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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    2017 Is shaping up to be a new dawn for Russia/U.S. relations. As President-Elect Donald J. Trump moves into office and begins to work alongside the Russian Federation I believe we will see the two nations interacting with each other in an alliance that benefits the entire world. In the spirit of this new transition how can I align the AFRF side with the USAF faction??? I would love to create a scenario with these two superpowers destroying evil all over the globe ;)
  2. robowilso

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    Lots of really neat suggestions i'm sure your work is cut out for you. As the addon progresses, the 'aussie' style rappelling would be really cool to implement
  3. robowilso

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    @Spartan... so basically the .300 is a SBR purpose built rnd that was designed with subsonic suppressed fire in mind, It has slightly higher kinetic impact punch but slower speed than conventional 5.56x45 rnd, so they basically cancel each other out, and that where this .300blk rnd. really shines is in Suppressed Short Barrelled Rifle in Close Quarters Combat?
  4. robowilso

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    LOVE IT!!!!!
  5. robowilso

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Are the SMA uniforms and gear addons still in development as well. Or did that project get put on the shelf?
  6. robowilso

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Also the sound of just walking/jogging about, since A2 i've always loved how you can hear the sounds of your chestrig and gear bouncing around and the sounds of your uniform. Fantastic creation
  7. I'm just curious,,, what prompted the decision to return to the separated modules for release?
  8. robowilso

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Seems accurate to me... I have two .357 S&W revolvers, one with an 8'' barrel and one with a 4" barrel. bullets from both come from the same box and the 4'' "snubby" is much louder and definitely has a much higher muzzle flash.
  9. robowilso

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Love this mod... amazing collection of artistry and talent that most definitely was a well deserved MANW 1st place winner!!! I held a small bit of frustration with B.I's decision to take this title soooo far into the future, but after consulting with some veteran addon authors they assured me that we could all depend on the community development studios to bring the title to us in more paradigm's and periods of warfare than I could fathom. It would be considered spam to name drop all the dedicated talent that has labored hard to accomplish just that! I am just thankful now to B.I. for the new functionalities, improvements and have even grown to embrace the once hated MX battle rifles. I know this thread is meant for pics, bugs and what have yous, but after a 6 hour session last night I thought it only proper to show appreciation to the guys who made it happen; similiar to thanking a host for sharing their home and time with you after a nice get together. B.I. sets a standard with their titles with exhaustive updates-improvements-and additions and independent developers here easily keep up working twice as hard with half the tools. So thank you very much for all the team has-is doing for all of us here. Unfortunately a new cold war us upon these two great nations. I only wish it could be resolved by the military leadership of both playing a TVT MP match with RHS Escalation! Wouldn't that be nice? However your team has brought simulated realism of just how shameful and catastrophic it would be for these two powers to have all out war. It is a sobering experience and an emotional one. This game and especially RHS-E is the first gaming experience that i've had in over 30 years of gaming that has drawn out such a broad range of true human emotion in me. I hope/wish that others are able to have these experiences as I do because RHS + A3 brings the true ugly yet beautiful art of a cataclysmic scenario right into your very home. With all of that being said, I do have a question.... could you guys come up with any way to give individual soldiers more of a human feel? Maybe like dog tags that would generate the assigned names of placed units or last name patches on uniforms? This isn't really a request, more of a curiosity. IMexpO so many titles make aiming down the sights of a fully realistic weapon and shooting another human being very impersonal and inconsequential. The Armed Assault experience has always been more than that and this might be better accomplished through another projects scope. I only ask because of this teams OCD-ish approach to even the most minute detail. GODspeed men/women :292:
  10. robowilso

