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  1. Damn @ixaak you should be promoted already! 🕺
  2. Hey no problem sir, my own mission was on hold due the inflammatory bowel disease and what else things, we are humans after all. But returning to the subject as I asked earlier is there "Anyway for player to check how much money he currently have/ have trigger execute once player have enough money?" other than checking in the store or is this planned feature on future update(s)?
  3. Wow, thx @ixaak , didn't expect anyone to reply so thank you very much. One step closer to victory with my challenges 😉
  4. Hi, I'm creating open-world SP-mission which would be relaying on this awesome script but there's a couple of challenges on the way. 1. Many CfgFunctions at description.ext -> problems When I tested the script on simple null mission plate it worked perfectly. However in the mission I'm creating there's also HLF UnitCapture-script also used and that is activated also by using CfgFunctions at Description.ext so my description.ext currently looks like this: But in-game when I start the mission I get following error-notification The arsenal shop opens up like expected but trying to add money with example command: Unlucky setVariable ["TER_money",300]; Won't work and thus player is unable to buy anything from the Arsenal Shop. Of course other problems might rise currently that I'm not aware of but I don't know how I should handle many CfgFunctions same time, given the fact that one of them works fine. 🤔 2. How add money cumulatively? The above mentioned setVariable is a good way to set specific amount of money for player but how you are supposed to add more money into player's pocket? Some above conversations in this topic have examples how to get money from killing enemies but what if I'm looking to add money in script for example after player completes a side quest that might not involve killing enemy forces at all? addVariable code doesn't exist according to my poor coding knowledge. 3. Anyway for player to check how much money he currently have/ have trigger execute once player have enough money? This is the smallest problem of all three as failing to do so wouldn't stop mission to be creatable by me but it definitly would help out if player can check through radio repeatably how much money he have and if I have objective for player like "Collect 2000 dollars to buy the house" then I would need some way that trigger detects when player have enough money for that. Thanks for the possible replies in advance! 😊 - Unluckymonster
  5. Unluckymonster

    GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    Alright, this should be everything needed. Just need to start customize it's bits to fitting me personally but already huge thanks for creating this script!
  6. Think I got now mostly figured it out the way I intended at the start! Though this part I still fail to do. Do you mean to create seperate SQF-file or add new part to already existing sqf-file? I created new GF_Exported_Loadouts_Sniper.sqf, Loadout_Sniper_1.sqf and Loadout_Sniper_2.sqf files but it didn't work. GF_Exported_Loadouts_Sniper.sqf (It's in the same folder as GF_Exported_Loadouts.sqf, is that a problem?) And here's Loadout_Sniper_1.sqf, (It's in the same Loadouts-folder as GF_Exported_Loadouts.sqf, is that a problem?)
  7. Yes you are both fully right, I apologize for my miscorrect writing. Yes, this script is very close of what I'm searching for! However instead of randomizing all EAST or other side units, what I'm searching is to put like [] exec "Var_GF_Exported_Loadouts.sqf"; or something like that to each unit's Init-field. That way I could randomize sniper and ground forces-weaponneries seperately with own script-entities. Right now I try to figure out which parts of code can be removed/ customised so that it would work like I'm searching for. - Unluckymonster
  8. So what kind of script I'm creating/ searching for is to have certain kits from which each unit's equippement is randomly selected from like kit2 is ACP2 and kit6 is revolver etc. for each unit which will have [] exec "Class_randomize_script.sqf"; in their Init-field (or some other way?). I already asked help from great scripter George Floros GR in private and he have helped me very openly already but it hasn't been enough to me get through with this problem. Here's how far I have got this far: And here's what I'm aiming for: Above code (obviously?) doesn't work and I have taken parts of it from _NotASemiPro_ user's "_Custom Ammo Crates with Random Loadout_ script" but since he hasn't visited BI-forum in 5 years I didn't even try to ask his help. So what I still need help with?: 1) How I get _unit or whatever work so that it works for any unit seperatly? Creating sqf-file for each enemy unit doesn't sound wise way to do it 2) How to get eventHandlers work in .sqf form? In-game I get it work like this but in sqf it doesn't work and I have tried many different " ] } ; placements without getting it to work. Those who have opened my earlier published missions and campaigns at Eden editor might have realized I'm not very good with .sqf-codes. I tried to check George's "Drop Loot Script", "Set Custom Loadout Script" and "Auto random loadout script" but don't been able to understand if I could customize those scripts the way I want to and if I could, how? What I'm asking for your help is to either customize my Class_randomize_simple or simplest so that it would work like I have intended, customize one George's great scripts so that I can use it the way I intend or either create totally new script that would work like intended. If you manage to help me you will be absolutly credited in the missions credits-scenes and in the download-page like I have done in my earlier missions and campaigns when people have helped me in various obstacles. - Unluckymonster
  9. Unluckymonster

    Virus alert ? ArmA 3 TAC-OPS RC.

    Got excatly same report with Avast.
  10. Unluckymonster

    Show player real-name in briefing? (SOLVED)

    Thanks phronk, that worked! Will mention you in campaign credits once I get it finished.
  11. Hey, in the last mission of my campaign that I'm working with I want in last briefing mention player's real name like this: player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["1. THANKS FOR PLAYING!", "Hello ABCPlayer123 it's Unluckymonster, creator of this campaign. First of all congratulations, you are one cutscene away from finishing Nogova Crisis campaign! I hope you have enjoyed this far."]]; The thing works in nuxil's code-example in titleText but is there anyway it works in createDiaryRecords too? https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/87663-displaying-players-name-in-mp/
  12. Ah, now I realized it. BI have simply just removed the coloring style used earlier so now on it's all just white text but with bigger font. Might try later if I'm able to change colors of names so it's easier to realize what faction talking person is pat of. ["Niko","There arrives Pietar Strugar, he wanted to see you immeaditly when you arrive to my home."] call BIS_fnc_showSubtitle; Thx for all who replied.
  13. What do mean by "make a local copy of it"?
  14. So, before release Laws of War-DLC with BIS_fnc_dynamicText worked so that you were able to have dialogue where you were able seperately change color and font of who is speaking and the text. Most who have played APEX Protocol-campaign what I'm talking about but here's a picture where I have changed my WIP campaign cutscene name "Niko" in to purple as civilians marker color. ["<t color='#9900cc'font = 'TahomaB'>Niko","<t font = 'TahomaB'>There arrives Pietar Strugar, he wanted to see you immeaditly when you arrive to my home."] call BIS_fnc_showSubtitle; https://ibb.co/gkMCia However, in Laws of war-DLC this was changed that talker's name is above and the text is lower as picture below. https://ibb.co/ePVoOa Problem with this is that BI either accidentally or purposly removed ability to use earlier mentioned method and now all my cutscene dialogues are not working. I searched internet and this forum with keyword "text" 15 pages and with "subtitles" two topics without resulst. And since all DLC content is .EBO and not .PBO form I'm not even able to check how the dynamicText works after LOW-DLC update. So next time you BI change something already existing atleast please tell how the new way works before replacing one so I don't need to get depressed and use that small time I dedicate to create missions to instead find resolution for something that worked earlier. - Unluckymonster EDIT: Figured it out like I wanted! Simply adding blank "", and then doing the customisation works like earlier before LOW-DLC update. ["","<t color='#99ccff'>Alpha</t> Bravo, this is Alpha. What is your status?"] call BIS_fnc_showSubtitle;
  15. When BI releases next ArmA I really wish we can find their names also on some graveyard.