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  1. It is mainly because of the high RAM speed, but the slight CPU frequency OC helps too.
  2. there is still hope for Ryzen, when RAM support improves and DDR4 clock speeds climb higher, see here: Ryzen at 3.97GHz could possibly match a 7700k at 5GHz with the help of high speed memory? PC enthusiasts rejoice! exciting times ahead for tweakers and overclockers.
  3. any news on the lighting update on this map? this is a cool infantry map, would love to play it, but the brightness just ruins everything.
  4. have been waiting for this release for, thanks!
  5. just started playing through the adapt campaign and realized Articulate is a must-have tool for stealthy missions.
  6. dethica

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    the sample videos have embedding disabled, can't watch them here.
  7. The mechanism sound is actually really prominent when you're resting your cheek against the metal (aiming down sights) as you fire. It is so loud, that you will only hear the "bang" as an echo (because the mechanical sounds overload your hearing senses, as you said). If there is someone firing next to you, you will hear their gun discharge more than your own. If you remove your cheek from the gun, you will no longer hear the mechanics. I say this from my personal experience with Galil AR and AK4 (both are assault rifles) and KSP-58 (aka FN MAG, light machinegun). The good thing about Arma3 is, that it already includes weapon mechanical sounds, that play at the same time as the normal weapon sounds - easy to adjust their characteristics.
  8. in the Gori mission at rebel base (mission hub), game crashes when I go near any of the two offroad trucks. anyone else get this?
  9. I didn't know the default delay was 75, it was at 10 when I opened the options dialogue, so I assumed the default is 10. I will keep it near 75 now, thanks for the info. :D
  10. I downloaded the new version. It improved a bit, the UI has descriptions now, and I was actually able to assign teams - red, blue etc. But for example when I said "team red flank left," the command does not complete - sometimes it won't select soldiers, sometimes it will select and navigate to correct menu but will not select the correct command - I have to select it manually. The ArticulateUI displays my commands correctly. I increased "key release delay" to 20 and It works most of the time now. Maybe the default (10) is too low? Edit: It stopped working 5 minutes into the mission, same problem - it would not select the correct command in the menu. My FPS was 50, it was just a small test mission with some infantry enemies. I tried increasing "key release delay" to 50 and it started working again. I am using Arma3 devBranch.
  11. the insubordinate AI has nothing to do with Articulate, I think. AI in Arma doesn't want to go out of Danger states sometimes, it is a problem in Arma2 as well. I was playing BeCTI for several hours, Articulate was a bit less reliable after a few hours of gameplay, because my FPS was falling into the 20-s range. As for the issue with single units not receiving the commands, it seems to be because they were accidentally selected just before issuing the command. That is an useful feature, sometimes - for example, you want to select 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 but not 4, then you can just say "all *short pause* four disembark." What does confidence margin actually do? I couldn't figure that out.
  12. I am having trouble assigning team blue/red/etc. The UI displays my command correctly (two three assign team red) but it just does not work in game. I am using the latest arma3 dev branch build. overall, seems to work great.
  13. the campaign is good overall, a few thoughts:
  14. looking forward to some archery :)