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  1. When Warlord is comfortable to release it he will do so. If he is not he wont. Dont hold them for release estimates they give.
  2. Da wächst mir echt ein Stäbchen! Sehr schön! Fantastic as always!
  3. This is outstanding!!
  4. Thanks Cosmo!! Problem solved
  5. Hi Folks! I got a little Problem. When i try to download the optional Files xCam_Metal (v098b) and xCam_Woodworks (v09b) , the site tells me the Files are no longer there! Is there another way to download these Files? (Sorry for bad english)
  6. Da bin i am aber mal gespannt!! ;P
  7. This is PCP isn`t it? PrehistoricCamouflagePattern. If i remember correct it was used in Southwesteast Germany a few years ago.
  8. schaefer

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Hey Rebel! My friend got it to work!! Thanks for your quick replies and help.
  9. schaefer

    KLPQ Music Radio

    I hope this helps?! my friend send this to me via steamchat. (can the metadatainside the ogg. contain any special carakters?)
  10. schaefer

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Oi rebel. A friend of mine has done everything according to your videoinstructions, but he cant hear the music ingame. Any idea what could have gone wrong? (sorry for bad english) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tschingta/screenshot/92730090849829384 (this is all he is seeing)
  11. schaefer

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Outstanding!! Just what i need,thank you!!!!
  12. schaefer

    2000 Era US Smocks

    Nooo! Dont delete! Awsome! Ahhhh! Thanks for this Ltf,very cool Addon.