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  1. "I Died in Hell - They Called it Passchendaele" Mods: IFA3, FOW, POLPOX Artwork supporter, ReColor, ReShade, DIREONE's Poses, ZSL static poses
  2. So I really love this mod, but has anyone found a fix for the "VCM_ARTYDELAY" error? This one specifically: I've been searching for a while and haven't found anything. This was on singleplayer, and while I do have about 25 other mods installed none of them seem to throw any similar errors, and the only other mod that may affect the AI is C2.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'll do some more research.
  4. Hey everyone, I found Macser's ArmaRig for Blender tutorial and decided to jump in, as I've been wanting to create some custom animations for my screenshot work (more specifically wanting to create some static zombie poses). I followed along with his video tutorial but ran into an issue near the end. I managed to export the pose as an .rtm file, but when I try to use the A3 Object Builder to view it, nothing appears on screen, it's just the empty field. Like this: Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here? I've been tearing my hair out and google has been less than helpful. Also, while I'm here: How exactly would I go about adding an .rtm file into the game so I can actually use it? Thanks!
  5. CIA Task Force conduct snatch-and-grab mission Mods (Holy shit there's a lot here...): ReColor, CUP, RHS, Clingor/Dingor Islands, Project Infinite, DIREONE poses, TFR poses, ZSL poses, nikoaton's poses, POLPOX artwork supporter, Rismarck's WWII poses (I think there's one in there at least...), Project Zenith retextures, VSM all-in-one, NIARMS, Spec4Gear, SMA weapons. I THINK that's it.
  6. Awesome, looking forward to it!
  7. Sorry if this isn't the right thread, but figured you good folks might know: Are there any pose/animation packs that work with Ryan's Zombies and Demons?
  8. Sorry, totally forgot to add that. I believe these are a combination of your and DIREONE's animations.
  9. Thank you! And yeah, that's exactly what I was doing. Thanks for the heads-up on the mod, appreciate it much!
  10. I also had a question: When animating a unit, how do I make them use a pistol instead of their primary weapon? IE: I'm trying to use an animation where the unit is holding a handgun, and he has one in his inventory, but in the animation his hands are empty.
  11. Still playing around with the "war between NATO and USSR" concept, thought this shot came out nicely. US Forces coming under heavy fire as they retreat from an unexpected Soviet advance - Somewhere in Norway, 1990 Pecher terrain, RHS, CUP, US Forces 2000's, GSTAVO's M16A2, ReColor, Polpox Artwork Supporter, nikoaton and DIREONE animations.
  12. I had some inspiration earlier after reading something about what conventional warfare between the US and USSR might have looked like, so here we go. US forces assaulting a heavily fortified USSR position - NE Finland, 1990 RHS, CUP, Caribou Frontier, POLPOX artwork, ReColor
  13. Love this mod so much, thank you! Also just so you're aware, it looks like some of the effects may be throwing errors. Every time I try to use the "projectile" effect I get a "generic error in expression", specifying line 787.
  14. Been practicing my screenshots lately, still playing around with lighting and working in some post-process effects FSB Operatives Preparing to Apprehend a Suspected Insurgent Target POLPOX, ReShade and ReColor, Rismark and nikoaton's animations, SMA, VSM, RHS, CUP terrains F18 Flight over Target Area Fallujah, F/A18, ReColor, ReShade, Enhanced Video Settings