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  1. hi, after the latest marksmen update we are experiencing weird issues, on our server we run our custom mods, but sometimes (and it's very random) textures won't load and clients crashes. the mod includes weapons (wich work) vehicles (working) and custom camos 8wich occasionally won't load) if someone reload the game it's possible that the textures get loaded. seems a issue with arma 3 sync, but the same occurs with the default arma 3 launcher anyone having the same issue? did bohemia change something for modloading? all our clan members use arma 3 sync and we all have the same mod repository and we also use keys so the mods are always updated and we use the same mods (or you get kicked) help? :(
  2. GottyPlays

    Zeus fatigue

    nope, not working
  3. Arma 3 Zeus Editing/Scripting for Fatigue I can't seem to find any help as to what could be done to get the fatigue reset or even disabled when playing Zeus. I know of the debug console, but all the scripts i input into the window don't seem to work during gameplay, Im trying "player setFatigue 0;" aswell as disabling and enabling fatigue with multiple commands. Is it just not possible for Zeus to run a simple command either with an auto command/reset, or just by reapplying the script? i just need a way to not get the units super fatigued, not just for me
  4. GottyPlays

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    amazing work so far...reading the comments it seems that guys want too many things for me it's ok as it is apart from the instant reduction when resting when i hear people talk about "pivoting" and actually having the gun phisically on something it reminded me of an anciant game that had all of this realism. turns out it took 15 minutes to be able to shoot at something : go at : 10m 50s guys, remember that many prefer to have fun in a credible way, realism is not fun, and realism and credible are two differnt words ;)
  5. GottyPlays

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    i am sorry but, no. just no. it's pointless to engage at that range also, i would like to ask if vanilla ai can still engage choppers or jets and kill the pilot in 1-shot?
  6. i have these too, loads of problems with this update
  7. GottyPlays

    Mini-Update, Arma 3 cannot be launched.

    just veryfied the cache, still same issue. no "background scenario" (aka ocean) and there is a very strange bug with the weather in sp mode, the sky is always bright, i tried some campaign missions and the weather feels like it's stuck on 12:00 am :j:
  8. GottyPlays

    Mini-Update, Arma 3 cannot be launched.

    just finished downloading 800 mb of patch, the launcher is cool, but the game won't load the background "scenario" and can't enter any server right now, wtf
  9. GottyPlays

    Multiplayer not in playable state

    here are some steps: power up your pc, open steam, download arma 3, install it, open up multiplayer tab, play
  10. GottyPlays

    The island is boring.

    don't bother with them..even a dev said directly to me that i should play elsewhere...i came back today after a few months to see if something changed, guess what? same old story
  11. GottyPlays

    AI ignoring commands when in combat...

    wow i came back after few months that i had to stop with this game due to headaches, i expected bis to fix these problems...well probably it's not even worth to download the campaign update?
  12. I work as a soundproducer...and my setup is supported only on windows. i dare you to find me an alternative with linux. i even tried ubuntu for a couple of months, yes it's a good os if you plan to use it to surf the internet and if you are a programmer with loads of free time..loads of issues with support of hardware, it took me 1 week to install drivers for my printer, and i never fixed issues with my old rig because the old graphic card were not supported. and good luck if you are a neophyte with the os, because there is no tech support beside the forum..it took a week to realize that my hardware simply were not supported..if this is living in a honest life i'm sticking into living in the dark age where everything is supposed to work as intended.. ..simple minded people my ass! don't act like a hipster, if people prefer windows or mac it's not their fault.
  13. Then i don't understand what your replies was for? :O it's so unreal to expect devs to do something on these forums? lol whats the point of the thread
  14. yeah look at the pics while he is describing the gameplay...
  15. oh boy i've hit the wrong button? i said that i expected more, not that i want to puke everytime i look at arma 3 :/ and just to be clear, i still payed for your game and i even tested it for you guys in alpha. maybe you guys don't have the millions in your pockets like the big companies, but you clearly got their attitude with customers. as per the review scores, i'd like to link a very good read on the matter, and why i think that reviews should be picked with a grain of salt: http://kotaku.com/the-problem-with-review-scores-part-v-1326561822