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  1. Thanks! Been making probably my best mission with ALiVE as the framework.
  2. aviatormoser

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    The conquered grids and towns, base installations, etc. are persistent between restarts. Meanwhile, standby on the RHS version -- I was trying to do Dom a favor by fixing his simple param for the player stamina, but for whatever reason only vanilla units are spawning now....
  3. aviatormoser

    Combat Realism Scripts

    @genesis92x chmod 777 *.sqf
  4. aviatormoser

    A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Hi @Psychobastard, Awesome work. I was testing out the beta and I found that the drag, carry, stabilize, first aid, and the help callouts are working well. The only real issue we are finding is that the after a player is revived, he cannot bring up the action menu for some time ranging from 10 to 30 seconds.
  5. aviatormoser

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    I've used it countless times with Alive and dynamic list generations. I'm not sure why it gives you an undefined error. Have you tried the example demo without errors? Not without major edits to the code, and that's kinda of outside the scope of the script. Like the above, this feature is kinda of outside the scope of the project. It would probably easier to write a new script that does this. You'll have to edit the spawn mechanic in recruit.sqf. _unit = group player createUnit [_unittype, [(getPos bon_recruit_barracks select 0) + 10 - random 20,(getPos bon_recruit_barracks select 1) + 10 - random 20,0], [], 0, "FORM"]; The last coordinate position in [(getPos bon_recruit_barracks select 0) + 10 - random 20,(getPos bon_recruit_barracks select 1) + 10 - random 20,0] must be changed from 0 to the height of the deck on the Nimitz. As it stands, the height is set to the surface at which the object you set the recruit action to.
  6. aviatormoser

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    I can assure you, everyone in our group knows the TS3 plugins have to be installed manually. How else would it interface with TS3? Radios work fine. The voice modulation, distortion, etc. works fantastic. Direct speech does not work correctly on Isla Duala. You can hear everyone talk normally in TS3 even if you are standing 10 km away. How the radios function correctly, but the direct speech doesn't is beyond me. For whatever reason, it does not work on Isla Duala.
  7. aviatormoser

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Yes and yes, we've have it working fine on some missions on ACE. Direct speech works as it should. However, on other missions the direct speech does not work correctly. For example, we have an Alive ACE mission on Takistan and it works perfectly. However, on Isla Duala it has never worked properly. Is there some kind of map dependency? Installation isn't a problem. Everyone has it installed correctly within our group. We're quite experienced with building missions as we've been doing this for years. The issue is that TFAR is not working consistently from mission to mission. When it works perfectly on one map for everyone, and then not at all for everyone on a different map, we know it's not an installation problem.
  8. aviatormoser

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    I'm experiencing this same problem. Direct speech does not work in game. We hear everyone in TS3 normally. Radios do work, but it's not like it matters when everyone can hear everything. Also, the preset radio frequencies only work in the editor preview, and not on the dedicated server? I wonder what I've done wrong.
  9. Guys, your work is fantastic and one of the few reasons to keep me interested in Arma 3. Thanks again!
  10. Hey Zen, These functions are a lifesaver! Thanks for your professionalism.
  11. Damn .kju, I hate to see you leave. You were a beacon of hope that A3 could become something. Arma 3 and BI have just been frustrating in general. The community has put in so much time and effort into improving the A3 situation. I don't know what BI's goals are for A3. The engine has made improvements in some areas, but it still suffers so poorly in the biggest area of them all. Immersion. - AI is horrible. They can't drive without losing a tire. They do not react at all when being struck by bullets. No suppressing effect. No loss in accuracy. No change in rate of fire. Up to the modders to fix. - An uninspired civilian all-male faction that has decided their homes must be completely empty of everything -- only walls and floors. Up to the modders to fix. - Stealth aircraft in a game that does not simulate active and passive sensor system, and therefore negates their stupid designs. Up to the modders to remove that stupid $#%. - The ridiculous up-up-up recoil and weapon sway. Keep shooting and your natural arm position now relaxes 60 degrees into the sky. No muscle memory taken into account whatsoever. Up to the modders to fix. - NETCODE - DESYNC GALORE. Modders can't fix. - The cookie cutter, copy and paste content across factions. Up to the modders to fix. - Time and energy spent on developing underwater ops without providing any inspiration to do so. Modders have no motivation to fix. There is no motivation - no big picture. Why should I play your game, BI? MP is a mess. There is such a large general dissatisfaction toward the default A3 content, that it's difficult to find a common mod-base amongst servers. Back in Arma 3, you only really need ACE and you were set. Nowadays, you need a tremendous amount of mods just to be able to stand the game. On top of all that, BI issued the 1.63 patch for OA, in which they decided to issue new standards for variable declaration, and therefore broke not only their own missions, but also a plethora of community scripts that were made over a 5 year time period from authors who have come and gone. 1.63 was like a huge FUCK YOU to the community. Who is fixing that mess now? Corepatch by the community, and that is only for your OWN content. Good job BI. You'd think the community that tirelessly works to save your game is wasting their time. Here's a tip for BI. REWRITE YOUR CORE ENGINE or make a new one so we can have a fresh start. You are riding on the wave of popularity from DayZ, and your customer base is larger than ever. I don't want to hear excuses on time and financial budgets. /rant P.S. I'm too pissed about .kju leaving to care about inevitable disagreements.
  12. aviatormoser

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    You're welcome! Um, I'll look into it if its possible. Usually anything is possible in Arma. I'll look into it, and see if it's doable without rewriting the entire script! Hi pero2589, Nothing was actually wrong with the script. He did make a suggestion of toggling AI cleanup after player death on/off in the params, which I'll probably do once I get to it, of course!
  13. Nevermind admitting you stole something in the owner's backyard....
  14. aviatormoser

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    Thanks! Bon's original script was a must have! Thanks!
  15. aviatormoser

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    Hi Dr. Death JM, Are you using vanilla units? Or modded? Do you have a scenario I can look at? In general, the script shouldn't affect AI behavior. It just manages the recruitment process.