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  1. Ok I keep running into this question in other's mods threads. " Can you please sign your mod?" and it gets a response like this, " I don't know how" or " I don't have the time" I have just recently figured out how to sign mods with the new tools.. and its TOO EASY.. If i ever hear anyone say they cant do it because of lack of time I am going to cry inside and blast the thread with the following post. its simply TOO FREAKING EASY TO SIGN A MOD TO EVER SAY I DON'T HAVE THE TIME...... Here it goes... The following steps everyone that builds mods should already know but im putting it here for others as well.... Again this should already be done by most mod makers.. 1) Download the ARMA 3 Tools from steam!!! 2) Launch Arma 3 Tools for the first time.. (If you don't already have it) 3) Create and mount your P: drive... Its easy the Tools pretty much do it for you!!!! 4) Open Arma 3 tools. 5) Open "Addon Builder" 6) The first box in the Addon Builder is the File Path to the folder being processed into .pbo. Look for and select the file. 7) Second box is the Path where the output .pbo will be placed. I made a folder specifically for this on my desktop called "Addon Building" 8) There are Three check boxes "Clear Temp Folder" is the ONLY ONE that should be checked.. The ONLY ONE.... Leave "Create Signatures" and "Binarize" Unchecked!! 9) Click Pack, after it packs the file it should pop up another box that says "Build Successful"... Boom you have your Mod.pbo. That takes about 5-25 minutes (depending on download speed) if you haven't done it yet... The following steps are for making your "Private Key" to create these signatures. 1) Open up ARMA 3 Tools 2) Open up DSSignFile 3) Click DSCreateKey 4) Input the name for your key (obviously not the same as someone else's) 5) Click CreateKey 6) You now have your Private Key to Sign mods with... NEVER SHARE OR DISTRIBUTE THIS PRIVATE KEY.... They are kept in your DSSignFile Folder inside the ARMA 3 tools directory. 7) The key you share is named," your_chosen_name.bikey" (THE PRIVATE ONE YOU NEVER SHARE IS CALLED, "your_chosen_name.biprivatekey" ) Again Never Share the Private one!! The following steps are for signing the mod you just created above... 1) Open Arma 3 Tools 2) Open DSSignFile, this opens a second pop up. select DSSignfile again. 3) The first box in DSSignFile is the path to the .pbo you wish to sign. Browse to your newly created .pbo and select it. 4) The second box it the path to your Key. The key is kept in the DSSignFile folder with in the ARMA 3 Tools Directory. Created earlier.. 5) With those two files selected in the appropriate boxes, click "Sign File" button. 6) The newly created .pbo from above is now properly signed... Its That easy... All in all it takes about 10-15 minutes Less then that if you have already installed ARMA 3 tools. if you haven't competed any of the prerequisites, IE installing ARMA 3 tools, creating P:drive.. etc... After all that is done.. Signing mods is CAKE.... Mod makers have NO Excuses :p.... NON... On that note if you DO NOT have any interest in signing your mods, Ill do it for you... It takes me Seconds to do, its not a problem... I sign and re sign GL5 for testing on my server all the time. The most time consuming part is actually uploading the new files to the server.
  2. Hello everyone, after a long time of waiting, I bring you "TPW","-Coulum-","fabrizio_T","Ollem" 's TPWCAS for ARMA 3. Description: Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Dedicated/Headless Server Compatible AI Suppression System Authors: TPW && -Coulum- && fabrizio_T && Ollem Latest Version: 5.5.3 First Released: 22-02-2012 Requirements: CBA Suggested: ASR_AI Previous Releases and Discussion:: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?136304-TPWC-AI-suppression-system Media Fire : TPWCAS_A3 Steam : TPWCAS_A3 Introduction: -------------- One of the things sorely missing from Arma2 is reaction to passing bullets. An AI unit will often stand quite happily whilst bullets whiz by. This makes effective suppression of AI enemies difficult - you basically always have to aim to kill them since you can't make them keep their heads down by shooting nearby. This addon aims to address this problem by making AI units react to passing projectiles. If a bullet snaps by within around 10m of an AI unit, it will crouch/kneel (depending on movement), and if more than around 10 bullets pass by a unit in 5 seconds, the unit will drop/crawl. After 10 seconds without bullets, the unit will return to its previous stance. Additionally, suppressive fire can alter the aiming shake, accuracy and courage of the suppressed unit. The more fire directed near a unit, the lower its skills will become. Nearby casualties will further decrease a unit's courage. After 5 or so seconds without bullets, the skills will gradually return to normal. Player units will optionally experience some visual effects if suppressed (camera shake, vision blur and darkening). Currently there is no "suppressed" eventhandler in the game engine, so TPWCAS aims to mimic one by constantly monitoring whether any active bullet/shell projectile objects have units within a 10m radius. This allows TPWCAS to work for any opfor, blufor or independent on the map, whether editor-placed or spawned. TPWCAS significantly changes gameplay, allowing for longer engagements and more thought required to survive them. In ARMA 3 they have added bullet detection and suppression of AI, however, if you feel that the Vanilla effect is not enough. This mod may be of assistance. This is the Port of the ARMA 2 version and as far as I know its fully Functional. Features: --------- * TPWCAS enables stance and skill modification under fire. * Units react to bullets passing within 10m. * Units on foot or operating vehicle or static guns are affected. * Units driving are unaffected. * Only uninjured units are affected. * Bullets fired from less than 25m away are ignored. * Bullets from small caliber pistols and SMG are ignored. * Units react differently according to the side of the shooter. * Friendly shooter: > 0 bullets --> kneel/crouch. * Enemy shooter: 1 - 10 bullets --> kneel/crouch, > 10 bullets -->drop/crawl. * Units regain previous stance after 10 or so seconds without nearby bullets. * Friendly shooter: no skill reduction. * Enemy shooter: skills reduced according to number of bullets. * Units gradually regain skills after 5 or so seconds without bullets. * Shooter may be "revealed" to the suppressed unit. * Units are more easily suppressed if there are nearby friendly casualties. * Player experiences visual effects if suppressed. * Units Will Roll in attempt to evade fire if out in open>prone. IMPORTANT NOTE: TPWCAS is not an all-in-one AI behavior modification mode. Its primary purpose at this time is to cause units to duck/drop and lose some shooting competence under suppressive fire. It's designed to play well with mods which DO alter AI behaviors under combat stress, and you are encouraged to use these if you require additional realism such as moving to cover. