but would rather keep it simple and stick with Ambient class for now then move to Man class , skipping Animal based class because i dont see a great advantage in there. Caveat I myself have made a config for THR_Stratis , i intend to remove as much of the Land based things i dont need such as clutter etc and focus on the Se and the Sea Bed , when i release these new creatures i will be adding there presence to this terrain , however there will be a Editor version of the ambient species that will be placable on any terrain , but it will simply swim in a given direction. Thanks for reading and i hope some will join with me to make the sea a nice place to play :)
  3. Warning this is not a playable addon at this stage unless you know how to build it back up and have Arma1 for textures In past years i would have soldiered on for many months gathering infos from here there and everywhere until i can finally release some project. Today i decide to do it differently , here is my knowledge so far wrapped in a 7z, i hope people who have EXPERIENCE can have some time with it and feedback here what they have found and we can all share together our knowledge of creating high quality usermade helicopters for this new game . what i have learned so far is : 1 it seems each blade is now separate 2 each blade has new animations and these are animated using new engine based sources such as collective and torque with a resulting bend in the blade (see model.cfg) 3 you need the correct axis in the correct position not only for levers but also for the pilot arm movement to work 4 Pip requires a face preforbaly vertical as possible with selection name rendertarget1 this is then texture applied #(argb,256,256,1)r2t(rendertarget1,1.0) and config entry for more targets simply change the section names rendertarget1, rendertarget2 , rendertarget3 etc place a memory point near the screen for good use of this command , i havent had chance to proper see it but i believe you can use this command to attach a screen to the memory point http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_PIP 5 memory points can be added for ropes to be more precisely attached too such as Slingload0,1,2 etc as used in : http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ropeCreate IN the 7.z : Contents ======== uh60\UH60_mala_vrtule_blur_proxy.p3d uh60\UH60_velka_vrtule_blur_proxy.p3d uh60\uh_60.p3d uh60\TOHuh_60.p3d (modified by Thromp using information from BIS wiki and Text editor reading of p3d) uh60\sound\heavy_full_engine3.wss ( named the same this is a file derived from a recording of a larger helo to add some base to the blades ) In essence i have successfully got the old arma1 mlod in as a base and then used the old ways of text editor to read the p3d for clues on new things and tried to apply them , this is evident in the model.cfg and the TOHuh60.p3d (change back to uh60p3d for in game use and rename the other ). there were no errors with the basic uh60 last time i tried it but theres a lot needs tweaking and adding . If you are the kind of person who has decided to download this to further this thread with your own knowledge and findings then welcome on board have fun. the file (no textures you will require A1 disk however i have took a screen shot of the re reuired textures and left the modified rvmats in) Link is at the bottom of the read me qUJDCNRaDSI
  4. Sealife

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Hi , Is Ai Totally fucked to Arma 1 standard or my own brain went back in time ? Seems whether Addwaypoint , Domove (moveto in FSM) , (here modeltoworld [0,0,0]) and many fucking more these stupid assed Retarded Ai will not got within 5 meters , it take me back to 2006 all over . I thought it was Meter accurate or even less ? EDIT Forget this i just saw you spent a whole 6 month developing a module that allows me to make flash of lightning to place the thick bastard where i need him , no more need for AI waypoints , i wondered what that tool was for , you need to rename it , Just when you you thought a thick fuck Ai ruined your mission KABOOM FLASH Zues is here to save you. ZAP and the Ai is back on track . I have Entry for MANW in the mean time WANKZ : based on a true story of an AI that only wanted to get to his destination that wasnt a Building POS :). Cheers
  5. Sealife

    Ukraine General

    The first real shot is fired : Gazprom will end discount to Ukraine in April , we begin to see the real rewards for such a strange set of events , European gas prices will almost definitely rise as a result , this will threaten very fragile recovery of western economies . Really big connotations for the domestic bill payers in europe will come to the fore , I can already hear the big 4 in uk crunching their proffit calculators.
  6. Sealife

