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  1. In the simple version a winch script should allow the pilot to throw a rope with an AI attached to it. Once that AI gets close to the victim the victim is attached to him. Last but not least the rope is pulled up and both units get in the chopper. That is a feature that exists in BI game Take on Helicopters. I have used it myself in one mission and it was really cool. Sadly they have not implemented the feature in Arma 3. Not BI nor any other scripter. And it is not like people have not requested it... Once we were really close but a bug was reported unable to be fixed and hence the project was abandoned. Sadly the scripts used remained classified.




    A really strange thing is that although this http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31254 exists a winch script does not. With the later you can fastrope or climb up the same rope. A simple get in chopper action could be more than enough but nothing there either. So in short yeah it would be cool but nobody has created such a feature.



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  2. No worries! Hope it was for vacations!!

    Did not try with say3D to be honest. Is it true however that playSound3D only works with game audio and not with added custom audio files? That might be why it does not work!

    Also will not try the other method soon. Taking a short break from Arma because the last Campaign mission took too long to be created and kinda wrecked me apart. Even if it hadn't I am waiting to see what the Contact DLC will offer as assets so...

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  3. Quote

    There is a much easier solution, guys.

    Placing anything in the INIT field is nice but if the mission is an MP one calling such animation commands via a trigger (or even better via the iniPlayerLocal.sqf) is advised. That is because triggers work on all clients (players). Otherwise it can happen that only the host watches the animations. Yep have been there.. As for using triggers so as to show conversations I used to do that too since recently! The problem is that when many conversations are involved too many triggers exist. Hence you can again call a script via a trigger.

    Nothing changes:

    NameOfPlayer sideChat "";
    sleep NumberOfSeconds;
    NameOfPlayer sideChat "";
    sleep NumberOfSeconds;

    Best of Wishes for your campaign!

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  4. You will have to place:


    execVM "nameOfScript.sqf";


    In the script you will have to find whatever animations you want via the animation viewer located in the Eden editor and then have something like:


    NameOfUnit switchMove "NameOfAnimation";
    sleep HowManySecondsTheAnimationLasts;
    switchMove "";
    NameOfUnit switchMove "NameOfAnimation";
    sleep HowManySecondsTheAnimationLasts;
    switchMove "";


    and so on. In the end a:


    NameOfUnit setDamage 1;

    when playing an animation sometimes switchMove does not work and you need a playMove.

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  5. Quote

    Bummer. I was hoping that would be a plug-in. I might need your help with that.

    Not the one appropriate to help sadly. The creators of this should be able to help.



    I did a little bit of research about making this mission MP. As far as I can tell the greatest challenge in MP is making things sync. In this mission we don't want ANYTHING to sync. It would be cool to have other people flying around but we don't want any of the actual triggers/markers/ect to be sync'd, just the players positions. Does this make it easier or more difficult to make MP?

    Well in MP how will conditions, radio calls and hints be showed? An MP mission would be nice and more likable but everything should be working for each player separately. 



    Check out the readMe file I added to the original post.

    Nicely played! 

  6. Quote

    I am considering adding a playable chopper in addition to the plane, or a way to select your vehicle at start up. Or, at least I was until I saw this,

    That was tragic indeed.



    6) Vehicle Selector and winch script (maybe)

    The winch script will be another first! 



    * Contingencies prevent the player from breaking the scenario. What happens if the player hops out of the plane? What if they jump out of the plane in flight? What if the plane crashes? What happens if the player aborts a challenge half-way through, ect.

    Yeah one of the main troubling in editing. What will the players do while playing. What if they do this or that. Or even worse ... what will the AI do when an MP mission is played as SP?!?!?

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  7. Quote

    Okay. So if you guys advised a mission designer who does NOT have those things, what considerations are necessary to make it playable? What should I know about the advanced flight model and controls as a designer?

    Not much. Only that flying around becomes more flexible. You can fly in more complicating (and awesome) ways.



    I developed the rescue scenario this afternoon and this is how it works:

    Nicely done! Sadly there is no wintch script to use but even so it is still cool.

  8. :exclamation: Can only add one detail. Extra care should be taken when players play animations. So as for them not to get stuck in the animation and hence be unable to move. With playMove  (or switchMove which is the only one working for some animations) the player will only be able to move once the animation is complete. If that is a loop animation which never ends the player will be stuck.

  9. Quote

    Duly noted. I believe changing the unit "playerJET" (which is a plane), to a helicopter would not affect most of the scripts. I'll research this further. I'm curious, do you guys fly with mouse/keyboard or controls/joysticks? And do you use the advanced helicopter flight model?

    Personally I fly using the advanced flight models with a joystick and a steering wheel. The steering wheel is ehmmm... for the pedals. For the rudder right and left. I could buy some pedals for like 100 euros but no money no honey. Kinda funny when others complain about not being able to fly as they want with their expensive kits. What would they do if joystick buttons only worked when pressed via a specific and highly scientific way. Lol.. Anyways, as for the advanced flight model if you get used to that it is not easy to fly without them. That is because the chopper stops responding as it should and flight becomes weird. The same technique I use with planes although I mainly handle choppers.



    The cargo delivery system is fully implemented now.
    I'm working on a Ring Challenge script to add 3-5 ring courses-- like sightseeing tours (volcano rim) and Mach loop style canyon runs (I know airplanes can't do a mach loop). The challenge is to create a single trigger ring for all of the challenges. Updating it's position as need by the player clearing each ring.
    Update soon.

    Awesome! Oh you mean having only one ring show at a time? Maybe you can use the Show Model On/Off feature. So as for the rings to be there and only shown when needed.

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  10. Yeah easy to act like a boss when you are a thousand or more miles away...

    For whatever code we are talking about you can try placing it in an initPlayerLocal.sqf file. You just create one on your mission folder and add your code there.

    Although yes knowing for what kind of code we are talking about exactly will surely help :thumbsup:


    Also in case it is in the future needed: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/154-arma-3-mission-editing-scripting/

  11. So time for yet another update!


    • As you can see in the initial thread 3 missions are ready and awaiting the testing procedures
    • The Credits have been updated! Need to point out here however that only the ones who have helped with the already released missions are included. As more missions are released the credits will accordingly be updated.
    • Minor Changes in Chapter 1 missions including a few alterings in action icons and a few enhancements for weather effects.
    • A new version has also been released for the first episode of Chapter 2. Nothing much. A picture just changed so as to match with the rest episodes of the 2nd DTO Chapter.
    • It should also be noted that mission Thunder Fortress, which is awaiting testing is the last episode of Chapter 2!


    And that is pretty much it! As soon as the testing group is available the missions will have their final tests and will gradually be released!

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  12. @GEORGE FLOROS GR Sadly got to report that the sounds do not work here either. Since nothing worked for @Viper 2017 I tried it myself and although the sound as a sound works when called from a trigger it does not work for the script. Actually even if I call a sound that does not exist via the [playSound3D ["\sound\siren.ogg",_car]] call BIS_fnc_MP; it does not report an error. It just does not play anything. Weird things.

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  13. Quote

    So the approach vector waypoint is actually on the opposite side of the airport compared to the approaching plane? And the approach vector could be in multiple positions depending on the direction from which the aircraft is travelling? That sounds do-able but needlessly complicated for what is supposed to be a fun, cathartic flight over paradise.

    Yep that is correct and true!



    Got any more cool ideas. I want to add some challenges, like complete a circuit in a set amount of time, don't exceed the altitude limit, ferry cargo, assist the coastguard, ect.

    Altitude limit is great in case there are AAs around. As for the coastguard ... an idea would be to make a search area where a criminal or a person needing assistance is located. Like a vessel on fire. With a condition plane close to the target for some time the task can become successful! In case of the criminals the guys can be shooting at the plane. Taking fire however is indeed not a flight over paradise environment  :scratchchin:

    Apart from the above maybe sightseeing tours? Or transferring of highly important cargo such as medical supplies?



