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  1. vagabond985

    Bohemia SDK out yet?

    Alright, awesomeness :) Thanks for the heads up guys.
  2. vagabond985

    Bohemia SDK out yet?

    Been away for a while. So did Bohemia have said anything considering this topic lately?
  3. vagabond985

    What MP game-mode do you play the most?

    how many of you would like to see a "Crash and retrieval" game mode? I'm working on something that's involve UFOs, Aliens and hazmat suit. pvp.
  4. vagabond985

    Should BI offer official MP servers?

    I honestly never understood why the ArmA series lacked official servers. To the guy saying that they need studios overseas.. that's so wrong. There's many crappy games out there with low budgets which offer they own public hosted servers. And don't tell me they BIS lack the money. seems like some of you aren't aware that they're a service provider to the almighty UNCLE SAM!! for Christ sake. VBS generate them a lot more profit then arma and i sometime wonder where and how game developers invest their money. PS** not ranting on BIS, they're great but need to expend.
  5. vagabond985

    Bohemia SDK out yet?

    Well if this is the case, i guess we can all say that the original serie wasn't really made with mods in mind? Considering the fact that it became one of it's selling and recognition point later in time. I myself bought the original OFP a few days after it release and only came to realization that there were mods for it a few years later. i didn't have Internet in those days but i guess i didn't miss much from the moment of discovering that haha. Oh well, I'm now confident in saying that the modding community is what really made this company stand out and last long in this industry and this genre sector, pretty much untouched.
  6. vagabond985

    Mods and ARMA 3 on the same level as FSX?

    It's funny how the turns of event came to be. I rememberer commenting on my willingness to charge people for addon's few months ago. Didn't took long before Fufu and you came up at me lol. Not taking this as offensive tho, just pointing it as funny that everything went south so suddenly. So what is your general take on this? are you ok with it or it's kinda bother you in a way?
  7. vagabond985

    Unified Addon Standards

    Can you please provide the link to that thread? No long ago a moderator warned me of my desire to wanting people to pay for quality addons. He said that would be against the EULA from the BIS tool. Are you saying that this is actually about to change?
  8. vagabond985

    Bohemia SDK out yet?

    Alright thanks for the insight. One last question, do you remember how long it took them to release the tools on the previous installment? I guess I should follow the advice of the experienced by going ahead with practicing with the current tools.
  9. vagabond985

    When will the nVidia Arma 3 optimized drivers come?

    Most of you guys have no idea how game design works, yet you know everything about performance and ideal spec or how the game designer should "upgrades" they codes in order to make things work out.. why don't you enroll in game architecture then? plenty of money to be made if you know it all..
  10. vagabond985

    Helmet without a texture

    there's also other helmets missing texture (painted, special forces, black etc..). there's missing suits and vests textures as well.. and misplaced name for gears.. there's supposed to be balaclavas and all but no where to be found. but somehow it's shows in the inventory. i was kinda disappointed about that because they said the we're refurbishing the game in the few weeks before release, adding texture and etc.. ---------- Post added at 19:41 ---------- Previous post was at 19:41 ---------- hope they'll appear in the next DEv update tho
  11. vagabond985

    First impressions on Altis from a Lemos resident

    yeah, they did a great job replicating the solar panel.. Hey OP do you think you'll be able to post real life and in-game pictures comparison? next time you go there?
  12. you can carry up to 4 weapons, just rack em' up in your back pack ;).. Unless they fixed that one lol.
  13. vagabond985

    Uniform crate?

    just download the virtual AmmoBox script. that's what most mission designer use in multiplayer to let people get everything that the game has to offer. it works on the editor so go look for it.
  14. vagabond985

    No Women=Disturbing

    I think most people playing the game would go on their way to digitally abuse those creatures from Heaven.. most probably in arma life mode? there's disturbing pics from A2 where u see em' in the crouch position in-front of servicemen..especially those pilots and marines..-_-