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  1. I'm more use to debug in MP but here In the description.ext in the root of your mission look for or create this variable enableDebugConsole=1; It will allow you to have the debug console when you press escape in game In that console in the edit box you can write code that you will execute or just check actual values of expression in the lines under the edit box Like if you put player in one of the four lines you get the player value under that line while playing Now when you get that behaviour as if you were captive, put Captive player In one of those line and if under it you have 'true' then you know you are captive, You could try also Side player To make sure you're still on west (I assume you play west) Let us know
  2. Have you checked the captive state of your player just in case with the debug tool while playing. Also the side of your player could have changed. One last, do you use a revive script? ... Just notice SP, forget this one
  3. holo89

    #login is not working on server

    Btw I had that with 1.42 and was fixed when I updated to 1.44. Is it because I updated and in the same time had a verify on my files, or is it something 1.44 really fixed? Not sure. Is anyone else is still having it with 1.44?
  4. A short story, I was playing on my server, (coop) and saw that guy beginning to grief the base, then made a TK and quit. I took his steam id ( in that time I didn't know we could find it easily or maybe that steam feature was not yet implemented) and ask friend by steam and talked to him asking what happened, that it was a coop server, and that it was cool to play the game with others, not against and that the regular were good buds to play with. He finally admitted that he just didn't know how to play, was new to it and got frustrated not having anything to fight. He became one of the regular, doing the missions with the guys. Really, I was proud containing myself and trying the diplomatic way. Took its fruit. But all this to say that not all are lost cases. You deal the way you want on your server, but just to tell there are times you can reverse tendency, but it requires of your time. Ok I'm not telling the story about that one who told me to go to hell, I can give you his steam id though :-)
  5. Btw I had this admin login problem with 1.42 and since 1.44, I can now log as admin. I didn't change my password. Just to let you know the good news. Regards.
  6. holo89

    Ghost Missions

    I tried tonight with an almost empty mission, and the respawnTemplate array with "revive" at the end of the array, using Bis SaveInventory/LoadInventory to see if I get the same behavior. It seemed to fix it (when revive at first, was bugging, when revive at the end, I respawn with my weapons) *until* I tried the same in the Ghost - Enemy Assault mission, which has more stuff, and is probably more intensive on CPU, and even if the revive string is at the end of the template, it still respawn me without the main weapon and launcher. So I revert back to "HandleDamage" event with the Bis SaveInventory/LoadInventory and it does work. I tried to look at the BIS code to find the reason why but I could not find the "revive" script. It is either crypted or does not begin with revive or respawn. I found the MenuInventory and MenuPosition though. Anyway, this alternate method is working. So Ghost, it is safe to go with HandleDamage as there does not seem to have any alternative right now, unless someone found something else? Regards.
  7. holo89

    Ghost Missions

    For me the server doesn't hang. The problem is just about the loadout at respawn. Like you, it seems to be mainly the weapons, the main and launcher too. And it happened while respawning on tent or at base too, so it does not seem to be related to the tent. As mentioned, I think it's the way onPlayerKilled works. I seem to have fix the issue using ins_revive style, using HandleDamage event. When I get home I will make more test. Will let you know.
  8. holo89

    Ghost Missions

    No I use no mod, just scripts. I fixed it (I hope "for good" this time) yesterday using the HandleDamage event like Ins_revive was doing. Almost copy paste his part. Not sure though it is optimized, I kept the time+1 part to keep it from saving loadout for every bullets it gets (or other Dam we take while being shot). I'll put it in my prod server tomorrow and see how it stands the road. All this because I (not just me) suspect that when using onPlayerKilled event, part of the equipment (like the weapons) are "sometimes" already removed so your body on the ground does not have a weapon for aesthetic reasons and probably not to be able to fire, which is the main spirit of revive system. But the timing seems to be in cause since it does not always have it removed. All this are hypothesis, so don't take it for cash right now. I was hoping the update 1.44 would have fixed it but it was still bugging out yesterday after the patch. But the admin password was working back though, yeah! Take note that I use the new weapon Cyrus the 9 dot something... Maybe it is related? Or not... I made my test using the same loadout from my arsenal ... Maybe I should give it a try with older equipments just to make sure. To be continued.... Edit: I wonder if the order in the respawn template array is important, like if we put "revive" after the ghost template and not before like now,??? I'm at work and can't test, but as soon as I get home...
  9. holo89

