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  1. So you cannot make a task that shows an icon to board the helicopter? How did you assign the task to the player? Or can you just not get in the helicopter once you are next to it?
  2. In the same screen on the right, an image I had showed just fine. Maybe try with a different picture or a different size because the static is something like the one you get when .ogv files are not in the needed resolution.
  3. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    No mission release here but .... an update! To start with Episode 09 is ready for testing! It took some extra time with adding extra ingame content but everything should be sweet and running. As for the last misison, Episode 10, we are having some issues with some scripts and overall optimization. While classes and exams do cause delays. The date of delivery remains however the same. Somewhere around the coming August. Last but not least, there will be two possible endings according to your ingame choices. No spoilers here but it would be nice to keep a close eye on how the story develops!
  4. Are we talking about a human player that you cannot get him in the helicopter? Because if so this is confusing:
  5. JohnKalo

    Supply drop request

    This can help:
  6. As stated above what you are asking can indeed not take place but maybe using these can help: player allowDamage false; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/onMapSingleClick
  7. To create tasks I use a script that goes like this: _myTaskIDs = ["Task01"]; _makeTask1 = [["Task01"],west,["Text","Title","Task01Pos"],getposATL Start,"ASSIGNED",3,true,true,"attack"]; _watchTask1 = [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 0.5;!alive target01}; ["Task01", "SUCCEEDED",true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; }; _makeTask1 call BIS_fnc_setTask; Now the problem is that the getposATL Start shows the initial position of object Start. If the object moves the task continues showing the initial position. Due to that in a task I just changed it to objNull but for another mission I need the task position to be updated. So how can I do that please?
  8. JohnKalo

    Task Position Update

    @wogz187 The issue was that the task did not follow the moving chopper. Due to the GetPosATL NameOfObject command. I changed it to [NameOfObject,false] and it worked. Before making the campaign I used models which work with moving targets so I never had an issue. Now however that I use scripts the above happened. In your code though [target_obj,true] why true and not false? What does that section do please?
  9. JohnKalo

    Publishing a Campaign

    Oh okay. Personally I have uploaded all missions separately and placed them all in a collection. If you have all missions in one .pbo I sadly have no clue.
  10. JohnKalo

    Publishing a Campaign

    With a disableAI "DAMAGE" and this https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/onMapSingleClick . Although to be sure that all details work you need to play it in a hosted server if it is an MP mission. Sadly something that works in the editor might not work in the hosted server. Details mostly. Rarely disasters happen. Not a good experience.
  11. JohnKalo

    Task Position Update

    Well tried it with both and did not see anything different. Although the object was far away from the player it still worked.
  12. JohnKalo

    Task Position Update

    Just tested the new method. If I use getPosATL NameOfObject it does not update the position. By placing [NameOfObject,false] it does! Thanks now only one thing remains. What does the true or false actually do. I do not get what this means exactly:
  13. JohnKalo

    Task Position Update

    Thanks it is the fourth parameter but I checked here too: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_setTask and still it does not say how to make the task follow the object. With what I have written it does not. In the page example it says [MHQ,false] which is for [object,precision] . I have to guess that precision is some sort of distance in meters between the target and the task icon and if that is the case then it still does not make the task marker to update. I will try with true to see if it works though.
  14. JohnKalo

    Hello to everyone

    There should be a sub-menu once you click on the module. That way you can change the plane. Also especially the first video might have what you need:
  15. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    Here we go! Another mission release and an update too: Episode 08 - Thunder Fortress RELEASE! In this episode there were some really close calls! Gladly thanks to our Sniper's notifications and organized reactions we managed to overcome the difficulties and complete the mission! Now about the update. There are two missions that are at the works. Now number two might sound small but it is not! Media files have to be created and there is a dilema on how the story will end. The hypothesis is set but to how flexible players will be with their choices ... that is a complex situation. At the same time we are trying to alter scripts so as to fix some details something by no means easy! Nevertheless we will do our best so as to have the best possible outcome. Also the credits section has been updated. Some have yet to be included but that is only because the needed missions have not been released yet. Last but not least we have not forgotten about the steam and armaholic links. Those will be shown here once all missions are released. Stay tuned!!!
  16. JohnKalo

    Hello to everyone

    Cannot help directly but maybe the below can help:
  17. Hey guys I had to use a setUnitCapture at the ending of a mission. So all went well but one thing. At the closing of the mission on the top right a message saying Playback Complete appeared. Thought that only happened at the editor but it also appeared while testing. So is there a way to get rid of that message? Please only post tested solutions because I will not be able to test the mission again before release.
  18. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    Hi guys hope you are all doing great no matter the circumstances! Excited to announce the release of Mission 07 also known as: Episode 07 - Golden Paint RELEASE! In this mission we were saved more than once by our Sniper and Sabot specialist. Have it not been for them we would have been torn to pieces! What about yourselves though? Will you choose a dynamic or a more stealth approach? Whichever one you choose hope you all have an amazing time! Oh and not to forget all missions have been updated so as for your loadout to remain intact if needed to respawn. The issue was detected while testing and has been dealth with.
  19. We will be talking about an MP mission. So at some point one of the players should be able to start an action that will need to take about 20 seconds to be completed. BUT if he stops pressing the action then the action's progress should pause. So when he starts the action again he will continue from let us say 40% and not 0% again. Also this Pause function will need to be applied to a video that will be playing on a screen. The video should pause and then continue too. So is this possible in a simple way please?
  20. JohnKalo

    Pause and Continue Action

    Thank you very much!!! The above is code I have used before but since I never had so helpful notes I never knew what all those columns were for! It did work with simple tricks but it could be done easier too had I used the other now translated lines. The problem however is that I still cannot find a way to Pause the video and then Continue it. The action as you wrote above I suppose does work as intended but the video will continue playing as is. Maybe I will need to use another way for the task to work.
  21. Yep just like the above or if you want to stay away from creating waypoints you can even add an AddAction to yourself so as to disableAI "PATH"; for the helicopter pilot and then re-enable it via the same method. More time consuming than the above though ^^^
  22. JohnKalo

    heli transport issue

    There is this command: NameOfUnit action ["Eject", NameOfVehicle]; The first issue might be solved with the above too.
  23. JohnKalo

    Heli Won't Takeoff

    The waypoint for the helicopter can be a transport unload one. Then you can use the trigger with the player in heli condition so as for the helicopter to take off.
  24. If you want a new log to be added when you pick up an intel that is easy. You can just call another description.txt. That way everything located at the top left when you open the map will be updated. Pictures can be added there too. Also if you want the intel itself to show something and not be just blank you can use a leaflet: