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Found 1 result

  1. Gunter Severloh

    [WIP] RavWarMod

    Hello WarMod fans! I would like to announce a new version of WarMod called: RavWarMod by Gunter Severloh What is RavWarMod? RavWarMod is a massive addon & mod customizable compilation mod customized for Ravage mod. Rav = Ravage mod WarMod? What is WarMod? WarMod is a massive addon and mod customizable compilation mod that will add many run-n-gun & realism gameplay features and functions to your game. WarMod is mainly a gameplay mod, most if not all of the mod will contain other mods that mainly effect the gameplay. Depending on the mod that WarMod was or is being customized for their may be some added content specific to the context of the mod. WarMod overall is mainly designed for the infantry player in mind, depending on the subject of the mod WarMod is being customized for their may be mods in it that also effect or add features and functions for armored, and even flown vehicles. WarMod Series More information about the series can be found on my website here: http://warmod.webs.com/aboutwarmod.htm Why are you building a WarMod to compliment Ravage mod, when there are other Zombie mods out there? Well i love Ravage mod, and haven't played anything else other then Ravage, and really enjoy the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, the simplicity of using the modules and creating instant missions on almost any map, plus i been supporting Halek's mod with my own Ravage Utube fans channel that compiles all videos for Ravage into one place for the fans of the mod, so i suppose you can say i'm a bit invested in supporting the mod ;) What can we expect from RavWarMod? You can expect the following: RavWarMod will be the 11th Installment in the WarMod series, so you can expect a well built mod built from experience in compiling. This isn't my first pony show, lol A legit mod, as all addons and mods in the mod aside the ones i've created have permissions, and license respected by the rightful authors from the Arma3 community, for which most know me and my work. A mod that adds some cool mods that are fitting with the genre and context of Ravage which is set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie, survival atmosphere. Features of the mod Blood & gore Blood, bleeding, dismemberment, gibs, vaporization, and just plain absolute gore, utterly disgusting! Your going to need a squeegee, and a towel with this! Weapon stabilization Since shooting zombies, and would-be bandits and aggressors is based on sheer survival, unless you have specific targets, but when your gun is swaying all over creation, and your trying to recover after every shot, then killing the baddies is really not going to be very favorable, at this rate you better be in shape to run! With weapon stabilization i will have something in the mod that tweaks and adjusts the sway to a realistic level, and keep the recoil at a minimum, provided you didn't just come off a sprint for your life from a horde! Iron Sights, Scopes & Weapon optics without the extra buttons For those who dislike having to press extra keys to do certain things, something i created will be in the mod that will eliminate a key you need to press, allowing you to line up your sites be it iron sites, scopes, or weapon optics for that quick kill! Access areas not possible in vanilla Climb, jump, leap, and scale down ledges, & buildings, allowing you to access, escape, survive, or access targets for that perfect shot! Immersive screen With your screen shaking from distant & close explosions, or an enemy's close range shots, fog, rain, lighting, and other visual distortions your going to feel like you crawled your way out of a warzone, from underneath a pile of bodies! The dead have a voice The zombies moan, when they get shot or eviscerated you can be sure to hear them cry, and hit the ground in pain. Are you a masochist and love to hear the pain of enemy bandits, and renegades screaming or getting killed, their death will be heard! Your face is ugly so change it! With this you will have 26 + more faces to change the way you look even add camo. Carry more weapons & gear Game wont allow you to carry a 2nd primary, or those extra clips, or loot you found? Now you can! Need a place to stash my shit You can do that! Guns out of ammo, or no weapons? No problem! Rifle-butt, kick, punch, or simply take them down and choke them out! Need protection from incoming fire, or a place to call home? With this you can dig your own trenches, build fences, even nets, and a partial base. Need to signal your buddy about a zombie, or enemy ahead without letting the baddies know? You can do that, perfect for Coop! and many more!!! =============================== Customization How will customization work in RavWarMod? Being a customizable modular mod, means you can add and remove any feature, this is done through a set of detailed features customization readmes that provides the user information on features and their respective files. The readmes will be setup in a customization folder titled "Features by Subject", each readme will cover a specific category, or subject pertaining to the feature or function that you wish to get more information about, or know about in order to remove, the same is setup for any features I have added to the mod that is or wont be in the mod by default, which will be a readme titled "Not in the mod". So instead of scrolling through a massive list of features (mods) and their files, you would simple choose the readme of the category that fits the context or subject your are inquiring about, all separated by subject, and listed in a Alphabetical, numerical order. For example, the following categories will give you an idea of what subjects the addons and mods will be under: ===================== -Armored & Vehicles -AT Antitank -Ballistics, Tracers, & Zeroing -Binocs, Nvgs, & Zoom -Blood, and bodies -Choppers & Planes -Editor & Menus -Explosions, Fire & Smoke -Infantry & Mounted Weapons -Sky, Land & Textures -UI, Hud & Gear ========== A rough example of what the readmes would look like, then all those mods that fit a certain title or category readme will be listed according to the following: Mod's title will be listed based on its actual title its used on Armaholic and as the author of the mod named it