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  1. Carzilla

    Bad FPS

    I got a new vid card evga 660 and and SSD and, I dont know what else to throw at my Rig. with the ssd it loads faster new vid card look greater But i still choose to lower the settings on it . But once i get on ALTIS online Forget it. its the choppiest thing ever all the physics are out the window. Can someone please tell me how to get a Consistent frame rate
  2. game runs like dog online. I have everything on standard and sampling to 50% looks like PS2 game. Gimme some commands to run & switches to flip evga 660ti sc AMD Phenom II X6 OC 4.0Ghz giga 890fx 16 gigs patriot ram intel SSD 520 soundblaster XFI 15 Mb/sec copper
  3. Not complaining just want to mention stuff that i hope does not get overlooked -Changing guns while in motion -take attachments only instead of whole weapon. from dead body -pick up wounded friendly and move to safety -can we remove/install attachments from the mouse scroll menu please -Hit detection is somewhat clunky: sometimes you shoot the bad guy and he gets no damage -some sfx are too low or maybe need their own channel example: foot steps, walking thru bushes noise -how about a "splash" when I eject from the boat This is not a Wish List its a Fix list Amd 6x 3.5 GHZ GigaByte 890fx Seagate Barracuda 500 GB EvGA 660TI SC 16 GIG Patriot Ram SamSUNG LED 120Hz 40in
  4. Carzilla

    MP Lags out to CTD

    i donno why but game Has a heavy lag when I am around other players to the point of CTD, it never fails . When im out and away from people the game runs "fine" (so called/bearable ) During single player A3 looks cherry runs great no awsome. But during MP i have to scale back the settings, watch how many people i am around. Ever since Launch i have never been able to complete a Full round on MP p.s latest patch Vehicle Showcase fog effects Look Sweet evga 660sc ti amd 1055 6x gigabyte 890fx patriot 16gigs Ram seagate 500 gig Samsung LED 40 in
  5. Carzilla

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    A 660 TI SC, 6 cores @ 3.5 Ghz and 16 gigs of ram and still with Crappy FPS. as a supporter I say Make this TOP PRIORITY
  6. Carzilla

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I always wanted to play Command & Conquer in a FPS. Game (C&C Red Alert2) Is it possible to make this ? It would be fun to fight over ore deposits and oil Fields for control, and manually harvesting. Building structures that have purpose. EX war factory, submarine factory. barracks, armory.
  7. just wanted to point out that it looks kinda cheesy for a mass or 30 players to surround a crate for their load out. how about a small armory bunker or an armory truck. Something that looks the part..
  8. Carzilla

    A3 DX Steam CTD

    Will edit for exact details when I get home I purchased supporter last night and tried to demo it this morning When I launch a3 steam says updating/installing dx11 , then a3 logo pops up and does its thing , after that it tries to launch the game but I get a CTD with DX error
  9. Carzilla

    A3 DX Steam CTD

    Cool thank you for the tip. I was browsing the Arma 3 folder and found a DirectX subfolder. -I ran the installer within the folder and it did a patch -Then I did a check game integrity on steam, I had to DL a file that was bad -I launched it again and steam did the DirectX install again and the game launched properly. ^^
  10. Carzilla

    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    I want whats on the OP's pic
  11. Can we have old school lever guns for some old school rebel resistance group
  12. Progress Information would be great discuss that !
  13. -Please add a built in MP3 Player to certain vehicles. I would like hear music as Im driving and my bros in arms shoot out the windows. and add a bullhorn too so we can talk smak across the battlefield. Choppers have Bullhorns/megaphone/loud speaker in real life DINOSAUR MODE
  14. Bullet impact feedback depends on Caliber Please give the rounds some knock down power I want to see a 50 cal knock people on their ass and rock the crap out of a vehicle.
  15. Carzilla