    DSS: The Mod

    I think that is the "golden egg" of all questions at present whether it be, DayZ SA, H1Z1, DSS, Breaking Point, and even stretching out into titles like GTA Online. In the post C.O.D. gaming paradigm where gamers' natural reflex to seeing anything move, is to shoot every bullet they have at it and chase it until it's killed; Developers are now desperately trying to re-program the mind of the combat gamer into using new tools and technologies that allow players to communicate with other played characters in open world virtual space so that the experience may become more realistic and involved and also to encourage unique player - player interactions that in the past have not been possible. I believe that the "class system" is a good starting point that was able to at least vaguely segregate players into large factions of different extreme motivations that would hopefully push like-minded players together. I have been proposing going a little deeper. Giving the individual [player represented] character it's own value of life. Almost a hybrid skill/class tree system. **for example: Two players that run together often and prefer to survive in the post civilised world as KOS bandits/murder'ers,,, observe a single civilian with a rifle slung over his shoulder strolling through the area they are preying on**<pause>,,,we all know what happens here, the lone wanderer is shot and killed and the gear he has is far inferior to the raiding pair of bandits,, Right??!! The lone wanderer is left in a 'WTF' moment [if he doesnt just rage-quit] & the bandit brothers have no sense of achievement nor has ANYTHING actually been achieved except the same C.O.D. KOS gaming that you can find anywhere and so much developer work and game features are completely wasted. Now let's think about throwing out the elementary good/bad guy faction system, and replace that with skill sets. One main skill that has two smaller attributing skills that compliment that main skill <unpause> **One of the bandit brothers has sustained an injury that is inhibiting him from aiming steadily, climbing hills, and holding any long guns. One bandit is a skilled mechanic that can maintain and repair anything with a combustion engine, the other is a skilled carpenter that can make boards from logs and build structures. Can the bandit brothers now shoot this man without any player interaction and risk the chance that he has medical training and was a surgeon or medical doctor????** Now,,, you can replace the specifics of that scenario with whichever details you prefer to envision but if we substitute the factions system for a skill system I think everyone can see the new interactions and type of group forming that we would see in the real world, Not everyone can do everything, not everyone knows everything. Survivalists and Ranwer alike,,, tell me what you think about this and if you think DSS could be the perfect catalyst to introduce this type of player system.
  11. robowilso

    RH Pistol pack

    R.H. has never let us down and i'm quite sure this A3 Pistol pack from him is far far from dead. However I have noticed it could use a couple quick config updates. The new ways the guys are rigging their addon vests to actually show the pistol being in them is making RH pistols all appear to have the slide locked back at all times. The 'TRYK addons' and the 'TAC vests' addons as well as massis' 'USSOCOM vests' are all showing this confliction. I will check in with the vest guys to see if they can sniff out the cause and maybe drop a config patch to fix, **If you do revisit this pack for future additions RH; could you add a proper H&K MP7 as a sidearm because that weapon is carried by most US SF forces and the ones that have been provided by other authors show the weapon being readied one-handed. And even if you don't make anything new,, just come back to us! Your presence here in the forums and community has helped and encouraged countless people over the years. Thanks for all you have done for the series throughout the years, an "Armed Assault Modders Hall of Fame" should be designed :)
  12. robowilso

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Try the "setCaptive=True" in the units' init box
  13. Took the post right out from under my fingers. To adequately re-create the battles of the vietnam war we will require ALIVE's Virtual AI module to allow for hundreds and in some instances thousands of VC forces to be involved in the battle. ALIVE has made the entire system open source so adding UNSUNG assets shouldn't be any issue for the community after the faction classes names are named and terrain info released. From one vietnam buff to apparently a whole team of likeminded enthusiasts; Thank You for all the dedicated hard work and continued commitment that i know it must take to coordinate the talent and all the time you guys spent on the project, **BTW,, the torrent link is DL'ing very fast! I got the whole mod in less that 20 minutes and will continue to seed limitlessly for the days ahead**
  14. robowilso

    JBAD Release Thread

    since AIATP is now defunct and void and has now been swallowed and maintained by the CUP Terrains project, can you change the config to be compatible for CUP instead of AIATP???
  15. robowilso

    ARMA 3 - official mod, ADR-97 weapon pack

    I relate and agree on the whole steam workshop thing. The B.I.S. launcher has proven over-complex for me in addition. Using http://www.armaholic.com/to manually download mods, or the direct mirror that many community devs provide here on their release page is the method I began managing my mod library and continues to this day to be the only route I will install addons. Steamworks is a large corporation , and as such is continually seeking new ways to increase profit margins, if that meant the end user (all of us 'leechers') paying a small modest fee monthly to have access to modded content and all of those funds were collectively used 100% to create new tools and engine abilities for content creators to expand on what their true vision and goal is for their particular addons and they [as the creators] were able to retain full rights and control of their proprietary creations, then the discussion might not be met with such disdain by the creators-at-large, but these are intelligent men and they are more than aware of the corporate serpent of greed that controls this industry and will never sign their souls away for a couple measly bucks a month so 'Steamworks' and any other 3rd party entity can fatten their pockets on the backs of their hard works. I believe that is the debate wrapped up in a nutshell. Thank You for playing 'devils advocate' here on this topic and I hope it serves the purpose to lay this idea to bed forever. B.I.S. stands with it's community creators 100% just as they do in turn. This Is War & we here in the Armaverse leave no man unattended or left behind. Long live & may God continue to be with the Arma franchise and all of it's many fine veteran and budding new community creators.
  16. robowilso

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would like to know if any scripters or modders out there could create a script similiar to this http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15898 which is an A.I. Helicopter control script that allows passengers to completely control all aspects of movement and actions to the AI pilot and gunners.
  17. robowilso


