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  1. And despite what you think, people won't change ideas just because some people on the forum do
  2. GottyPlays

    Flares = Useless?

    yeah, in 2035 there will be TAB LOCK guided missiles... i always find people of this forum amazing. they want to remove tab lock because it is not realistic, but they want useless flares in helos, because it's realistic.
  3. and who gives where those models came from? weren't all the models bis property? weren't everyone happy with the models? i was, i have a2 from like 1 year and i still i have some veichules to try...they could port these again and add them to arma 3...the story of quality/quantity don't keep up alot.. we still have crappy midrange textures, clunky gameplay, where i still have problems reloading a titan without popping the head up from a rock and with wheels that disappears after bumping onto a snake...no campaign...the action menu is still clunky as hell..still huge fps issues in multiplayer and i can keep going for a while... i can't understand people that justifies this with "mods would take care of this" but still no mod autodownloader...and don't get me started about the browser.. i can't understand people that would even pay a DLC...if i had to pay for a dlc after 4 months of testing this game for them i would definetly abandon vg and i would start with board games (i don't know the english word for this, the games like monopoly) i can't even understand the guys defending this nonsense, there IS a lack of content. it's clear. at least for me. still not clear what they did in 2 years. apart from graphical boost, what changed in the series? where the gameplay got improved? it looks like a team of 5 people worked on this. we'll see what reviewers will think about the game, then it won't be user a or user b of bi forum that will judge this game. when i joined alpha i expected ALOT more than this...if i knew earlier that the assets were so limited i could spend 30 bucks somewhere else... sorry if im sounding rude. but i wanted to share my opinions with the devs, as usual, i'd love to change idea sooner or later, but that does not depend on me. i'm not the one that is triyng to sell something here.
  4. GottyPlays

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Tried this, i did not se any change, ai squadmates still gets unresponsive, or get lost inside of random buildings, if ordered to move to a specific area, they won't move or it would take 5 minutes for them doing 10 meters. ai still reports enemies with left and right sentences, as if i knew where the hell my squadmates are looking at... im tired of this, unistalled the bug simulator, let's see ya in a couple of months
  5. GottyPlays

    Development Blog & Reveals

    that's better! :D thanks
  6. GottyPlays

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Wait, Wait Wait, that means no tanks on release day? no artillery!? no campaign? and MORE? :(
  7. GottyPlays

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I am actually surprised that i even have to tell you why. I don't know who you play with, but i never saw anybody do that kind of stuff...the last one that i saw do that was an aimbot on counter strike... On another thread one month ago there was people complaining that when the player is prone can do super turns, now you guys encourage it? i can't understand this forum, one day they want everything super duper realistic, then they want schizophrenic AI for who the hell knows what reason... /OT Yesterday i tried the DUWS mission on altis, it was a lot of fun, but after sending some troops (two kamish filled with people) in high command mode i noticed that they would suddently stop after travelling something like 3-4 km, after a couple of minutes i went investigating, and they started moving again suddently after i reached 1 km (roughly) of distance from them. is this a bug or my troops got simply stuck? anybody noticed this?
  8. GottyPlays

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Nope, totally disagree. the rotation while prone is good as is, if you were prone aiming in front of you, and i popped up behind you with a rifle in my hands, you won't surely tele-warp your body 180 degrees right? probably you would stand up so you could turn faster. that's the solution, gameplay wise i don't want to see ai warp 180 degrees :P
  9. GottyPlays

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    By flying with a chopper the first thing that i noticed is how ugly the textures were, please take a look at them! :P the map itself is quite good but i miss the forests a lot. i expected more enterable buildings, at least the big ones and i noticed something that punches me in the eye everytime: the swamp/salt lake thingy, it has 4 meters large white shorelines all around with even the "sound" of the ocean even if it's 20 cm deep xD that made me lol However the map is exellent.
  10. GottyPlays

    white stripes when Antialiasing on

    i got the same issue, when i turn aa on i got these strange lines i7 3770k palit gtx660
  11. GottyPlays