    Arma 3 is not going far enough with Technology

    implement the tech but keep it realistic, dont throw what makes arma and Arma game out the window. stay a lil conservative
  16. -We need to have a electric power grid * so we can cut power to houses individually or whole blocks *shoot out powerlines *cause a nuclear meltdown * tow power generators around -Working railroad *to hijack *transport -some sort of hand to hand combat -incapacitate individual limbs *shoot em in the leg = not run fast - Also must react to were was shot like in golden eye 64 WE NEED MORE SANDBOX OPTIONS *so we can create a barracade *board up windows *lock doors *use a ram on locked doors -pretty much a more granular base creation menu this will give arma 3 DayZ more depth Fire needs to propagate and we need fire trucks & planes that dump water Dinosaur mode ! *BF3 did not do it So take advantage
  17. can we get a Quality dvd that does not fall apart after a while that holds its integrity. arma 2 installation is riddled with errors. Please we want the installation disk to go in, get activated and install thats it 123 done ! I buried my copy of arma 2 next to my pet turtle because it keeps having a stroke during install. It died in its prime :. (
  18. I have Dvd of arma 2 CO arma 2 1.6 and OA 1.50 -The download says arma 2 CO/OA 1.50 to 1.60 *Everytime I go to patch the File is corrupted I tried winzip, winrar, .7z Everytime modules_e.pbo Corrupt or CRC error I downloaded from every mirror on the page even torrent Does anyone have a solution to the corrupt file ? Edit : Wow now I cant install the base game. is it possible the game disk could degrade somehow, maybe its installing itself broken to begin with. I had this game installed before WTF.. amd phenom x6 gigabyte 890fx 16 gigs ram patriot evga 660ti SC Win 7 64 Pro
  19. Carzilla

    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    I have arma 2 1.6 and OA 1.50 I keep getting corrupted downloads with the 1.60 ArmA 2 CO patch. The patcher xdelta3 says to Download again but I keep getting a corrupted .pbo file. I downloaded it 8 times. Does anyone have this problem? Edit: now its a crc error Edit get a new cd reader do a fresh install then patch
  20. near space atmosphere/ satellite warfare maybe in a couple of years Bunker buster bombs
  21. Hello Just recently I decided to re-install arma II But I cant get passed patch 1.60. I keep getting a addon/random .pbo file error during the patch process. I already DL the patch 6 times and Did the Md5 checks. The MD5 maches to the zip file not the the .exe . Is the extractor broken or something ?
  22. Carzilla

    OA patch 1.60 .pbo error

    Downloaded 2 more times this time extracted with winzip instead of 7z no progress
  23. Carzilla

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    I've had arma 2 for about a year and a half now its played great I had all the mods going. I have not formatted my pc within that time. I just uninstalled arma 2 months back. anyhow I installed it just fine arma 2 and OA BUT when its time to update the game to 1.60 I keep getting .pbo errors. this .pbo that .pbo its always character_e.pbo , modules.pbo & some other i forget atm. i Downloaded patch 1.60 7 times now and did the md5 checks and they are a match to the .zip file NOT the .exe the Downloads came from torrent and official website. Been trying to install for a week now. I use windows to extract and .7z to extract :mad: WTH is wrong with 1.60?! EDIT: uhh now I get crc errors during install, tried copying to hdd still get errors. my dvd drive has up to date drivers. Can I get a replacement disk somehow ? EDIT: I GOT PASSED THE CRC ERROR AND THE .PBO ERRORS But it cost me some $$ -first off I had the patching problems (.pbo error xdelta3 blah blah) after I renistalled the game a year after i uninstalled it, Time went by. -Second I noticed during install the progress bars rolling back before the crc error occured. so i updated the firmware & no dice So I bought a new bluray drive (sick overkill) if you install a broken game to begin with the patches are not going to work. Before anything try updating the firmware & maybe clean the lens on you optical drive if that does not work. -SO update firmware, do fresh install if you get crc error or patch error try another optical drive and redo the fresh install.- *also if you dont have any money or second drive you can "TRY" a fresh install but this time with the read speed on your drive slowed down this is how I got passed it, just sharing it.