    Ukraine General

    At the moment it is simple positioning for oligarch wealth west and east each backing their favoured oligarch , UK particularly has major ukranian oligarch money invested in thier banks as other western cities , However in coming days there is chance to see dramatic twist , now we see unarmed ukrain soldiers peacefullystand off against armed russian army and navy , tomorrow or day after we will see shots fired not from these peoples at first but sparked by Ukrainian and Russian nationalist groups , this is the point at which it will require sensible communications or there will be terrible consequences for the poor average person as they will then become involved in a thing that was started on their behalf but not in their interests .
  7. Sealife

    RTM Hanpostioning Problem

    Hi it might not be thE RTM itself but the positioning in the model of a memory point , check the points of the Trigger and things are in the correct place in the model. also Hanggrips are Mask of cerain parts of the body with certain strengths applied to them parts it could also be this from which you inherit is wrong but i doubt you inherited so far back it will matter here. Finally when you save an rtm you must never save it from a full character model window or the Pivot points will be off. try loading your animation to the memory lod and export the rtm from there thats if you cant find a good A3 skeleton p3d . it should only be three frames long RTM -5.00 , 0.00 and 1.00 IIRC. and always place the Model.cfg in the same folder as the .rtm when binarising alternitviely if not already use Blender and Alwarrens tools with Macsers A3 rig (maybe Alwarren already has one too i duuno) hope some of this helps.
  8. remember tot test the correct problem Vehicles drive on geometry or Physx in A3 and not Roadway lods This problem is non existent for these types regarding size the Old problem was a Creature could not stable its footings beyond 25m from an objects centerpoint on a Roadway lod and when viewed from accute angle object would dissapear . it would be good news if they have indeed fixed it .
  9. Wow , today i saw so much incompetence in the dev branch i have to wonder if its really true there is a QC or not ? Zues has brought more complications to an already growing list of unsolved problems absoulutely ridiculous BIS , please sort it out , its one thing to say "it might not be playable" but to subject people to senseless use of bandwidth for school boy errors more and more frequently is no way to show professionalism . How can we defend against "all your Devs are belong to Dayz" or " all your resource belong to VBS3.exe" when we see a poormans quality control like this ?
  10. Sealife

    Altis map - planned changes

    Apparently they have been scouting for next terrain here
  11. Sealife

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    Wrong , ive been chased by the AI in cryengine all week without any waypoints or anything stop trying to fuel a none existent Arma vs other game AI with bullshit . They only react to a pre determined direction haaaaaaa what a weak lie . Read it , hate it , dont reply to it , leave it . But never bullshit to deny it ;)
  12. Sealife

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    Dont come in and shout all hail Arma Ai the only AI that does what it does and no other can come close and then make comparisons right after declaring Arma to be unique . AUTOMINOUS ?? Ha dont make me laugh , just because its already scripted for you as opposed to being able to do it yourself via java or lua or c in an sdk doesnt make it better , it means you have to add a 3rd layer of fsm when the stubborn AI goes to shit and create even more resource hogs .jesus do you know anything about what your comnenting on ? The problem you dont see is or selectively ignore as I pointed out on many occasions is : Arma Cannot do any of the things it is designed to do efficiently or consistently , its flawed beyond comparison that is the only thing it is unique , all the others do what they are designed to do better so dont compare , its silly we here to state facts of inadequacy with Arma not other games . Here is the one and only fix I ever saw since ofp regarding this games game breaking flaw : Problem : AI cannot / will not drive over a bridge Solution : Remove all bridges
  13. Sealife

    No women at all

    Dont worry , most people who enter a discussion and try to be dictatorial and have no counter arguments of substance always end with a denail of understanding post ;) You came here to tell people the things they are already are aware of there is no women, thats easy because its a fact , you then proceeded to mix facts with your own POV about why there are no women and why there own requirements for women are wrong and or unsubstantiated , you knew you couldnt lose or so you thought and at the point you realised that your only contribution was to defend the status quo and not actually contribute to the thread in which the OP and many others have given substantial evidence to change the status quo , you fell back to the old " i will just call them stupid and deny the fact they have a point " I hope you dont get too emotional , we have all seen the light of our own selfishness at some point , it goes away . Just incase my posts are too complicated for a mind that thinks about Giant Rat monkeys i will make it very simple in summary ;) Your resposne to the thread should be to play your combat scenarios without women and continue to be happy that whether BIS add women or not has absolutely no consequence to yourself at all . For me why i am here and contributing , i belive BIS should add women but i wont come here and just rely on it i will get off my laurels and morals and help at least make a stop gap and hope to help those waiting . http://i.imgur.com/K9UpdON.jpg
  14. Sealife