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    I got good fps on altis, man what an awesome map! with 8000 view distance and 2000 for object. smooth as silk on ssd. i had this issue too alwarren. and i tried a quick cqb in that town that starts with k (dunno the name) on the far south west, it was cool until bridges happened. ai did totally freakout. there were people warping through buildings, allies entering houses at random...
  12. GottyPlays

    There should be multiple jets in the release version

    there is a lot of rage here in italy, because italy wants to buy like 10 of these piece of crap..even if our country don't even have the money to pay retirement funds to people :mad:
  13. Very nice work! Full support :D I'm a musician and i'm studying to be an audio engineer right now, i liked a lot stalker games and if you are interested i can work on some creepy atmospheres and sounds in my free time, tell me if you are interested :P this is what i came up in 5 minutes :j: Example
  14. GottyPlays

    Daylight fog too blue?

    just noticed this today, it's too saturated with blue, well, maybe it isn't a fog problem. it's maybe the general tint of the island itself, i would prefer much more desaturation in winter and in rainy days. i really miss the feel of chernarus map :(
  15. GottyPlays

    Unofficial Story discussion thread

    @missioncreep i agree with your point, but since this game is still fictional, why not change the roles? this game is still quite fictional, why bet on the classic "us saves the world again" type of campaign? after all, we are in greece. i would prefer some originality. i would just like some more depth in the storyline, that's all.
  16. I don't want to start an "I hate this country" argument, but i agree, im tired to see the US always depicted as he world savior... i would like to see the story from different sides, and to have something different from the usual "KILL THE TERRORIST!!! SAVE THE WHITE HOUSE" storyline. it would be nice to add some depth in the storyline by seeing the motivations between the countries waging war to eachother, in equal manner. i can't wait to see what bis come up with :)
  17. Fantastic mission! congratulations it's the best sp mission i've played so far! this is what arma 3 should be. im here for some little requests ;) - i had problems with the helicopter taxi, sometimes it won't land at all, and - today my hq commander died while i was in the chopper on the other side of the island, i would like a message pop-up for enemies near the hq, maybe a radar-support to buy would help? - and i don't know if it's already possible, but it would be nice to take squads and to put them in hemtt or other vehicles for some quicker manouvers directly from high command, these poor soldiers do a lot of jogging back and forth xD - i did not see enemy heilcopters, it's a planned feature? other than this, it's Awesome! keep up the good work ;)
  18. GottyPlays

    Microsoft 360 controller settings

    Me too, i tried to set up controls in the alpha some months ago but i gave up becouse the pc master race did not want to help to fix issues, even if there IS a way to set up arma 3. i hope for BI to fix this issue before launch, because on steam will be listed as "xbox 360 controller supported" right under the "purchase" button. i hope also that at least they fix the RT - LT issue with firing, and the controller setup shoud be able to switch buttons for flying/driving/infantry without the need for external programs, because we know that they can configure it in a day of work (at least should be that easy) Right now there are 16 buttons total, + 2 analogue sticks, and they should be enough for infantry movement/shooting.
  19. GottyPlays

    Fatigue effects

    THIS Im hoping that the fatigue will be toned down again! there was a perfect example of what would be cool for everybody some pages ago. This one should be the better solution for everyone. Maybe without forced walk, the black edges and the HUGE recoil that is ingame atm is more than enough.
  20. Im trying to find anything that is not broken in some way or form. There is none sadly. Everything seems to be made "just because they had to do it". It seems a total mess.
  21. GottyPlays

    40+ Weapons on release?

    yeah...the isn't finished yet argument... we are A MONTH from release date...what the hell make you think that they will add in a month? it's even stated in the last sitrep that they will stop adding content before release (well that's sarcasm, in 4 months of alpha i saw them add 2 snipers, 2 trucks, 2 apc's, some helos and nothing else...) and then they will focus on bugfixing. the campaign won't even be on release. basically we will get alpha + altis map. for me that's a BIG failure.
  22. GottyPlays

    40+ Weapons on release?

    wait, these will be the only weapons in the final game? like really!? no shotguns!?!? WTF! did not know about this...
  23. GottyPlays

    The sound thread

    i noticed this a long time ago in the alpha, still same issue yesterday. happens in SP/MP/EDITOR