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  1. Would have really liked Greek too... Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. EuroSlave

    Creative week for the Devs

    The devs don't need a bloody creative week they need to fix the sad state of this game and maybe even implement some of the things the community has been asking for
  3. paid user content BAHAHHAHAHAH i'm not paying jack shit... more money to fix a broken ass game. Something to be said about throwing good money after bad. Most mods i've played haven't been worth the money anyway. The ones that have should have been part of the game. Even the official DLC wasn't worth the money tbh
  4. EuroSlave

    The BETA is dead! Long live Arma 3!

    Why do I still have to launch the game then go to task manager and make sure the game is set to high priority. If it's not set I lose 30fps... WHY ISN'T THIS FIXED
  5. The hatchback (sport) is insane... top speed 326kph??? 5 seconds to get to it. Holy shit. PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THIS.
  6. EuroSlave

    Helicopter miniguns issues

    I'm sure there have been a few threads about this. Very disappointing it's not fixed.
  7. EuroSlave

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    According to wiki lemnos has 90 percent red painted tile roofs and this would seem right from my experience of the island. One or two extra styles would be nice but imo they should just make all the current buildings enterable.
  8. EuroSlave

    Takedown: Red Sabre

    Great so even this is going to be crap too? Might as well stop playing games alltogether since only 2 games of some worth have been released in the last 8 years... How in this day and age can they make a game subpar to what swat4 came out with all those years ago
  9. If I remember correctly - the actual Altis landmass only takes what 270km squared and the map actually is 900km squared. Would Stratis not be able to fit in somewhere like this picture? http://i.imgur.com/jNaMIuY.jpg that seems like 7km far away from closest points. Surely this can't make a huge performance difference? Anyway, not being part of the BIS team I would have no clue. IF this is a possibility I would ask the devs to include it as it only increases what can be done with the game.
  10. EuroSlave

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    Having only played on the island for a few hours, I would suggest making all buildings enterable. Found a nice church that I couldn't access and that was a shame. The go kart track near the main airport struck me as odd too.
  11. Can't wait. Hopefully you can include it to be CO-OP also!
  12. EuroSlave

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    From playing for roughly 90 mins all I can say is excellent work. Having toured Lemnos all I can say is BIS you have done a fantastic job of recreating the island. Really you have outdone yourselves. Not even a 2m bridge was misplaced. Everything is there just as the real island...
  13. EuroSlave

    Correct language for CSAT?

    I really hope Greek is included
  14. EuroSlave

    Arma 3 - Sneak Preview Livestream

    Right now, teenage girls with a 20 dollar webcam can livesteam their naked boobies to me from Canada and you're telling me a professional company can't sort out a livesteam. This guys is the bad PR you make for yourselves.
  15. EuroSlave

    Arma 3 - Sneak Preview Livestream

    So wait, now you guys can't even get a livestream working LOOOL
  16. EuroSlave

    Arma 3 - Sneak Preview Livestream

    Over a whole min late for the livestream!!! It's 3am here BOYS hurry up ;-)
  17. EuroSlave

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Van, those look pretty nice I gotta say
  18. The best part about HR was the player freedom to go about the missions in anyway they chose - with emergent events having an impact on the mission I hope this is still the focus in ARMA 3
  19. Exactly what I like about ARMA
  20. EuroSlave

    Development Blog & Reveals

    1 crap jet? oh man that is just the icing. Releasing the campaign later was a move that many did not like (myself included) but at least we could enjoy all the content while we wait... Only to find out there is basically no content at all...
  21. EuroSlave

    elaboration about how to improve effects

    lol 10 mins of PS work and the game looks better than what's been had for 10+ years lolle
  22. 27/09??? That's my birthday :o
  23. EuroSlave

    Development Blog & Reveals

    To all the apologists- this simply isn't good enough for a professional company. Especially considering all the other concessions made already. Not good enough. Regardless if you care about SP or not.
  24. EuroSlave

    Development Blog & Reveals

    To release the 'full' game without a campaign would be a huge mistake imo. This is saddening news. Get it together BIS.
  25. EuroSlave


    I gotta say - nearly every gun and vehicle... well they feel exactly the same. I can't instantly tell the difference like I could back in ARMA 2