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  1. Is it possible to set some sort of source object when exporting to sqf, so you could make all other objects be relative to the position of that object instead of having it just generate positions within the world. This way you could have a sort of collection of objects positioned around a center that you can move around without having to worry about the other positions. Maybe it could be exported as a function? Because otherwise I don't really see the point of using this versus the 3d editor already in arma 3.
  2. Ah okay cool, i will check it out.
  3. Is there any script or any way to generate a script from a composition in order to create something like a composition. To, for example, spawn random encampments. I've seen this one already but it's not really what I am looking for.
  4. Yeah i get that. But stupid me, it was another script that caused it. Not like the hint you get is any indication.
  5. Aw man, that was supposed to be a thisTrigger. But sadly still gives the same error. Yeah I know there's also something else is in there but i doubt it has anything to with it.
  6. So me calling SHK_Pos in a trigger doesn't appear to work for some reason. I init SHK_pos like this. call compile preprocessfile "SHK_pos\shk_pos_init.sqf"; I call this all the time and works fine, but I tried to move some code that worked inside a trigger, but it gives a zero divider error at shk_pos_fnc_isinellipse.sqf. So note that it works fine outside the trigger. For some reason the size in this script is set to 0. _sitetrg setTriggerStatements ["player in thislist", " _checked = thisTrigger getVariable ['_checkScavengeSite',false]; if (!_checked) then { 0 = [] spawn { _markername = thisTrigger getVariable ['_trigMarkerName','NOTFOUND']; for '_l' from 0 to _lootnum do { _junkpos = [_markername,false,[]] call SHK_pos; [_junkpos, (selectRandom junkarr)] call rvgCoC_spawnLootObj; }; _thistrigx = ((getMarkerSize _markername) select 0)*2; _thistrigy = ((getMarkerSize _markername) select 1)*2; _maxloot = round((_thistrigy+_thistrigx) / 10); _lootnum = round((random (_maxloot/2))+(_maxloot/2)); _mrksize = _thistrigx+_thistrigy; _scvgnmrk = createMarker ['_scvngsite'+(str _sitepos),_sitepos]; _scvgnmrk setMarkerShape 'Ellipse'; _scvgnmrk setMarkerSize [_mrksize, _mrksize]; _scvgnmrk setMarkerAlphaLocal 0; mrkskiplist pushBack _markername; }; }; ",""]; I thought calling SHK_pos would be global.
  7. aseliot

    Getting the AI to engage

    Maybe you can use reveal when they enter a trigger?
  8. I am now doing it like this as all spawned units are also added to the garbage collector. 0 = [] spawn { while {true} do { { if (_x isKindOf "CAmanBase") then { _gasmask = _x getVariable ["_hasGasmask",false]; if (!_gasmask) then { removeGoggles _x; _x addGoggles (selectRandom spawnmasks); _x setVariable ["_hasGasmask",true]; }; }; } forEach rvg_garbage_collector; _gcount = count rvg_garbage_collector; waitUntil { _gcount != count rvg_garbage_collector }; }; };
  9. Yeah that would work, although I don't like the thought of it looping through all the units all the time. I got it work your way. But I would still like to try and use a trigger but it only keeps firing once for some reason... any ideas? _gmasktrg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", (getMarkerPos "playablemrk")]; _gmasktrg setTriggerArea [_trgx, _trgy, 0, true]; _gmasktrg setTriggerActivation ["ANY", "PRESENT", true]; _gmasktrg setTriggerStatements ["this", //code etc.. Already checked trgx,y they are something like 4500,3250 and based on playablemrk size. So it should just overlap the marker. It only fires once for some reason although it is set on repeatable.
  10. Any unit that would enter the trigger would get a small gear change, but it fired only once for some reason (reapeating was on true) but it must've been a fluke, it doesn't seem to work for units that are spawned in for some reason. Huh? I don't have access to the script, I am not allowed the change it the addon belongs to someone else. (Ravage)
  11. This is about changing the gear of units spawned by another script from an addon. I tried using a trigger with ANY and "this" but it doesn't seem to work for units being spawned in? Or maybe the trigger was too big (about 4500,3000). There is an Init EH but is is only for configs. There is also the HandleIdentity EH but then you need a reference to the unit being spawned. So thing is the unit is spawned by an external script that is not mine and I have no handle to the unit.
  12. Ha yeah I thought about doing something like this too. But i've got a lot of suggestions now I will try something out. EDIT - I will just use pierremgi's solution for now.
  13. I've been trying to spawn cars as wrecks but I would have to use setDamage to do this and with disabling simulation they still blow up with sound. Is there nothing that can just set it to the wreck model? And I know there are wreck models this is about the usual car objects.
  14. Hi nice system and all but it's unclear to me how to add it to a unit the previous system had this thing where you do addAction, is that still the case? I used to get a _whatshop undefined error because of wrong parameters but I can't get it to do anything else. //Remove old stuff shopman addAction["<img image='HG\UI\gun.paa' size='1'/>Open Weapons Shop",{[shopman,player,1,"HG_DefaultShop"] call HG_fnc_dialogOnLoadItems},"",6,false,false,"",'(alive player) && !dialog']; //This works How do I add the whole shop functionality to a unit. EDIT - Okay i got it.
  15. I've gone from using a trigger to just using nearestObjects in a loop.