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  1. Stlkrash1

    Arma 3 - Feedback Tracker

    LOL best watch, you'll get an infraction....Too damn hilarious if you ask me. No they don't answer anything. They have their net trolls answer tings. BI is way too busy in party mode.. Here's your answer.... Take on Mars.. and this utter nonsense. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21798 Arma 3 is the same as all previous titles. It will not work until they release the hacked items still yet released and the community has a year to unscrew the programming etc... It is how things work.. Yep infraction here I come. So get your best little troll sitting in mom's basement on these "negative" posts. And it is funny BI can talk a lot of trash, but you sure better not post ANYHTHING negative about this hacked crap.. It's a damn shame also. Arma is such a ground breaking and somewhat realistic sim, and to just have it butchered...... It's a shame... EDIT by Deadfast: User was banned for calling me a "flunky in mom's basement" even though I'm currently dying of heat on the 9th floor.
  2. First let's get the basics fixed.. Net coding etc.. This is a total clusterfuck as it is now.. They released a patch that completely screwed up the works. Have yet too fix that.... I wouldn't worry about the radio part. As usual the community will be fixing the horrendous bug list coming. Just wait for the Altis release. We will be screwed big time. If Altis even really exists.. Two years and some change now, and we have a bugged out basic arma 2 with new trees....
  3. Stlkrash1

    Arma 3 - Feedback Tracker

    Awe people getting mad? What's the matter? We the community can't post negative things about their negative work? Get over it and do something right.
  4. Stlkrash1

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Don't you all love how you can't say a neg thing about this? They try to Ban you instantly. Sounds like somebody knows they are wrong.. Then they attack you in private messages. How nice.... Social media will prevail...
  5. Stlkrash1

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Here is an idea... Actually get things done... We are two years late as it is... Plenty of time to get this done. Shows terrible business management.
  6. Nope they haven't done shit, but drink beer on the live stream, go too vegas and spend the war chest.. Soooo I lean towards what we got, is what we're getting. They barely can survive as it is. They released the half assed alpha to gen up funds. Now those are gone... How will they pay their people, let alone finish this. They stated Altis was coming in the beta, annnnd look no Altis... Usual BI shit... So look for 2018 or so to get this in a playable state.
  7. Stlkrash1

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    Just what we need. More space marines and silly assed zombies.. Simulators SIMULATE, not have nonsense. Realism is key here. Leave that BS for battle Barbie and those non-sim games.. It seems BI has forgotten things like keeping a dev release date, and keeping on the ball. This is two years late as it is, and they are still talking this nonsense? Release Altis and let us in the mod community make the rest. We always have to fix your bugged out program anyway. It is a damn shame to have dorks ruin something this good..
  8. http://www.forcereconag.com/ there you go
  9. Stlkrash1

    World Tools

    Anyone know how to use world tools to open an SQM? We need to use the forrest gewnerator and having an issue. Any help would be great.
  10. If BI would contact Active Sky from the flight sim world. It's a done deal. All they have to do is open a few ports in the game. AS has everything else in it. Actual real time weather in Arma... From local set metars and time clock syc with clock set.
  11. Stlkrash1

    1PARA 8 Man Squad Competition now OPEN

    AWSOME ! 1 PARA, we'll be in contact.
  12. Stlkrash1

    ARMA 3 Crashes only in COOP Mode

    Having same issue
  13. Stlkrash1

    Force Recon Assault Group

    Hey tried to fill out your app on your site it is not working at all
  14. How about something that is a Virtual World.. Think something like Second Life with GUNS. Where the map is larger and your Clans actually do duties, along the WW2 Online kind of thing. All those bells and whistles are great but limiting MP like they do know is old school. Look at EVE online, out for years, and the clans act as Brigades would in Arma.. Then for example the US Forces have a base, the UK guys have thiers, all working together, with REDFOR having the same capibilities.
  15. Stlkrash1

    In-game VOIP makes my voice sound weird.

    in options, adjust the voice slider for pitch.