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  1. Annnd queue fanboy rushing to defend his game by labeling criticism as trolling attempts... OP may be hyperbolic, but tanks flipping out for no real reason happened to me quite a few times and it's annoying as fuck. But improvements to tank physics are most definitely being made since they are currently developing the tanks DLC. Hopefully they are going to look into the occasionally wonky collisions.
  2. A bit late to the party, but here's a zoomed in recording on dev branch: Look at the plant in the center. I can count at least 8-9 LODs. Isn't that incredibily overkill? If there's absolutely nothing more that can be done, I'm ready to put my mind at peace BI
  3. Honestly, I'd be more careful of tweaking these things based on opinions that don't even specify their sound configuration. One day the wind is quiet and the other it's too loud. Here's my experience on the latest dev branch: with Logitech speakers, Windows sound at 100, effects volume maxed out, and wind and gusts maxed out in the editor, If I want to hear wind and environment sounds at a realistic level I have to put the speaker knob at about less then half, at which point gunfire sounds ear-shattering loud (like, actually painfully loud). If I turn the knob left to make my MX acceptably loud on my ears, wind at 100 becomes exceedingly muted, almost unnoticeable. The only conclusion I can get from this is that, rather than the wind and enviroment being wrong, weapons in this game are too realistically loud. So instead of costantly tweaking enviroment audio, maybe the audio team should look into weapon loudness. (Before someone goes realism and yadda yadda yadda, that doesn't mean my ears should be in pain when playing this game. If you want realistic gun loudness, try firing a gun IRL without ear protection and see how fun it is for your ear health). One thing I like to do to test sound balance in games is to use Windows equalization, which does a good job of increasing quiet sounds and reducing loud ones. With it on, firing a weapon in this game makes all the other sounds go virtually silent for a good 6-7 seconds, which doesn't happen in any other FPS I've tried (e.g. Battlefield, CS:GO). There are many examples of loud sounds in this game, worst offenders being the coaxial gun on the Slammer (which has been mentioned a few times in this thread), or even worse, the minigun on the Blackfoot. Firing that thing is painful even with equalization. This, to me, is indicative of something being quite wrong with the overall loudness of the game and maybe needs some looking into.
  4. This I think is a good idea. I play on 12 km terrain distance no problem in SP, I hate it so much when a server imposes me an ugly 2 km view distance in MP. In cases like this, client preferences should come above server-enforced settings.
  5. Fushko

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    25 to 30 FPS from 1.46 until now, GJ Bohemia
  6. Fushko

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Yeah, and the way you do that is by making 64 bit the default in the development version, which is meant specifically for testing new stuff until it breaks.
  7. Fushko

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Playing at 12k terrain distance and 1.2k object distance. Stutters when zooming in are virtually non-existent now (finally!) and performance feels smoother all around. By the way, I think the default option in the launcher should be 64-bit not 32. People will certainly miss this otherwise.
  8. Fushko

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Speaking of that, do you guys also plan to ditch 32 bit support sometime in the future? I'm no expert, but I imagine that having to manage 2 .exes could get troublesome. And considering that 90% of Steam players are on 64 bits, I don't think there's any real point in keeping it, once the 64 bits version is nice and stable.
  9. Fushko

    LOD Discussion

    Now that the LOD switching is mostly much smoother than before, putting object quality to LOW seems to result in much lower impact on graphics quality, given that the lower poly LODs are better hidden by the new tech. This setting can result in a very high amount of stuttering/frame-pacing issues, especially on HDDs. I think the devs have a chance here to make the game run smoother across the board by tweaking the object quality settings. Ultra doesn't seem to be needed anymore, at least to me.
  10. Fushko

    1.64 Feedback

    What particle settings and what GPU?
  11. Fushko

    Overlooked Attention To Detail

    I've seen AI squad leaders making a stop sign with the hand when there is a contact nearby.
  12. Pretty sure it happens in stable too. To be honest I'm not sure if it's really an issue or it's intended to simulate signal losing power over distance, because I found it pretty cool.
  13. Fushko

    LOD Discussion

    I hate when the game can't decide whether to use a LOD or another for a split second. Honestly if they fix the flickering they have already resolved a big part of the issue.
  14. Fushko

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Tell me which picture has an official map
  15. Fushko

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    HBAO+ was perfect before the visual update, now it sticks out way too much, both in interiors and exteriors. I switched back to the old HDAO and it's just better right now.