    Ghost Missions

    Hi Ghost. I've been running your mission 2.9 for a long time. Great stuff ! I am now running your latest version 3.0. Got few problem but no show stopper. Take note that I modified a little your mission, adding few scripts, so if I report anything that you don't already know, or think it's impossible, it may be comming from my stuff, just disregards. But usually, I pay attention not to screw up things between scripts. I'm getting better at scripting Arma. Here: - Found that spawn tent is very fragile (spawned directly on it and it was destroyed), so I did _tent allowDamage false; in your respawntent script to fix this. - also , the bis saveInventory / loadInventory seems broken, we sometime respawn without weapons, but backpack is ok... Tried many things, ...I even tried to spawn the code that wait like 7 seconds before calling the bis loadInventory with no success, still spawning sometime ok, sometime without weapons. I'm about to take the code from INS_Revive that was in 2.9 and use it to see if it is a problem with the loadInventory. I'll let you know the results. It so strange cause I think it's the function they use in Virtual Arsenal to Load/Save... so it should be ok... we use Virtual Arsenal without problem! - Also Zeus did not have all the stuff editable (personal preference), so I added them after the random tasks creation. Not sure it's the best place. - there is also a strange JIP problem with Tasks. Sometime when joining the server, we get no tasks, we see the red circles though, but that's all, pressing J = nothing. (I'll investigate this one later) That's about it. If I find something that you may fix (that is 100% sure it's not me that messed up), I'll let you know. Regards. Holo Edit: I tested with Aeroson's get_loadout Set_loadout from Enemy Assault 2.9 code (Naong's INS Revive script) and it does work. So still something with bis loadout script. I saw there was attempt at using it in 2.9, it's rem'ed out. Edit2: Wrote too fast, I got the weapon problem even with Aeroson's loadout scripts. So it looks like the "SaveLoadout" at onPlayerKilled is sometime too late to take the loadout, and sometime, the weapon is already taken out of the player when it is fired. (for the revive animation?)
  10. holo89

    Looking for two Zeus Module makers.

    btw I read somewhere someone suggesting using Zeus + MCC to save stuff made with Zeus in a .sqm which can be imported in your mission. I haven't tried it though, but if I had to do major modification, I would consider trying it.
  11. hi Skoff, I have the intuition that it is because you are trying to filter the name of your server with partial (not whole word) criteria. like if your server is "mtlarma blah blah", but with gamespy you were able to just put mtl in the name filter, but now you would have to put a whole word. like here, mtlarma or blah. could that be it?
  12. if you require something more simple and script only (no need of an addon/mod) there is the BangaBob - EOS http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?153100-Enemy-occupation-system-(eos)
  13. meanwhile, can he edit the batch file as I just did? which will be overwritten anyway when he update. btw, great tool Tom. I wish there was more visibility to it, it should be widely used by scriptors. I think I read you are going to make it svn and maybe git compatible. That would be a great evolution. Imagine people in the forum making projects and asking for help, and getting it with a push from someone of the community. what a great improvement! regards, holo.
  14. holo89

    AI Difficulty

    it seems that it is the case. I made some tests on dedi. and zeus created units are local to that zeus. At least there is "curator" event handler that we can use to give them back to server/hc, so they will be taken in charge by asr_ai like... but still, if you remote control one unit, it will become local to the controlling Zeus.
  15. it probably need to be launch from the server though. the best ( to emulate the same as when placed in the editor) would be to create the unit and call the shaun.sqf script within the same function ran on the server with MP_Exec try to look at the MP_Exec in the wiki. with this there is a way to exec code on server only, (or also everyone including server) ... edit: by Mp_Exec I meant BIS_fnc_MP ... I don't know where I've seen MP_Exec... maybe an old version or script... anyway it is BIS_fnc_MP here : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_MP