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  1. So, after couple years I came back to the thread since AI is now crazier than ever. If I make a helicopter leave a group and only add 1 MOVE waypoint, everything goes ok. If I try to land and unload troops, they start landing wherever they want and ultimately stop or hover in the air... Any ideas?
  2. Hi, There is a bug with backpacks of AI. After the pre-jump inspection they disappear and after landing they reappear, but with no equipment. Odoslané z SM-G950F pomocou Tapatalku
  3. Thanks for the update. Are you also planning some more support for AI in SP during infils? For now only XC-130 HALO and Paradrop is working but even so it takes away the backpacks of AI and after jump it gives them back empty. Heli and submarine infil is possible only as a player. thx
  4. Hi, I have a problem with heli insertion. It always leaves my screen black, only text is visible...
  5. Hi, is there a way to extract/teleport from the sub to the OPCEN/Computer?
  6. matkob

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Revert to 32-bit setting. The FPS increase is huge. Itreid both and have much more FPS on 32-bit.
  7. matkob

    How much can this 64bit executable help?

    With 64bit settings I have huge FPS drop. Reversin back to 32-bit solves the problem.
  8. Hi, this mod is disabling my numpad buttons without any replacement. What to do with that?
  9. Hi, I have a problem with fast-roping. I tried it and for the first time me and the rest of my AI fire-team -descended on the ropes (there wera 4 ropes deployed from the Chinook for some reason). Pilots were AI too. I tried to do it on the roof of a structure but the helicopter stops short of the waypoint and when I fast-rope, the rest of my AI team stays in a chopper. I put it back to a free terrain but still without any success. Any Ideas?
  10. I am after the first 4 missions of the campaign and I have to say that everyting is excellent except: - I really miss normal SP campaign with AI team-mates. - The respawn is much worse than saving your mission + inability to interrupt your mission to finish it another day. - I would appreciate more options to customize my gear...
  11. Hi, I have a problem that there is a lot of error messages as stated previously and then the C-RAMs try to target the mortar instead of its rounds.
  12. Hi, there seems to be a couple of bugs - Surface mod is not working anymore with dev branch (Always says that it is too shallow regardless of the depth - tried with Tanoa and Stratis). Also once I assign equipment for SDVs, they are both destroyed, only wrecks appear. In the LOC chamber if I do not constantly press "X" I get stuck under the chamber during drying of the chamber.
  13. I have some problem with all the clients being it Play or Sync. I cannot retrieve my password neither I cannot create a new account because those buttons (to send an e-mail with new password or to create a new account after I fill out the forms) just do not work. Happens to me in any browser, with both clients and even in my cell-phone browser. I would appreciate any help...
  14. Hi, after a year or so I started to play campaigns again but there is a problem with saving and loading. Before I started I noticed all my unlocked missions were gone, so i neede to start form a scratch. When I try to save ingame, it saves the position but autamatically occupies all saves (this is happening with autoamtic and manual save). When I try to load a mission immediately after I was killed, it kicks me to the beginning of the mission. If I quit and save and I try to get back from the main menu, it say that it is unable to load "continue.arma3save" and all my previous unlocked missions are gone. I tried to delete cfg files but still doing the same. Any help with this?
  15. I had that with AV-8B Harrier port. As soon as I removed the mod, it was ok...