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  1. Awesome work, Abs! Saw the Enterprise on Facebook (along with the Klingons) and jumped for joy! :)
  2. TPW, I've been playing the campaign with ALL of TPW mods enabled, and it's great! The campaign runs very smooth, and, as far as I can tell, TPW hasn't had any effect (although, to be fair, it starts on Stratis, and I've yet to leave "the tiny island"). One thing that's sort of funny in a completely unintentional way is the fact that all the roads on Stratis are supposed to be closed, and, during the beginning of the campaign, while you're being ferried over the island in a chopper, one of the characters says as much. Just as he did, I looked down and saw a gas truck and a hatchback zooming past a roadblock. LOL. Later, while trying to avoid the enemy during a tense run through the forest, another hatchback came ripping by me down a dirt path. LOL. I suppose it could ruin the intensity of the experience for some, but I laughed out loud and thought "Hmmmm...I could commandeer this thing and be at the objective a hell of a lot quicker!" :P
  3. Runs outstanding, and is really quite compelling. Got three missions in, and only had a few issues, though none gamebreaking - 1) After boarding helicopter at the opening of the game, I noticed the helicopter animation was quite choppy. Set the game's CPU priority to High, restarted, and it was smooth as silk. 2) "Lieutenant" character in first mission seemed fused to H-Barrier he was sitting on after he hopped off to greet me. 3) Squad at "rendezvous" didn't proceed to objective. They just stood around screaming "COVER ME" and "Return to formation!". I got sick of waiting for someone to do something, so I went on alone, and they didn't follow until I reached the objective. That's about it so far. :)
  4. Anything WW2 is alright by me. I visit this thread several times a day. Hell, it almost makes me want to re-install World at War just for some good ol' fashioned M1 carbine goodness.
  5. horrorview

    WIP - Submersible - Batiscaf

    I can finally realize my dream of a Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou video game! :P Bon travail, l'homme!
  6. Tall order from someone not doing anything other than reaping the benefits of someone else's hard work. How about just being happy this mod is here, improving the vanilla game tenfold?
  7. Leave 'em on? Heck, I count on 'em! LOL. These mods lend life, immersion, and realism to every mission I play, user made or self-made. Navigating through bustling streets at dusk, crawling through the bush while dogs bark in the distance, headlights spilling across a darkened road or choppers overhead while working your way toward an objective; it's just awesome! I could NEVER go back to vanilla!
  8. horrorview

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    My favorite mod, alongside TPW's realism mod. Speaking of TPW, one of his goals with his mod is to add "Ambient furniture" to houses and buildings. I don't know if you two fellas know each other, but if you do end up making civilian home items and he can script them to appear in game the same way he has with civilians, vehicles, and animals, man....the two of you would elevate Arma 3 into the most immersive and awesome gaming experience on the planet. I can't wait for your next release!!!
  9. Damn, seems like something went awry with my game in the last update. I've got crazy scope lag, now, where my FPS goes from the mid-40s to the teens whenever I scope in on a target. Same happens with binoculars. That used to happen in the Alpha stages, but it seemed to get sorted. Sadly, it's back for me. Anyone else experiencing this?
  10. horrorview

    CJTF101's EDITOR v1.1

    The lamps are there under houses, I believe, but none are lighted. We're also missing the halogen and harbor lamps. I tried to light the things up myself with the init scripts I dug up, but none worked. The old version of this had "on" and "off" versions I believe. Any chance we'll get those back :) Thanks for your hard work, man! I sooooo missed this mod! :)
  11. You're really just spoiling us now, tpw. ;)
  12. Well, they look like Borg already, so...:D
  13. horrorview

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Oh my god, those WIP shots look AMAZING!! Keep up the great work, guys!
  14. Getting a lot more LOD "pop in" than I was prior to the last couple of releases. Seems that, even though I've not changed it from the 3000 distance/1500 objects it's been since the retail release, objects like houses and vehicles as close as a few hundred virtual feet away are now flickering back and forth between textures.