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  1. You do realize that if you are playing campaign, every patch renders the saved games useless. So if you begin a campaign, lets say, today, and then tomorrow they release a new patch, you have to start all over again. Just release a stable 1.63 as it is now. Although i really think that BI as left the building months ago !!!
  2. Any news about this ? I guess if you wont patch A2OA no more you could release the latest patch as 1.63.
  3. ricardocch

    BI Tools - Where to find ?

    Thanks, I thought that these tools where released and downloaded from BI. My Bad !
  4. Hi, This might seem to be a stupid question, but, where can i download the tools ?
  5. I just upgraded from an hd5770 to hd7950, and let me tell you something, Stratis is beautiful !!!!
  6. ricardocch

    I Can't see any servers on the list, please HELP

    Same here. I seee lots of servers, but all with red cross. Only about 10 with green circle. Why is this ???
  7. ricardocch

    Can't buy supporter edition?

    I did buy the supporter edition, i just cant download it and have no key.:j:
  8. Thank you for the info !!! Are the download and the key related ??? I didn't get my key, but i also can't download the game. Sprocketidea simply does open, maybe they are related to the store, i dont know.
  9. Great news. Thanks for your support !!! Will try it later after work ;)
  10. Hi, I cant seem to find anything regarding force feedback, so here it goes: Does anyone know if there are plans to implement force feedback in arma 3? It would be nice to give use to the features of the Microsoft Sidewinder Force FeedBack 2 Joystick. It really is a old piece of hardware, but still one the most robust joysticks. regards
  11. ricardocch

    Which version will you be buying?

    Credits = Do'nt Want Forum Badge = Don't want Future DLC = I would buy the any ways Arma X and ARma = Already have them Guess what, i'm getting the supporter edition, just because i like to support projects i like. And there aren't much these days...
  12. ricardocch

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    I cant open the website, so, can you explain something to me: - Even if the Alpha is to be only available at March 5, can we buy the Alpha now, or have to wait for the 5th ??
  13. ricardocch

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    I'm on saving mode for the supporter edition. You could have just waited one more month, since i got the trackIr this week and i'm officially broke !!! just kidding, by the way, arma3 website seems to be overwhelmed with visits. I just cant open the site
  14. Just got the email, but getting always the message: The activation code you entered is incorrect or expired, you can get another activation link Tried it 3 times now, and i keep getting the same message. Strange
  15. I'm sorry for taking over the post, but, does the activation link takes long to arrive. Its almost 1:30 hour since i requested my activation, and still didn't got the email.