Mod will be linked to its original page on armaholic if you need actual reference Mod will have a brief description included files such as pbo's & bisigns will be listed allowing you to easily locate a file in the main addons folder mod will be separated and colored in such a way as to clearly be seen (sorry no notepad docs here) ================= Will their be any AI enhancement in RavWarMod? There will be one to two by default, but i will have a section and folder that is specific to AI only, i usually dont like to add alot of AI mods as they can really cause a performance loss, which really depends on the users computer's capacity to handle them, but like all WarMods you can opt to not have any AI mods in the mod, so i leave it up to you. (As of March 29th there will be no AI enhancement mods in the mod, I'm sticking to mainly gameplay functional features) Will there be something for known issues or possible conflicts in RavWarMod? Yes of course, only conflicts will be listed for the default (released) version of the mod, as well as notes listing those that may cause a performance loss, or conflicts. How is the mod built? Building a WarMod is not easy it takes a considerable amount of time and patience but here what is done. 1. I go to armaholic/Steam Workshop and go from page to page in certain sections based on the context or type of addon and mods they contain, be it weapons, or miscellaneous and review each listing there that has anything to do with gameplay, functions, ect,. that catches my eye of things i can add to the mod that would work for the genre of the mod im customizing WarMod for. 2. From there I bookmark each addon/mod into a folder on my browser for future references and download the file into a folder on my computer, I setup a folder for what i installed and whats new, for what was tested and works, ect,. Each new addon i test by itself to get an idea of how it works what it does ect,. Unless it was something formerly in previous WarMods i wont test it. 3. After testing 1 file I start building the mod, I have a @RavWarMod mod folder and add tested mods to the mod and as each mod gets finished i add them, then i test that mod itself looking to see if each feature i tested individually still retains their features/functions or basically still works without issues among the other mods, 98% of the time i found (in previous WarMods) that all features usually work without issues, however theres time where a feature isn't working or spits up an error and I have to do a number of tests to determine which file is the culprit as well as watch the rpt. Aside the possible problems, this whole process is done til I have all the files I downloaded into the mod, some have userconfigs and are installed accordingly, so mods that have userconfigs will be in one userconfig folder which i never had any issues with before in terms of mod conflicts. 4. Once the mod is together I do various testing in a few scenarios of my choice to watch the results, basically I just play test the mod in sp editor, or virtual arsenal, sometimes hosting a mission in mp, and test on my gameserver and watch the results. Tweaking the mod What is involved with tweaking the mod?, as I have read you mention in your other WarMods that you "tweak" the mod. What this is, is in the final process of the mod before it gets released, depends, tweaking involves, turning on and off, and customizing features in the userconfig if there are mods that have one, as well as removing and adding mods for a certain effect. i do this as I am looking for a certain experience of the mod, as all WarMods are my own personal customization of what and how i like to play, but as you know the mod can be customized to suit your style of play. Will the mod have any dependencies, like on Ravage mod? No, other then what a specific mod in the mod itself needs for it to run that the author of that mod had created, that and CBA_A3 would be about it. Is there or will there be any new content, or existing content added to the mod? Other then a couple of things i have created that will be in the mod, there may be some but dont expect some new gear, or some type of post-apocalyptic weapon, or zombie function to be created im mainly just a compiler, I cant script, or code, I have some rough ideas about things just from experience of messing around with mods but i have no idea on how to create content. Keep in mind that WarMods are mainly gameplay mods, only content that is added would be ideal for the context of the mod that WarMod is being customized for. Will Haleks be helping you with the mod? If he wants, but I may ask him for some small config things, or maybe something with code other then that no, i think hes got enough on his hands with making Ravage as Awesome as possible. Can i be a tester for the mod? I usually build these mods myself, I would actually prefer to have people provide their feedback and test the mod after release, but depending on how it goes, i will have a beta version of the mod released then the community can test it out and give any feedback, this way i can get many perspectives, on function, and performance of the mod, as well as what players think of it so far. Will Coop, or MP be possible with this? The mod overall is built for singleplayer, however for a coop, or an mp version there would need to be some research, testing to see if the mod and all its default features work in a coop/mp environment so it really comes down to the mods themselves if they work, i can probably say that most of it will but testing needs to be done to confirm. What will the download options be for the mod? I plan to upload this to Steam Workshop, but their will be option to download from Mega and Armaholic. Whats the current status of the mod and when do you plan to release the first beta version? Currently as of April 1st, 2018 this what i'm working on: Reviewing mods i already have permissions for, as well as acquiring permissions for some new mods i have and will be implementing. Testing what i have Slowly working on the mission that will come with the mod ============== I hope that gave you guys a good idea of what the mod is about, and what to expect, and become interested in this especially those fans and players of Ravage mod. I will keep you guys updated on anything new developments as i build the mod. Cheers!