    After playing a bit, the approach works great. It's a very simplified version of the real thing but illustrates the principal well enough. The player just has to realize that the yellow Task Marker is not a waypoint but a navigation aid, and use it, like a gun-sight, to line up the waypoint marker.
    The "TUNE" button on the mission controller now contacts the tower at Aeroport de Tanoa and clears the player for final landing-- and sets the WP and approach for the same.
    I've also implemented an Overheat Stall and a Fuel Leak Stall when the player is suffering from bad luck.
    Still more to come!

    Nicely done ... cool!

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  14. Quote

    So I'll add another waypoint in the chain that defines the approach vector for each airport. Does a waypoint 3 km away and around 200 m satisfy this?

    It must be a really nicely placed waypoint. Because according to the approach if it is plane - airport - waypoint in a straight line then it would not change much. What I suggested cannot be easily implemented because in order to have a nice flight path,  the path will have to change according to your starting position. Different approach for each combination of starting position - destination. Most likely that is why such a thing does not exist. Yet?  

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  15. Seems cool  :thumbsup:

    Cannot say how to optimize the script but if we are talking about a wip scenario, may I ask, when you say 20 flight plans ... are those with waypoints? Because when flying a plane you got to have an approach. So as to come in line with the runway and such. Do not think a mission containing such things exists. About the approach ... was playing FSX some time before, was instructed to cycle around the runway, I saw it straight forward so whatevs. A straight line is the fastest! Damn wind... Was sliding down the runway, so while sliding made an 180 degrees turn and pushed throttle to full. The AI copilot said once we stopped ... I am just glad I am on the ground. Lol, have never heard such a thing in a game before :rofl:

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  16. Quote

    How are you executing the code?

    With an execVM through a trigger.



    0 here is the time it takes the map to animate to the given position.


    Dang thought it was something like the sleep command.



    As @7erra says your code needs to be able to suspend (spawn, execVM). Else the sleeps do not work and you will immediately see last anim before map closes.

    And was wondering what suspension was  :rock:

    Yep that is a better code indeed. I will try it out and if an issue occurs I will report back. Thanks guys!!

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  17. Hey guys in the mission I am working on I would like, while ingame, the map to open and show some certain locations. Like show the first one and then show the second one and so on.


    There is however an issue .... I could not find a way to make the map change the location it focuses on steadily. It just shows the second marker instantly. Does not seem right :scratchchin:


    So how can I make the map open and show different markers steadily. Like in the Tactical Ops DLC missions if I recall correctly.




    What I have so far in my humble script:


    openMap true;
    Sleep 0.01;
    ((uiNamespace getVariable "RscDiary") displayCtrl 51) ctrlMapAnimAdd [0,0.05,getMarkerPos "marker01"];   ctrlMapAnimCommit ((uiNamespace getVariable "RscDiary") displayCtrl 51);
    Sleep 5;
    ((uiNamespace getVariable "RscDiary") displayCtrl 51) ctrlMapAnimAdd [0,0.02,getMarkerPos "marker02"];   ctrlMapAnimCommit ((uiNamespace getVariable "RscDiary") displayCtrl 51);
    Sleep 5;
    openMap false;


  18. @Viper 2017 A sound has to be something like this:

    class wolf1 
    // how the sound is referred to in the editor (e.g. trigger effects) 
    name = "my_wolf_sound"; 
    // filename, volume, pitch, distance (optional) 
    sound[] = { "fx\wolf1.ogg", 1, 1, 100 }; 
    // subtitle delay in seconds, subtitle text 
    titles[] = { 0, "" }; 


    There is a comma missing in yours ^^^

    Also is it that the sound does not play or that it plays in too low a volume? You can define it as music and not as sound so as to check if it works. Then you can just call it from a trigger. Just to check if the audio file plays.

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