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  1. Thanks @TSAndrey,,when you have time, we will test my friends.but I find it unfortunate not to create a game in a simpler way I have to study telecommunications and networks to play ArmA III? :j: lol to see if we are lucky!! Greetings.
  2. I opened the following ports: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8571-GLVN-8711 [^] And 2302,2303 of ArmA III. is correct? As they do :( Thanks
  3. I can not play with friends in cooperative and not online Hi Dwarren and guys ,Merry Christmas in advance.Now if I really need your help. I can not play with friends in cooperative and not online,and can not do? to play I have to put the Hamachi,and create a server....the question is going awful,,,unable to create a game officialy, thus many bugs, ping are created, and becomes unplayable and I'm outraged. I have 100 megas of connection and pin 8 in optical fiber and is very good. I think a server ArmaA III, using the game correctly, my friends invite you to enter,and says the server is not responding....and is a real shame What exactly should I do to create a server or a room? as it has always been ,and enjoy this unique game with my friends,I hope your help friends. Greetings!
  4. flashpoint29

    OS for ArmA III?

    Altis life is:This type of game is meaningless, so it destroys the soul of the game,this should disappear completely. people just makes playing this crappy mod,there are only servers Altis life¿? can not be¿? so soul-destroying game mode PVP original ArmA III.
  5. flashpoint29

    OS for ArmA III?

    Good joob BLASTCOREMOD. ---------- Post added at 18:37 ---------- Previous post was at 18:27 ---------- thanks to all.
  6. flashpoint29

    OS for ArmA III?

    Then whosoever would be worth? : Ok:
  7. flashpoint29

    Tripwire Gaming's Altis Life RPG server

    This type of game is meaningless, so it destroys the soul of the game. BAD ALTIS LIFE
  8. flashpoint29

    OS for ArmA III?

    Which OS is best for arma3 windows 7 or windows 8.1?;) THANKS
  9. hi guys and guys bohemia. First of all Arma 3 Supporter Edition Steam version, you have to pay for the following reason, you have to buy to help the bohemian game development for the game it certainly can develop amazing and exciting set, do not think and then we reward. I'll buy and committee recommends to my friends to buy it and can help develop and pirate copy anything they do not, then we will have at the end of his unfoldment in our hands a increible.animense game and buy it in order to enjoy the most of this game and make it more durable and dazzling possible. you notice the action and be as intensely that the story mode is as long as possible, we want many hours as multijugardor mode never dies a lot of variety of weapons destructions amazing in short I have not much more to say for this piece of kit. greetings and thanks
  10. Good guys bohemia interactive, the first thing I will buy this game and I am recommending it to all the people in forums allan not played and friends and of course (pay) for desarrollo.Me would love this game the story mode lasted many hours, that is as long as possible because it is the best simulator and most realistic war game ever created, fun never bored, single, perfect I have no words to describe it really for that reason, should buy this game and pay and by the, help his development of the game so that bohemian creators do the most incredible possible. DESTRUCTION THAT ARE AMAZING. NOTE THAT THE ACTION AND BE POSSIBLE IN MOST INTENSE MODE. HISTORY AND MULTIPLAYER. CAN NOT DO TRICKS AND TRAPS IN MULTIPLAYER MODE. GUN THAT HAS VARIETY. DEATHS REALISTIC.