    No women at all

    the OP your denial of someone elses wishes that wont affect you in any shape or form and a response to your request in the OP that you didnt read obviously . Practice what you preach , however seeing your already dictatorial posts , i wonder if its harder for you to do that than it is for someone to request something they wish to have in the game on here ;)
  15. Sealife

    No women at all

    Some players are Female and have been in the Armed forces and would like the same sense of simulation that males get whilst playing the game , similarly some males when playing with females would like there female clan members to be represented visually to match the voice they are hearing in TS :) Stop being so selfish , there are 100 resons for females for every one of yours against it , whetehr females ebter this series or not has no impact on your experinece whatsoever as you have already stated , you are simply here with no other reason than to deny someone elses needs and or wishes , there is no other reason for you entering this dicuission , because if BIS did add females to the series it would not affect your ability not to add them or not .
  16. Sealife

    Post Fukushima. Where Now for Nuclear Power?

    The future is Green not Nuclear Green but artificial leaf Green :) http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/artificial-leaf-breakthrough-brings-energy-efficient-hydrogen-fuel-step-closer-reality-1437232 it wont run Power plants but could bring the source of energy closer to the homes themselves and reduce the need for multiple powerstaions and Grids which obviously is the biggest problem with Energy thinking , nobody wants us to be off the Grid and be independent do they .
  17. Sealife

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    The fact is Cryengine s and CS AI do what they are designed to do and more and more they progress to do it better , Arma AI not only cannot do what it is designed to do , it has taken several steps back anyone who wish to dispute that only has to look at the number of bridges in the modern game in comparison to OFP . Just because you dont place FSM,s and Invisible pathways that are in buildings and roads and sidewalks doesnt mean that there are no pathway nodes in arma too. Just because in Crysis and other games you can switch off and on the ability for an object to block AIs path in a 3d editoror view doesnt make it worse than armas permanently non editable View geometry properties that perma block Ais paths and or vision ,it just mens the former method is more flexible and will help with resource in a dynamic scenario in a game world . In addition many have noticed more and more scenario based sqf and fsm based scritping on Ai in recent campaign on top of the engine based fsm and cpp defined scripts it already has , so maybe even BIS recognise advantages of event and scenario specific AI too.
  18. Sealife

    The Outerra Engine

    Some Nice additions in the latest patch Including the first rudimentary keyframed character and reflections on the textures amongst many. Really enjoying the progress on this and for alpha, $15, access to all further versions, its not a bad thing to at least keep on the HD http://outerra.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/2013-retrospective-2014-look-ahead.html
  19. Sealife

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    Hi firstly , if you are here to derail the fact that AI is a problem by justifying there inadequacies as "OK" because of Scale and complexity then your in wrong place at wrong time , we already know why and what ,we are saying its time to re evaluate and find solutions obody needs to reaffirm the known that is a loop we have been in for 13 years. Secondly , At least corridor AI do what they are designed to do well and are not a resource hog , Arma Ai are neither efficient on resource and even though designed to do several things ,they do them all poorly , Arma Ai in CQB and inside buildings speficially are poor , Ai in open field = find cover loop in FSM are poor and need to be cmpensated with some OTT accuracy . at the end of the day its like purchasing the Electric Teasmade that will boil the water ,fill the cup and sound the alar its rubbish at all 3 , sometimes its better to have only an Alarm set 5 miutes earlier so you can goto the kettle and Tea and make it properly :).
  20. Sealife