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: TPWCAS started life as an SP only mod, but a large amount of effort has gone into modifying the bullet detection, suppression and visual debugging framework to work for MP and dedicated server. While every effort has gone into testing in SP, MP and dedi, we simply cannot vouch for perfect operation under all circumstances. ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: To get proper functionality out of this mod you need to insall on both the server and the client. CLIENT: 1: The mod folder contains a >userconfig folder. This goes into your ARMA 3 root folder. Just copy and paste. 2: Inside that folder is another folder named tpwcas. Inside that is the config file where you can change the valuse to what you like. 3: When launching your client you MUST Enable File Patching. SERVER: 1: Your server Needs to be "verifySignatures = 2;". (This goes in your Server.cfg On Your Server Root Dir) 2: You will need to enable File Patching for Headless and for Human Clients that setting is "allowedFilePatching = 2;". (This goes in your Server.cfg On Your Server Root Dir) This is NOT IDEAL and why you MUST use "verifySignatures = 2;". This will be until I get an INGAME UI put together. 3: You will need to install the userconfig folder into the Server Root Dir. (So the server.exe has access to the variables.) 4: You will need to install the KEY into the KEY folder in the Server Root Dir. (So Clients can join the server with @tpwcas_a3) 5: Make sure you have @CBA_A3;@TPWCAS_A3 in your server -mod= line.... ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: To get proper functionality out of this mod you need to install on both the server and the client. CLIENT: 1: The mod folder contains a >userconfig folder. This goes into your ARMA 3 root folder. Just copy and paste. 2: Inside that folder is another folder named tpwcas. Inside that is the config file where you can change the valuse to what you like. 3: When launching your client you MUST Enable File Patching. SERVER: 1: Your server Needs to be "verifySignatures = 2;". (This goes in your Server.cfg On Your Server Root Dir) 2: You will need to enable File Patching for Headless and for Human Clients that setting is "allowedFilePatching = 2;". (This goes in your Server.cfg On Your Server Root Dir) This is NOT IDEAL and why you MUST use "verifySignatures = 2;". This will be until I get an INGAME UI put together. 3: You will need to install the userconfig folder into the Server Root Dir. (So the server.exe has access to the variables.) 4: You will need to install the KEY into the KEY folder in the Server Root Dir. (So Clients can join the server with @tpwcas_a3) 5: Make sure you have @CBA_A3;@TPWCAS_A3 in your server -mod= line.... Debug Legend: Red Flag - Cover Position Actual. Yellow Smoke - Cover Pos found, Moving. Red Smoke - Moving Wrong Way. Abort. Get down. Green Smoke - Close to cover. / Move back to group. Blue Smoke - Reached Cover. Cyan / Light Blue Smoke - Already In Cover, Abort Move. Please be sure to tip your hat to the developers: "TPW","-Coulum-","fabrizio_T","Ollem" Please read the included readme for full details of TPWCAS, including features, installation, configuration, caveats, credits and the full changelog Known Issues: (I don't know of many any repeatable offenses will be listed here) 1: Rolling Animation - AI avatar will roll however, will not actually move... (This is a OLD ARMA 3 issue check the issue tracker and vote up. Ill track it down and post a link here some time) 2: Possible ACE issue with Unconscious state. Currently looking into. 3: Having to use File Patching I know I know... currently working on that as well.
  3. Hello, everyone. I have finally resolved the issue with the mods on my server not showing up in the ARMA 3 launcher. However, a new problem has arisen. I currently have this as my command line. and when i say only 14 i mean 14 mods actvitated by -mod=... -servermod= is not the issue here. -ip=xx.xx.xx.xx -port=xxxx -profiles=Profile -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server.cfg -filePatching -servermod=@cba;@Smoke;@AIMODS;@AliveS;@zeuTK;@AdvRopes;@Ares;@Laxeman;@Blood -mod=@CUPT;@RHSAF;@RHSUS;@RHSGF;@RHSSF;@Nimitz;@FA18;@SU35;@ace3;@acex;@mcc;@ALiVE;@Gore file patching is active because i use @tpwcas_a3, which requires a userconfig file. with that cammand line, i can see all the info in the arma 3 launcher. CBA doesnt show up as a required mod but the mods that will load will require it. all the mods show up in their respective places (req'd or suggested) but if i add One Single Mod to the -mod= line the arma 3 launcher no longer shows the server info properly. so i have combined the CUP terrains into one folder and the launcher only sees CORE and MAPS.. CWA is just a suggested mod even though it should be a required mod. once i hit 15 mods i have problems. I have moved CBA to get MCC running and i want to add a few more. Ares mod and SpyderAddons. but i cannot. im stuck with only 14 mods allowed... i have abbreviated all the names to reduce the character count. I have combined mods into single folders and only one mod shows up in the info on the launcher. IE CUP terrains... Core, maps shows up but CWA does not. If i combine the Nimitz and the f18 and su35 into one folder , and only the Nimitz is shown as a required mod... I have tried so many things just to get this solved... I have tried the -par= parameter... that doesn't work... I cannot use a .bat file because this is a dedicated server hosted by a farm in texas... .bat is not an option. I have also tried to use multiple "-mod=" lines... that doesnt work. im stuck please help a tired idiot(me) Any Dev's out there that can shed any light on this..?? Please sincerely, LP
  4. sorry for the delay , if i understand you correctly your concerned that your group is coming OUT of combat mode. for example: your group is in combat and they are fighting... and they keep going from combat mode to aware. then back to combat mode? then back to aware.. over and over every second?? or is it that they are in combat mode and they go into aware and never go back into combat mode? i ask because i just did a test I put a squad of opfor and a squad of blufor on stratis, in Agia Marina. I put my playable unit on a hill. I placed the tpwcas debug module and other "enable" modules to make sure everything is running. when i started the mission I crested the hill in my player unit, and shot at the OPFOR group. The started to make their way to engage me. they stayed in combat mode for a while. up until they met up with the blufor group near by. once they saw each other the fight ensued. everything seemd normal i didnt see anyone constantly leaving combat mode and going back to their Original position.
