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  1. Yeah it's important distinction. It says consider defragging your HDD (hard drive).That would classify in spinners not SSDs probably. So I read this you may have to defrag your hard drive.Nowhere mentions Solid state drives ; )
  2. enex

    Arma missions on a grand scale?

    I can only recommend invade&annex on ahoy servers.60 players and combined arms game.Tanks, aircrafts, helicopter everything you desire is there.It doesn't require any mods (like alive).And it's public. It's coop however (players vs AI)
  3. enex

    Suddenly Low Fps After Coming Back To Arma

    We pretty much have to wait a bit for modders to update to new patch changes because update introduces new coding features for more functionality/better performance.
  4. enex

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    As with fatigue iteration of personal protection is on the way as did sitrep 0114 announced. I think that feedback ticket number 0005377 summs it up quite well. If they manage to make vests simulate body armor, meaning that bullet hitting armor insert will save wearer life while hitting unprotected areas would result in death or in bleeding. Then it comes to a subbject interesting to me with a name of brute force trauma.when bullet hits insert there is tremendius force that can break people bones and cause nasty skin muscle deformation. That leads to a moments when you hit someone and instead of him actually becoming combat innefective for at least short amount of time, it results in twitch collide reaction.This leads to a twitch bug when body goes in ragdol state and it looks ugly and weird.
  5. enex

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    according to sitrep 00114 (arma3/news/sitrep) there is incoming iteration of fatigue system.We should discuss strong points and weakpoints of current system and why and how to improve it. I agree that fatigue recovery is way too quick and leave room for improvement. I also remember older poster mentioning anaerobic and aerobic(?) muscles. There is one thing that I'm missing from old ace for arma2 - blinking eyes ang going unconscius if you pushed yourself too hard.Including stumble animation effected and passing out resulted in thinking twice on how much are you gonna carry.
  6. I noticed that animation of switching to handgun has hand reaching for a handgun handle offseted too much forward.
  7. 18-06-2015 EXE rev. 131231 (game) EXE rev. 131231 (launcher) Size: ~343 MB DATA Fixed: CfgPatches contained unnecessary modules Tweaked: Chaff particle effect Fixed: Supports module - Artillery units would sometimes fail to fire End Game Fixed: Empty groups were not garbage collected Improved: Network traffic optimizations ENGINE Added: New script command arrayIntersect Fixed: Hosted server considered Client settings instead of Server settings from CfgRemoteExec Changed: exportJIPQueue script command changed to #exportJIPQueue server command Fixed: Could not load some terrains in Buldozer, crashed after loading Fixed: Exploit with inGameUISetEventHandler granted a menu hack possibility Fixed: Zeroing is still visible if HUD is disabled - see http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23960 26-05-2015 EXE rev. 130903 (game) EXE rev. 130903 (launcher) Size: ~114 MB DATA Fixed: Launcher bug Fixed: Usage of the playMove command to switch to warming-up animations in End Game scenarios Fixed: Zeus player ignores initPlayerLocal.sqf Added: Zeus hard-coded availability check, to ignore scripts for Zeus players Tweaked: Decreased update rate of BIS_fnc_moduleZoneProtection Fixed: When the Zeus Game Master module was deleted, its script kept running (thanks MDCCLXXVI for the report) Added: It's now possible to disable "XXX is now Zeus" notifications by calling: <curatorModule> setVariable ["showNotification",false]; Fixed: Even pilots have proper memory points for legs (see http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20761) Fixed: It was possible to remotely rewrite BIS functions by inserting a 'recompile' property. This is now disabled; the property is now accepted only by root functions. Added: New samples for 6.5mm and 7.62mm LMGs for vehicles Added: New samples for 35mm autocannon Fixed: Static weapon AI sensing put on par with normal soldiers Fixed: Recoil for static weapons is back End Game Fixed: The Officer objective had ImmediateDownload as false Fixed: ImediateDownload > ImmediateDownload Fixed: Error during downloading Intel Fixed: "GetSideCompletedObjectivesCount" would always return 0 Added: Caching of shared tasks for shared objectives Optimized: Shared Objectives refactored to lessen the network load Tweaked: Command sleep replaced with uiSleep to allow setTaskLocal execution even on the briefing screen ENGINE Added: New MFD animation sources ClockHour, ClockMinute and ClockSecond Fixed: Unable to throw grenades after changing the player by command selectPlayer LAUNCHER Added: Hint on how to force an update of a Workshop item in Steam Client Improved: Clarified error messages when app files are corrupted or can't be loaded 15-05-2015 EXE rev. 130759 (game) EXE rev. 130760 (launcher) Size: ~43 MB DATA Tweaked: Better usability of sitting with tied hands / warming up (Marksmen scenes) animations Fixed: Stance indicator arrows in prone and crouch stances End Game Fixed: Log of player UID onPlayerConnected Fixed: Script error related to BIS_fnc_loop Removed: Unneeded RPT spam from Shared objectives functions Added: After establishing the FOB, a marker is created at its location in the map Added: WarmupDelay property added to Objectives Instance Module and it sets the time players have to wait during the warmup phase ENGINE Tweaked: AI AT soldiers will not switch assigned target when holding fire Added: Sound - separated turret servo sounds: vertical & horizontal (properties soundServo and soundServoVertical) LAUNCHER Improved: Positioning of a window in bounds of screen workspace And I can go on.Obviously this are not big performance changes but every small improvements help.
  8. I never advocated to keep action menu in a first place - I remember I linked dsy. video of action menu problems when it came out to a forum threads to show it more people.But I do understand troubles of tackling problems that are in engine from it's first days.
  9. enex

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    i will go with assumption that it is. Comparing with life events I would speculate that lobbing 40mm grenades would do more harm then good for the attacker which has lighter armored vehicle (anything but slammer, t-100 and Kuma) and would result in attacker's death due to alerting enemy tank
  10. it takes time in same manner you have to wait in line for surgery not because of rocket science but of line and different priority cases.
  11. I'm glad to see this fixed.does it mean that even zooming out far doesn't result in black flickering patch?As always I'm curious how they fixed it.Nothing is on the changelogs.Maybe new technology connected with expansion.
  12. The biggest problem with performance/optimization is that it requires low level changes. And I mean fixing legacy engine bottlenecks which would bring big performance gains and big optimization changes.The problem is that it's unlikely to do that while people need working game.Why wouldn't game work while doing low level changes? Think completely rebuilding house foundation.Walls would likely collapse, become unstable during the process.In game terms it would mean that it would have lots of bugs, game crashes.It would take long time too to develop and fix engine problems from programmers side. That is why this things are done in pre production/production of new game (arma 4) so they aren't obstructed by need of working game (since players aren't playing their build) core mechanics, controls, clunky often falls into lower engine category again.Not all of them but some.Since you haven't been specific I can't say what can and what can't be likely fixed.As the above when trying to fix let's say actions menu they would have to figure out if is doable in time frame vs good enough outcome?What are the blockers?How long would it take to fix them?The problem is that things are interconnected.We have to pay attention that it doesn't break AI functions, that it has legacy so it doesn't break major system that modders may use often, then you may have action menu is tied to certain simulation that needs fixing first... And at the end it falls down to priorities - is it worth it in comparison with time/manpower that we can spend on something else?
  13. enex

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Actually the trailer that you have saw was area where artists/modelers, focused under time pressure because they didn't intend to attend pcgamer conference but when they saw opportunity they jumped on it. Source: http://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00111
  14. Can you be so kind and mention where did you learn that?