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    And that is the problem , Game players don need Simulation Grade Ai , it seems more we are testing extreme AI for another group of people ,i base this on the fact that the AI is over thinking for a game scenario half the things it does simply doesnt need to be done , it would be nice to have CQB AI , VEHICLE AI ... In essence an AI that is focused on the role it is slotted to do , even real players in clan are Slotted and sterotyped , if players cannot be all things to all men then why should AI ? For me having played and seen my own frustrations posted in the Ai thread ci come to conclusion the Goal is not to produce Gameworthy Ai but Simulation worthy AI and only one group of people really benefit from that . my 2 cents
  21. Sealife

    Reinstate Forced Labour / Slavery ?

    A bit too far maybe, However i do find it somewhat disturbing that in Uk we have some 2 million + on welfare and not working , however we have snow on airports that stop planes , leaves on railway lines that stop trains and water in fields that stop those that do work from paying taxes . I think there are potentially better ways to HELP the jobless and homeless at least experience what it is that creates the magical cheque that feeds them when they habd it to the Post office and they get currency in return. I would start with Local councils organising weekly Litterpicks and chewing gum removal from the streets and work upwards from there , if you dont want to do it then a saftey net of Soup kitchens and community centers should be in place . hmm sounds harsh but i think its beneficial for all as long as its all done in a good humaine manner . My 2 cents
  22. Sealife

    No women at all

    Lol ya dont need two skeletons though thats the point , you are aguing something that hasnt been written :) The main reason for Women using Ofp2man skeleton is its the only recognised Ragdoll skeleton , so anybody apart from Bis would be silly spending any time doing anything with a new skeleton . Oh and like i said but again you refused to remind yourself , only the walk anims would need changing and that only requires a simple inheritance in cfgmoves , like is already done for the new TC4 TC3 cargo positions . honestly DM let it go your really showing now that your knowledge is Ofp and Game2 specific and not Arma2 and later , its embarassing. edited for Offtopic stuff lol .
  23. Sealife

    No women at all

    DM still cant let go i see :) once he was admired has an integral part of a very much loved addon team , his coleagues moved on , i guess he becomes these days more know as the guy who used to know and do so much but now only suggests through badly advised posts that he is a rebel without a cause , such a shame to see a decline in a forum. Women need Voice Underwear model , combat model , vest and Head , the skeleton suggestion is lauaghable , simply use Ofp2manskeleton and cfgmovesmalesldr , Bis can even scale using pivot model , i tried it it works but BIS would need to document how hand proxies should be managed . This is a female took 5 minutes to weight in blender using the available A3 skeletons around she shoots drives flies and dies with ragdoll because she uses OFP2man skel :), there is only one problem , The walk animations are too manly , i hear same even from VBS2 devs who tried same and i agree just walk anim looked a bit tooo manly on a woman :) .. anyway proof of not just any women but exceptoional womens take no time at all . Some very exceptional women in Arma 3 lol be careful here this may affect your eyes and mind for a long time click with caution ;) IMO all forum questions about performance , content and quality can be answered with obe very obvious and simple equation in terms of , "if i owned a business with 3 products (albeit one only uses the core engine but still an income and still requires joint devving ) right now where would i concentrate all my efforts and the answer would be : DayZ and VBS3 > A3
  24. Sealife

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    Hmm think you might be talking bout the game floating point accuracy mate ? http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floating_point#Accuracy_problems Iirc that was around [100000000,0,50] back in arma 1when thing went tits up lol. ? The visitor thing is just an old prog that im sure bis will update one day , vis 3 actually accepts 8192 but again its pointless for now cause its designed for 2048s .
  25. Hi Milkman I dont recall bashing you in any post but i have recieved many from yourself , only you can resolve that part of your frustration. You probably dont understand the first sentence out of Blind Fury maybe i dont know , i thin going back yo your first post today and remembering what you wrote and why you wrote it and mostly what you were responding too will help you understand that first sentence maybe. I will stiop now as a promise, i dont like that you have emotions here that seem to be unstoppable because the core is mereley an agrevation by my posts Happy terrain making. see ya around .