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  1. falcon911

    Trouble in Paradise, an escape-like mission

    OK sound good. Waiting for further updates
  2. NOTE: This issue was fixed with the 1.5c UPDATE. Will keep this here for tracking purpose. Been using this tool for awhile now. Now now it seems that there is an issue. -I run the as a local admin -Made sure the firewall was turned off for this tool (Made exceptions) -Getting error when adding a mod from steam (worked very well in the past) - Running the Steam updater > Update works just fine. Event log states: Could not reach Steam API : [WebException] The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() at FASTER.Models.SteamWebApi.ApiCall(String uri)
  3. For the life of me @tissue901 I hope you are still around. I tried the above but the symlink do not seem to be working correctly.
  4. AWW.. Today is the 4th for us yankees and we shoot off a shit load of fireworks.. Was hoping to push this to the server today. But understandable you got realife thing to do.
  5. @nomisum great job. I am seeing the rockets lift off and then explode but only the red color. Nothing like your video. Errors are: The one thing I am really noticing is that there is some kind of call in the init.sqf you upload I do not see the fireworks.sqf nor the callFireworks.sqf files in the Zip folder. Were they missing for a reason? So this i how I have it thus far. Next in the infostand object(named firebase) in Eden I have The boats are in the water running around and I see the rockets stream up, hear the sounds and see just red explosions followed by the flares: Looks nothing like your videos.
  6. Issue... Can you add in your BI key? I see the one IN the file but need to add one to the Keys folder.
  7. falcon911

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    Getting alot of this in the RPT after loading it in eden. 9:05:39 Error in expression < { if (IsServer) then { RUP_JIP_array = RUP_JIP_array + [[_para, _fnc, _type]]; > 9:05:39 Error position: <RUP_JIP_array + [[_para, _fnc, _type]]; > 9:05:39 Error Undefined variable in expression: rup_jip_array 9:05:39 File Rup_Dinosaurs\func\mp\fn_mp.sqf, line 64 9:05:39 Error in expression <if (rup_raptor_debug) then { systemchat form> 9:05:39 Error position: <rup_raptor_debug) then { systemchat form> 9:05:39 Error Undefined variable in expression: rup_raptor_debug 9:05:40 Error in expression <_rad = rup_raptor_maxdist; _targets = _rap nea> 9:05:40 Error position: <rup_raptor_maxdist; _targets = _rap nea>
  8. @omon https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Publisher Once you get your mod posted using this tool your keys will be available to your end users.
  9. jacob88 ever improve this or have any time?
  10. yeap...also noticed that if you do not "unblock" the dll bad things happen. But seems like the server is the issue. the server has 500 Mbps down and 500 Mbps up. (verified by http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ via RDP) But for the world of me I can come even remotely close to the limit. Best I can do is around 12 Mbps with 60 players and I have tried about every basic.cfg difference I can find/ figure out. If the server goes down to around 30 players it's manageable and no one is getting the battleye client response error.
  11. My players are getting alot of this but it is due to Battleye not updating. New version???? [2014-03-19 | 12:37:42] Player #13 Thud (*******) has been kicked by BattlEye: Failed to update
  12. Thanks I'll give it a shot.. You running a Persistent Database?
  13. OK after reading and reading this for every and trying to get my head wrapped around this. This is what I got server startup includes -bandwidthAlg=2 -maxMem=2047 -exThreads=1 -noCB -noSound -cpucount=8 Xeon E3-1230V2 3.30 Ghz (8 cores) 16 B RAM 661 Mbps download 403 Mbps upload Now with everything going on and this post was started in 2012. I would imagine that the hardware and tech have been improved greatly since this post began. So I am basically asking for help with a refresh thinking on current standards. With this thought I went with this PLEASE tell me if I am incorrect in my thinking. This is a server that runs and server with MAX 60 player at this time. AI and Vehicles are all over the map as well as this is a persistent database with SSD for Arma2server.exe and Mysql on regular hard drive speed. My current basic.cfg setting below I desync out around 40 players. Server monitor states 2-3 FPS. CPU total using 32% (2 cores are around 80-90%) language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=1; Resolution_Bpp=32; MinBandwidth=15360000; MaxBandwidth=32768000; MinErrorToSendNear=0.029999999; MinErrorToSend=0.0019999994; MaxCustomFileSize=0; Windowed=0; MaxMsgSend=128; MaxSizeGuranteed=1024; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=256; serverLongitude=-88; serverLatitude=42; serverLongitudeAuto=-88; serverLatitudeAuto=42; So...from what I last read somewhere on page 10 from suma.. I think if I take 60 player x 128 MaxMsgSend = 7680 is over the class sockets{maxPacketSize = 1400} With that I should reduce the MaxMsgSend to around 23. 60 players x 23 MaxMessagesend = 1380. With that I should be good????? I surely wish someone would make a easier explanation or heck a tool to go by to at least give us a fighting chance to properly setup these servers with these different settings.
  14. falcon911

    [H&S] Hide and Seek

    Any new movement on this mod?