  5. This is not intended ill look into this!
  6. This is, this mod here https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/182055-unit-sfx-body-fall-sounds-hit-screams/ , By mistergoodson! With a handful of audio tweaks and many added sounds, and finished code. I am not by any means good at scripting. I do what i can. I take NO credit for the original mod I am just adding to the already existing value, and hopefully someone else will like and use it. = Changelog = 1.06 - Added Check for unit in vehicle. - Searched for and found some OK sounds for hearing units die in vehicles. - You will only hear units die in a vehicle, within 50m of said unit. - Reinstated Time. 1.05 - Added Initial height and difference check to initiate the bodyfall sound. no time check required, all done off of eye height. - Added Gravel Bodyfall sounds. on sandy beaches and dry lake beds you get sand sounds. on soil and dirt etc you will get gravel sounds(testing idea) - Added Water Bodayfall sounds. when units are in shallow water they will make splashing sounds. - Added audible range param to sounds configs. Removed db adjustments. Sound engine and say3D augment sound appropriately. - Forest Areas used concrete bodyfall sounds, surfacetype #GdtForestPine sounds like green grass. appropriate sound now applies. - Marsh Areas used concrete bodyfall sounds, surfacetype #GdtMarsh sounds like dirt and soil. appropriate sound now applies. - Dried lake bed Areas used concrete bodyfall sounds, surfacetype #GdtDead sounds fine sand. appropriate sound now applies. - Configs for wood sounds now in place just need to find out how to detect interior of buildings/stairs surfaces. - Configs for Virtual Reality Area now in place and functional. #GdtVRsurface01 plays appropriate sound. v1.04 - Increased hit scream audibility from 100m up to 200m. - Reduced hit scream volume 3 more db. - Increased body fall audibility from 45 up to 150m. - Reduced body fall volume several db. - Reduced EyePos height requirement for timing of bodyfall sound. v1.03 - Changed "say" command to "say3D". - Reduced hit scream audibility from 150m to 100m. - Reduced the hit scream volume one db. - Reduced bodyfall audibility distance from 50m to 45m (i know big whoop). - Reduced bodyfall sound volume one db. - Removed } else { from nested IF statement within the hit script. So Nomore screaming from dead people any longer. - Removed sleep command from inside the nested IF statement in hit script. Moved outside before "recently hit" check. - Finished, already placed scripting for bodyfall sounds in SAND. %50 of the code was already there. - Removed "time" check in waitUntil command for body fall sound. - Added 15+ new screams... A Variety of Pain will be delt! Download - https://www.mediafire.com/?51l39i4g1b66v4q
  7. hmm ok that is odd. Some time after I posted this, I had some time to test in VR, stratis and altis and as far as i could tell the sound files are still the same location, same names, etc. and all the effects worked in game. I shot people with silenced weapons, to make sure i could hear. some of the sounds are hard to hear when you are going, "loud". bodies in VR had the correct sounds. bodies in water sounded like they fell in water. the bodies in vehicles worked. when i shot with silenced pistols the screams worked. Did you try this with any other mods. I launched ONLY CBA and This mod.
  8. has anyone used this recently, on its own are there any issues or is it still working. ? I may post it to steam if it still works.
  9. ok, i'll look into it. however, considering the lack of a control IE, your mission. im going to have to, "create a mission, that spawns in ai creates their waypoints ect." and that is honestly not something i intend to spend my time doing. I'll do what i can. look at the code where the combat mode is changed and see if there is a reason why it would not revert or be overridden. Thank you for the bug testing and the feedback. I will look into this at my earliest convenience. I do understand how frustrating and laborious it can be to troubleshoot these types of issues and by no means intent to dimish this fact. however, this is new to me in the arma community. This desire to keep your missions secret. It is like these arma 3 groups are so scared of loosing members, if someone else has the same mission, is going to somehow spoil the group.. it was not like this when arma 2 was the deal of the day. A good mission does not a group make... nuff said. Ill look into it but again. just like sending bug reports to BIS they want a control mission that can repeat the problem predictably. otherwise it gets No attention. just saying
  10. hello lorenz94, are you just using tpwcas are you sure it is tpwcas. I run this on my client and also have it running on my server. I change their combat mode often with out problem. I will add however, that i do also use asrai, ace, and alive. can you provide me the mission this is happening in and the EXACT mod list? and i will look into it asap.
  11. EggBeast is this your server. IE do you pay for and administrate this server? I have been away from the ARMA scene for a few months.
  12. hello, i have been taking a break from arma for the last few months but i have been meaning to report this for a while, a long while. i have a mission on Malden, its a simple insurgency. I say simple, because outside of what alive does there are no other scripts. My server has several other mods running, ACE(x), ASRAI, sanchez headgore, and a bunch of client side mods are allowed. I am posting today because i am reading about these floating/falling vehicles. On my malden mission, from Day one of the maps release, i have had falling vehicles. when i approach a town/city/villa that spawns a vehicle. I see the vehicle spawn in the air about 1-200m up and then fall and explode or not(depending on where they are). This has Not gone away, as i just witnessed it the other day. i know im only suppose to post errors that occur with only cba and alive. so ill make a test version and see if the issue still persists. again i just want to point out though that the only server mods are CBA, ACE, acex, Alive, headgore. i dont see how those would affect the spawning of civilian vehicles in Alive. but ill test, i just wanted to point it out that i have seen this since the release of malden, and have only been playing on malden, so thats is my only point of reference.
  13. lordprimate

