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    Full SITREP
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    Full changelog and SPOTREP
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    Community Profiles

    Community Profile #32: “Toadie“ - Full Interview Get to know Toadie, an Australian 3D artist and animator, who created the widely used NIArms mod.
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    Community Profiles

    Community Profile #31: “Mr.Mustache“ - Full Interview Say hello to Mr.Mustache, a talented content creator of realistic Arma screenshots from Denmark.
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    Community Profiles

    Community Profile #30: “Papa Bear“ - Full Interview Get to know Papa Bear, a French content creator of Arma 3 screenshots, missions, and even a comic book.
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    Full Report
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    Project True Viking

    Thread has been locked at the OP's request.
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    Full SITREP
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    Community Radars

    This issue of the Community Radar is jam-packed with astonishing new content to share. Read up on some of the latest Arma 3 activities. Community Radar (COMRAD) #15
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    Full Report
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    Community Profiles

    Community Profile #29: “Lou Montana“ - Full Interview Find out more about Lou Montana, a French community veteran who is a major contributor to the Community Wiki.
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    Delete my account please

    Hello! Please forward your request to the following email: support@bistudio.com. There we will best be able to work with you to handle this task. Thank you!
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    remove my account

    Hello everyone! For anyone looking to have their accounts deleted, please forward your requests (from your registered forum account email) to the following address: support@bistudio.com. Simply resend your specific request for account deletion to that email and any additional details that you believe could be relevant. There is where we will best be able to work with you to handle this task. Thank you!
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    Community Radars

    No joke! A new supply of community content has just arrived at your doorstep. Community Radar (COMRAD) #14
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    Community Radars

    February flew by like Cupid's arrow! Let's take a moment to look back on all the new exciting things that happened around the #Arma3 community! Community Radar (COMRAD) #13
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    Community Profiles

    Community Profile #28: “Whiplash“ - Full Interview Learn about the incredibly skilled, Portuguese content creator of Arma 3 artworks, missions, and mods, Whiplash!
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    Community Profiles

    Community Profile #27: “IceBreakr“ - Full Interview Arma 3 terrain maker, modder, and community veteran - meet Icebreakr!
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    First Battlepass

    Hello! With several PMs containing similar messages, I'm going to address it here as well. To start, I'm locking this thread and I'll explain why. Bohemia Interactive believes tools like the forums are fantastic way to facilitate a direct line of communication to the community. It's great for feedback and relevant criticism of our games and choices as an independent company. In fact, we encourage constructive feedback. We can understand the frustrations and anger that may come from our decisions, as it means there are those who are passionate and care enough about our games to want to see the best version of it. However, with any criticism, there is never a time when it can justify unwarranted insults, attacks, and accusations of our team, our company, or any individual in which that anger is directed. While many of the replies to this thread have been civil, we've increasingly had to flag and hide several remarks and comments that violate our forum rules. Civil discourse is important to maintain a positive and clear line of communication. As such, I'm locking this thread in hopes to discontinue this course. I'd like to state that I have personally passed on several messages of your concerns and valid feedback towards the issue to the Vigor team. If you wish, individuals are free to private message me as well and I'll be happy to help those I can by answering questions or getting more information for you. Additionally, you can always reach out to our Support email for assistance at support@bohemia.net for further help or more specific requests. While some of you may disagree with this course of action, I ask that you do not attempt to spam, attack, or harass any individual related or you may be subject to the rules that locked this thread previously mentioned. Thank you.
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    Community Profiles

    Community Profile #26: “Sa-Matra“ - Full Interview Meet the individual behind the well-known multiplayer mission King of the Hill and winner of the Make Arma Not War contest.
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    Community Profiles

    Community Profile #25: “Greenfist“ - Full Interview Find out why this remarkable Arma 3 artwork and mod creator's fists are green!
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    Arma 3 Marksmen Purchase Problem

    Hey @Jason R.C., As of me writing this reply, I have double checked with the Bohemia Interactive Store team and you should have received your refund some time last week. Often it takes a little time to sort things out, but we make sure never to ignore tickets. If you have any further questions or issues, feel free to reach out. 🙂