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  1. Flying-Coyotus

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi, same for me, halo doesn't work anymore. thanks
  2. I don’t speak about mission xxxx.pbo from lobby but the tasks that appear on the map from ops intel, once you get some intels
  3. ok thank you it works, i found intels 🙂 In the ops center, intel appears with missions, is there a way to affect a mission to a task or is there something to do to activate it. I visit a place of a mission (refuel for ennemy helo), but there was nothing. By the way, nice work, it seems very fun, more dynamic and more realistic than usual missions 🙂
  4. Hello Is there a way to remove grass ? For the missions, I patroled for 1 hour with a copter > no intel, i dont know what to do in fact. Thanks
  5. Hi, Can someone explain how to remove grass and how to enter deployed vehicle ? thanks
  6. Flying-Coyotus

    User account cant be verified

    same for me and a friend...
  7. Flying-Coyotus

    Adding Tanoa?

    totally agree we need night versions
  8. Flying-Coyotus

    bipods bug

    bug fixed in the new release :)
  9. Flying-Coyotus

    bipods bug

    I just reinitialized my skill to tree to get bipod for the Mk 18 and... discovered this bug... At next update, it would be fine or will we need to reinitialize the skill tree ? (annoying because my credits are at 0 and it cost me now more than 114 000... Thanks
  10. Flying-Coyotus

    Night versions

    Hello, It would be cool to have night versions of clash & combat patrol, with new stuffs like flashlite, night vision, flares, and green laser. In arma 3 we had a lot of funs with this kind of missions :)
  11. Flying-Coyotus

    Argo Mission template

    Hello, Thanks I know that, but in these missions templates, argo vehicles (and not A3 vehicles) can't be driven.
  12. Flying-Coyotus

    Argo Mission template

    Hi, I just discovered you publish the mission templates, which is great and very usefull :) So > thanks :) I have just a question: in a template, how to make the few vehicles (Orca, hunter...) drivables ? Thanks a lot !
  13. Flying-Coyotus

    Firing range

    @Lt.Master I already did, but it could be fine to add it to the firing range of the game ;) But i'm not good enough in dev to make my own respawn system and choose range/type of armor In A3 i used this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26414
  14. Flying-Coyotus

    Firing range

    Hello, In firing range, would it be possible to make a system to spawn human unarmed: - choice of range (up to 1 km) - choice of no armor / armor 1 / armor 2 I know it exists in arma 3, but as it seems ballistic is not the same, it could be interesting :) Thanks
  15. Flying-Coyotus

    Leaderboard update

    it just have been updated ! thanks