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This is BS.... i cannot believe you pushed out an update... now i have to update all the files on my server... oohh man you really killed my day.. It was all sunshine and roses until this update... WTF...
  14. Hello everyone, I have been wanting to do this for some time now however, lack the knowledge set to compete the task. I am asking for help. I really would like to get "My" actual face in game. At the risk of sounding like a FANBOY. If anyone here doesnt know who Dslyecxi is, he is a YouTuber, and an old school ARMA player. He prompted the idea years ago when he did it for himself. Ever since I noticed that his avatar is actually his real face, I wanted to do the same. However, I could never find all the info I need to create a custom face. I am asking everyone/ anyone in the community that has experience making custom faces, "Will you Help me make My face a part of ARMA?", "Can someone help my FACE?" Seriously, I appreciate all your input on the matter. I have searched and found some threads on the subject, If there is anyone out there with experience in this, or is really good with gimp. again any help is appreciated. Please and Thank you in advance, Sincerely, LP
  15. lordprimate

    Custom Face for ARMA 3 how/help?!

    Yea, i saw that thread kinda related but very janky. my plan is to ask if anyone can help or has the experience to do it. and while I wait i was going to look into gimp and doing it myself. There are a couple of personal life errands i need to take care of before i can dedicate time to really doing a good job myself. so yea i figured i would ask. been meaning to for a while. Now that evil organ has posted that link and i have messaged Mocane_1, well see what happens.
  16. lordprimate

