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  1. Okay, got this set up in my dedi server and now when I try to load any mission it gives some "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. aia_misc_config" error. I tried many missions and latest was Escape Chernarus, that has no mods in to it, should be vanilla arma2 what it needs. I'm puzzled here again... :D edit. aahh man I was so excited to get this running that I forgot to install missionselectioncrashinghotfix :) So when using jsrs(1.5?) for arma2 do I also use the correct cba for it plus @cba_a3?
  2. Am I supposed to be using JSRS 1.5 with this? When it's activated all the sounds have huge echo...
  3. Ahh man, I forgot to change the version number in steamapi.txt!!! That was the solution. Now everything works :) Thanks for Tophe for great server tool!
  4. I have to computers on my home. Other computer has steam client and bought Arma 3 for it. Other computer is meant to be dedicated server. I downloaded steam and made new account for the second comp. Then I downloaded server tools from steam library->tools. Downloaded TDST and placed it in common\arma3. Serverfile is arma3server.exe Gave a name for my server and set passwords. Forwarded the ports 2302, 2303, 2305 and 8766. Then I put two maps in mpmissions. Finally launched the server and console window appears and everything seems to be working as it used to when I was doing it with arma 2. The problem is first computer that has the game itself can't see the server. After I made some adjustments it finally found the server but it gives "you were kicked off the server" immediately after joining? I believe I had problems when trying to get to the server even when I tried it in lan mode! Is the problem somewhere in my portforwarding or is it even possible to use tsdt the way i described?
  5. Don't know if it's even possible without external soundboard or something similar, but is it possible to add sound effect for background while your using game's own von? Teamspeak and ventrilo might have these sound packs but my friends don't like to use any extra software when we play arma2. Some military style mic clicks and buzzing might be good for atmosphere.
  6. kuunmies

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Now that I have dug in more with this thing happening, I've narrowed the problem down. In our dedi server lan, it's always the same player whose weapon sounds are not playing and seems that I'm not the only one who's not hearing his shots. I guess we have to double check that this specific players addons are properly installed...
  7. kuunmies

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Sorry for not reading through all 688 pages, but is anyone else having this bug or behaviour sometimes when playing. When friendly human player fires weapon next to you the gunshot isn't audible. It's not happening everytime we play. edit. samples are 128 and all the required files downloaded and installed...
  8. Any ideas for this. HulaZone version of Engima's Escape from Chernarus comes with Vilas weapon mods. Most of the guns work except all the G3's? They seem to be valid in armory but you can't shoot.
  9. Don't know if anyones reading this topic anymore, but I tried to edit this mission a bit so that there would not be any enemy armor present. I know pretty much nothing bout editing missions, but I managed to find some file which had some kind of list of possible enemy traffic. I just deleted all the armored units, saved the file and pbo'd the files back to one. At first the mission seems to work like a charm and no armor is spawn. After a little while the mission gets stuck and you can't kill anyone and your soldiers start running still. What should I edit if I wanted to delete armored units or has someone already done that?
  10. kuunmies

    Patrol Operations 2

    I'm running this awesome mission in my dedi server(A2CO) and having few problems. First even though I disable all the gear and class restrictions all the gear isn't available for all different classes. Eg. sniper can't have mg and etc... I've tried enable/disable but same results. Other problem is that civvies aren't spawning, not a big deal in fact but would be lot for immersion. Also M1911 don't have any clips... Sorry if these were answered earlier in the thread. edit. ok found the answer from earlier posts... have to agree with earlier poster, it's a bit misguiding to give option to enable/disable ranking or gear restrictions if it's still enabled in low-level... :)
  11. kuunmies

    Warfare BE

    Where did you guys find 073-3 version? What are the biggest differences compared to 073-2?
  12. Thanks! You made my day!
  13. How do I reach you guys via Skype? I've been trying to get the PersistentDB working for days but no luck this far.
  14. kuunmies

    Warfare BE

    I managed to get one of my it-capable buddies to try and help me with this thing. We're working on it at the moment. I'll report results when were done :)