    Tanoa gives me the feel of living in the world of Che Guevarra. Like bolivia and guatamala back in the late 60's and 70's but I will use it most likely to depict modern day cartel operations and resulting local and us govt. interdiction. I just hope this expansion is comparable to Operation Arrowhead! Or is it going to be more akin to the BAF or PMC expansions?
  18. robowilso

    ARMA 3 - official mod, ADR-97 weapon pack

    @Roadkill,,, your forum posts are among the few select that no matter the topic i will always stop to read, and as that very respected and long time knowlegable of all things Arma I would like to share this thought with you and hear your thoughts. Indeed, B.I. passed out this little treat as a showcase as to what is possible in the world of custom modification and to promote their recent focus of providing as much official support for community made addons as they have time to devote time and staff to. I am also thinking that [from what I see] the vast majority of community made works are being produced by the same talent that has been producing quality additions for years and there hasn't been much of an "awakening" of new content creators. Do you think that could have also been on their minds with this release, and also do you think it's possible that one of the largest reasons we are seeing a downturn of new addon authors and content creators with this title is in any way due to it being more complicated than say, with A2 or older releases? And finally,,, as a guy who has developed a deep passion for this company, this community, and the content creators of Arma, I feel a strong urge myself to develop a meaningful contribution to the game and make my own addon for others to enjoy but the literature on such topics of 'how to get started', 'introductions to arma scripting and modeling' are all heavily outdated. What do you think could remedy these issues so that the community at-large can become more fruitful and involved as so many are eager to do? *Any other veteran content creators please feel free to weigh in on this with your opinions as well*
  19. I believe this is a highly ambitious addon and I (and the rest of the community i''m sure) is very thankful of your gracious sharing of the early development editions of your progress so when you are satisfied with your final release the players that will use this the most will already be familiar with the basics of its usage and therefore eliminating most of the learning curve. It would be nice to see more talented addon authors like yourself follow this model of release. user *Igitur mentioned the idea of you collaborating with the author of the HCC converter mod listed here https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185710-hcc-high-command-converter-141/ I would like to add that there is another addon author that is currently slaving away as well to bring an addon of similiar functionality [not the same, but the different perspectives and joint brainstorming i think could maximize the impact of all of the three of your addons to benefit the Arma experience in the most profound release imaginable] This authors handle is 'Mad_Cheese' and here is his addon page with full detailed attributes https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/177967-c2-command-and-control-form-asm/ We are seeing these collaboration projects more and more in the Arma community and the resulting end products are absolutely game-changing. It is of course completely up to you and the aforementioned authors as to how you all wish to go about planing and working on your seperate creations and in no way am i intending to infer than ANY one of you needs the others help, regardless of the route you decide to take this will be a very useful and productive addition to our little world of war here in the armaverse and I thank you greatly for your time, dedication, and selfless hard work. GODspeed :)
  20. robowilso

    ARMA 3 - official mod, ADR-97 weapon pack

    When Steamworks attempted to implement the 'paid mods' model awhile back some of the biggest blowback was from the creator community here in the armaverse! And not just blowback, the majority of addon authors here were prepared to downright stop submitting content altogether. I don't know about other gaming communities, but the Armaverse is indeed a most special tight-knit community full of passionate members who do unbelievable hard work purely out of the love of the game and their appreciation for the title. Just hang around a little longer,,, you'll see what I mean. It's a truly beautiful thing
  21. I concluded that this issue is of such importance that it should be added to the 'in development branch' thread and corrected immediately. There was a past main branch update where it was advertised that there had been soo many A.I. improvements, but when you have A.I. enemies literally halfway submerged in the terrain it makes every simulated operation the fundamental equivalent of a hardcore zombie shooter!!! I would definitely want this fixed before the BIG Tonoa APEX update if I was BIS. Does anyone know of a community made fix or addon that corrects this?
  22. robowilso

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    As EDEN is still very much a W.I.P. as far as getting it situated comfortably within the engine, we are sure to see regular updates to it that extend beyond APEX. This mod is still placing and functioning as intended using the "traditional" editorial methods, i suggest implementing it into your missions in that manner until BIS gets EDEN broken in and comfortable with community made addon compatibility.
  23. robowilso

    Scope Mod A3

    Ok, thanks for the intel. I wasn't presenting it as 'one of the worlds rarest images' it was just a cool video that shows these scopes in live action use that I thought the author might find interesting. But you already knew that didn't you? ;)
  24. robowilso

    ArmA3 AI

    Until BIS fixes the AI being partially submerged under the terrain when prone i'm afraid to say there is no AI fix worth mentioning before that.
  25. robowilso

    Scope Mod A3

    HEY IANSKY!!!! I found your scope on an MK-18 that an army SF guy was pwning taliban with, *helmet cam footage* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwDxpST8EU8