    Custom Face for ARMA 3 how/help?!

    Thanks Evil, I never saw that post. I have just messaged Mocane_1, well see. Thanks
  17. lordprimate

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    Im pretty sure that is a feature not a bug. You splash when you fall from great heights, you do not bounce.
  18. lordprimate

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    zooloo75, your one sick puppy... I like it!!! does that mean im sick too...?
  19. lordprimate

    ASR AI 3

    mikeymen why are you here and what do you want rabalo to do... he has already stated that this mod is made and developed for himself and his group. We are Lucky, i repeat, "Lucky" that he released it to us/ the arma community to dissect, and utilize in our own way. Im reading your posts and im trying to get what you want but i just dont see it... Why are you still here. saying the same thing over and over and over and over..... I know rabalo has responded to you and answered your questions directly. what else are you expecting here? maybe you should Use Rapoters Version of ASRAI.. or if your having issues with someone elses PAIN STAKING WORK. Use ANOTHER... or NONE AT ALL.. Just for sanity sake move on bro... this is getting old and moldy... where the bathroom and with this following quote made by you. Ill retort.... if you feel this way STOP USING ASR_AI .... DUH.... use something else if you dont like it... And like road runner said.. with that many hours in the game you should know some scripting by now. So figure it out Brah....... goodluck in life dude... #yourannoyingAF
  20. ohhh k, that makes sense.. most of my mods are off of steam so im pretty upto date on my mods. most certainly alive and cba are upto date.. i did some testing useing the pre placed installations. I never liked it becasuse it seemd to make more then i wanted to start with. all of my missions do NOT use pre placment.. but after some testing yesterday i see exactly what your talkin about. with out pre placement i didnt see any installations pop up for a LONG time.. almost never why i thought it was broken. However,. it does work its just slow asfuck. cool at least it works. thanks for the info.!! i have to run preplacement on low. it works fine. again thanks
  21. so wait i was about to download this until i read this ... and this: any word on why?
  22. lordprimate


    im sorry can someone explain to me why this is not integrated into ace yet...
  23. hello, i am posting here today because i have a question about the assym. commander... is it broken... because none of my missions utalizing the assym. commander work at all.. the baddies do not capture areas and create weapon fac, or recruit .... i cannot count how many insurgency missions i have made and none of them are working right now...
  24. lordprimate

    Group Link 5 Special FX Edition

    i have not been able to dedicate time to this as of late. its too Old and needs to be revamped by someone much better at coding then me. when i can ill take a look.. High command has NOT been fixed there is a whole new load of scripting to get that to work. and i haven't even touched it. @tpwcas is much smaller and much easer for me to work on since my cancer diagnosis i have been rather preoccupied and this mod(gl5) is just a grandiose task that i cannot touch right now.
  25. hmm with over 6k hours you think i would have noticed that there is opfor fia.... :(... my bad. hmm well i did a test with just cba and tpwcas for about 50 minutes with over 10 squads on each side attacking each other. No errors. I live streamed this. And I use Ace all the time with tpwcas and again have never received that error. I was , before posting this very post, making an ALiVE ACE mission with Sanchez Headgore... No Errors in my last test of over 30 minutes. i did not live stream this. ill test again. with just ace, tpwcas ok for my sanity sake i just launched up ARMA 3 I dont see opfor fia.... no need for pictures i know there is no opfor fia in the vanilla game.. edit: and to add i will and currently am looking to this ace issue as i stated i have never seen it but im not discounting it. again i would need to know the EXACT mod set and have the EXACT mission in hand. so you dont think im brushing you off...