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  1. The last photo of the overpass bridge is just spectacular......Good luck with the project ;)
  2.  EO

    Glove pie

    Hi, give this a try, he is the "Glove Pie Master" ;) http://voicecommands.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/how-to-use-glovepie-voice-commands-in.html
  3.  EO

    [SP] Sentinel - Outbreak

    Really excited for the Chernarus version.....Loved the trailer, gave me a Fallout vibe with the underground bunker, especially when he get's to the surface...awesome stuff indeed ;) .........roll on tomorrow!
  4.  EO

    place of mods from steam

    To my knowledge, all Steam Workshop mods are downloaded directly to your Arma 3 root folder, i don't think it's possible to move these mod folders and still expect them to be updated automatically. The ability to choose where Steam Workshop mods are downloaded to would be a nice addition to the Steam Arma 3 launcher.
  5.  EO


    Don't worry....i won't tell a soul. ;)
  6.  EO


    Hi haleks, after you referenced Frank Herbert's "The White Plague" as an inspiration for Ravage....i have been glued to my Kindle for the last few days...awesome read...thanks ;)
  7. Yep, when they release the Tanoa expansion. Click on the updates tab in Eden....it's right there.
  8. Having just read the updates tab in Eden, it's stated that the 2d editor will continue to co-exist with the 3d editor until expansion release, where the plan to remove all traces of the 2d editor..... :o Time to embrace the future!! ;)
  9.  EO

    EDEN - Questions

    Try clicking on the tutorials tab....top right ;)
  10. Awesome stream, awesome new tool, awesome surprise! Thanks Bohemia, you da best :D
  11. Your last video is quite beautiful :rolleyes: .....I can see your script becoming very popular.
  12.  EO

    Helvantis Terrain

    I concur with IndeedPete........this is an awesome terrain, let down by immersion breaking object and building placement. Would love to see some spit and polish someday ;)
  13. Sweet!!.......thanks for the tips....going back in right now!! :D
  14. Mmmm...I do like a "secret survival stash" hunt ^_^ I'm a big fan of Rick_B's mod, a very polished functional set of modules, glad to see it put to good use. I totally agree with these sentiments, i have released a few missions in the past and when they pop up on Armaholic's front page......"Guy's we have reached the mountain top"
  15. That's a heck of a mod-list.... :o Fortunately i have 98% of them ;) Look's cool, looking forward to trying this out :) Thanks.
  16.  EO

    DSS: The Mod

    Awesome update....really looking forward to being scared witless by that Shadow Zombie... :o I wish you well for the final push.... p.s. I hope your exams go/went well ;)
  17.  EO

    [SP] Sentinel - Outbreak

    Yep, i'm with corporal_lib on this one, been enjoying the Altis version for a few weeks now, I've already stated my appreciation on the Armaholics forum, nice to see it pop up here.
  18.  EO

    St_KillShotCam Mod

    Bigger, better, faster ,louder....f***ing love this mod, thanks for the update sttosin, much appreciated. :D
  19. Hey LAxemann, thank you for another amazing immersion modification, a perfect fit for your fantastic Immerse bundle. It's the little things that make a BIG difference. :D
  20. A simple browse around these forums and you would find........ https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/183264-ravage-mod/ https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/182729-dss-the-mod/ Both are close to release.
  21. Hi sttosin, will you be updating your KillShotCam mod with the faster version seen in this video?
  22.  EO

    CPC Factions

    Hi sparfell, MEGA link is working for me, many thanks. :)