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  1. The Sunrise Division ''旭兵団'' History The 23rd Division (第23師団 Dai-nijūsan Shidan?) was an infantry division in the Imperial Japanese Army. Its call-sign was the Sunrise Division (旭兵団 Kyokuhei-dan?). The 23rd Division was formed in Kumamoto on 4 April 1938, in the same day as 15th, 17th, 21st and 22nd divisions, as part of the military buildup following the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War. The first divisional commander was Michitarō Komatsubara. The Group The goal of this group/realism unit is to show diversity in ARMA 3 Realism scene in the way of that we will show the Pacific/Asian Theatre of war as a Japanese IJA Army Unit. We try to give an diverse and unique experience from Jungle Patrols,Defense missions and full scale PVE/PVP events for in the future. We are a side unit of the 27.Fusilier regiment since this is our main unit so if you are also interested in the Eastern/Western front as a wehrmacht grenadier then hit us up!. Apart of playing as the 23rd Division( IJA ) , We will play as the SNLF ( IJN / Marines ) and other Assorted japanese units, so we can explore the experience of the japanese side of WW2. Our regiment will also try to cover almost every front/aspect of the japanese perspective of the war! Recruitment : OPEN Recruitment is at this moment open, we are looking for new individuals that are interested in WW2 Realism and or people that are interested in the Pacific Theatre of war. Below you can see what the recruitments are to join our unit. Atleast 16 years old and mature ( If younger contact one of the Officers/NCO's ) Have a legit copy of Arma 3 ( Apex is nice to have too ) Have Decent English speaking skills Have a Headset. Teamspeak / Steam Open to have fun and learn about Japanese Infantry Tactics and WW2 History Contact Info Here you can find our Contact info Teamspeak : azure.simrai.com:10000 Website : TBA Steam group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DaiKyokuHeidan NCO : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kifesh NCO : http://steamcommunity.com/id/RikugunTaisa ** Pictures Are placeholder!
  2. We are a newly created realism unit for several ww2 Based games / mods Our main games are - Arma II / III With the Invasion 1944 Mods -Red Orchestra I / II - And Any other that will be added in the future - We Also play the Source mod -Resistance And Liberation - Little History About GD - The Infantry Regiment Grossedeutchland was an Elite German Army Ceremonial and combat unit which saw action during WW2. The Regiment served in the campaign in France and the Low Countries in 1940. it serverd exclusivly on the Eastren Front until the end of the war. Grossdeutchland is sometime mistakenly percieved as a part of the Waffen-SS . So Requirments to join -Have a legit copy of ARMA II / III -Willing to download Invasion 1944 for ARMA II and For ARMA III When its released -Be atleast 16 Years old -Be Like minded and interested in WW2 or Realism if You think u can meet all these requirments then sing up at http://gd2ndsturmpionierbattalion.enjin.com/home Or Contact Aaron58624 Via Steam or skype See you on the field Herr Fritz Von Austerlitz http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d0/GDInsig.svg/182px-GDInsig.svg.png[/img*
  3. Company History Black Legion Corporation found in 1997 a year later we found our first taste of battle we where hired by the albanian goverment after this we where hired by several african Warlord's and Goverment. Now in 2010 we where hired to fight for the rebels in Lybia. Other files are classified on this moment. Roster 27-7-2012 Director - Fritz COE - Connor Merc - Penguin - Marksman Merc - Texlyon - Support Merc - Snake-Shit - Pilot / Medic Merc - Eskimonian - Medic Training & Rules There is no exact training time at this moment Training Training will concist of BCT ( Basic Combat training ) Also we will train our personel is trained to drive ofroad we are trained in diffrent enviroments such as Desert - Urban - Rural - Forrest Rules No Rascism Respect to everyone Brothership No multi Grouping and such How to join Contact me at steam : aaron58624 or Contact iMolestCats Rules for joining For you to be 15 years and older For you to own a copy of ArmA2:Combined Operations For you to be willing to use several mods such as ACE2, Celle V2 You have an understanding of written and spoken English For you to have a working microphone and teamspeak 3 Be in NA or EU We can make exceptation's Equipment & Vechicals The Black legion Corporation has a wide variation of weaponary from AK's to M16 and so on so on we are trained to use each weapon to most effect as we can There are sertain classes to such as : Machine gunner Rifleman medic The Machine gunner class is one of the only one that restricts u from choosing an LMG as ur primary weapon. Vechicals we currently use the Ka-60 Helicopter Belle Heuy - Helicopter Armored SUV Humvee Suv
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    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    will chezch add alot of new weapons
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