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  1. A century to live, a century to learn. Thank you very much Larrow, that did the trick. L&K
  2. Hey guys, i have returned to ArmA editing a couple of days ago, and am now facing an issue that I can not resolve by myself. I have established a short conversation between the player and a unit. Script-wise everything seems to work ( I used the A3 method via texts.bikb). I have recorded soundfiles for the player, as well for his conversation partner, but I can only hear the player. The other unit is lip-synched and the text shows as subtitles, but I can not hear the soundfile playing. Did anybody ever have the same issue, or do you know how to resolve it? Recording is MONO via Audacity. Mission is Singleplayer. Bikb and scriptfile are included. texts.bikb conversation.sqf
  3. Thanks guys. Much obliged.
  4. Hi Zabb, sorry to ask again, but you must have missed my post before. Is there any chance I may retexture some of your assets? I would include the retex in my own addon making it dependent on your work. You will be credited properly of course. BR ZiR
  5. Thanks. I will. Work is rather slow ATM due to work obligations though. The hawks will receive something to shoot at very soon however.
  6. zir

    Zee Identity Pack

    I have no words to describe how awesome your project(s) look(s). Looking forward to the next update.
  7. Hi lads and lasses! Just updated the Redhawks to 1.1. See first post for changelog.
  8. Beautiful! the models are on point, the textures crisp. Good work Dude! This is what the community really needs. not another M4. Good stuff for mission makers. Love it.
  9. Hi Teriyaki, Is there any chance I may retexture your models for my project? Did you include Hiddenselections? I would like to make my next addon dependant on yours. Credit will be given of course.
  10. Hi Mesh, very sorry to hear that. I understand though. All the best to you. I hope that you'll return to your project eventually. Sergej
  11. Hey, It's out! Congratulations guys. Keep it up.
  12. Thanks for the input, I'll have it fixed with the next release.
  13. Thanks Tsark. Actually samples 06, 11 and 16 are taken from Somali actors. You have a good eye for this kind of thing. Now you just need a decent Morgan voice actor and you're good to go.
  14. Outstanding work Taurus! Regards from a fellow face-man. Keep 'em coming! EDIT: I just found Victor Troska. Good man!