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  1. milosv123344

    arma gold servers after gamespy shutdown

    Thanks for posting this, they have a new release back in february 2017 on moddb, do you know if they have a site or discord or anything like that where they organize?
  2. milosv123344

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Hello, have a problem with Arma 3 sync again, didn't play arma in a long time and decided to update , says VTN mod has an update but it just gives me a error, here is the log:
  3. "Several lawsuits in recent years have pressured the Army " i guess that its good to know that no army in the world can pressure the US army, but when it comes to f*cking lawyers they have to back down. So much bravery... Jesus christ what the hell, i thought when Trump won , america would come to their senses, this is completely the opposite of that. Hopefully people will wake up. US army/marine is a job, to protect a country, no religious simbols should be allowed at all. Now you are telling me an indian dude came to america, got in to the army, and SUED the army for discriminiation??? I knew freedoms added to immigrants would backfire on americans, did anyone see the new MTV video against white guys? Seriously? F*ck the world.
  4. milosv123344

    Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    You may have a writes block. Or you simply played the game too much. I often don't have that problem, as i play games seasonally, for example i still play Battlefield 2 , 11 years later, because i only play it during the summer, still didn't get old. Arma i play actively about one week every month, then i go to something else. Taking a pause untill you feel like there is something to come back to is a good idea. Sadly i didn't think so few years back, as i went by the logic "we don't live forever, i need to do this NOW", which makes sense, so i tried to force things, but not all things that make sense actually help you.
  5. milosv123344

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That's like telling people that don't like a movie to make one themselves. Most people are consumers and have no time on their hands to learn modeling, which is almost as hard as chinese for those who don't care about it. It's easy for the ones who learn it because people rarely do things out of love, once you do modding as a hobby and as something you love, it's easy to make these things happen and not give up after first 3 hours. Besides i kind of understand his frustration in a way, the game has way too much SF stuff to begin with, adding any more , when other more useful features can be completed, in his opinion may be a waste of time. In your logic just because they do it for free they shouldn't be criticized, which is kind of dumb, as critics see faults and point them out, its up to devs to fix them and listen, not fight back. ACTUAL trolls and idiots should be simply ignored. I am 100% sure that some people working on RHS, will at some point use it on their resume as a way to find a real job in the future, as they probably had some experience with modeling and texturing prior to arma, and will likely continue working in a similar direction.
  6. milosv123344

    Which Arma game offers what?

    If you don't mind the graphics, first try Arma Cold war Assault with mods. After that, arma 1 with ace mod , then arma 2 with ace mod, and arma 3. If you are after classic arma experience the last game in the series is least like the others. Not to mention less money spent on DLCs on A3 and classic arma experience on previous games if you decide to go with first 3 games (excluding arma 3 which is in a way the 4th).
  7. milosv123344

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Thanks for letting me know, i will install it then do you know if rhs and VTN mods works too?
  8. milosv123344

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Basically the stuff you first run gets loaded in the RAM, depending on different things it may stay or leave there, what i used to have back in the day are those RAM defragmenters, after you are done with ram intensive apps, and want to run another ram intensive apps, you'd run that defrag and it would reset your ram to be as when you started your PC in a matter of seconds. I don't use them anymore as i have a lot of ram but there might still be some out there. Btw anyone knows when this will be released for the public? I'm not installing it until it comes to the main branch as i can't play arma 3 without mods. Especially blastcore and jsrs
  9. milosv123344

    Malden DLC discussion

    Holy $hit i didn't even see that picture, the color scheme is soooo similar to the old malden.
  10. milosv123344

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Insane work guys , hopefully it will come with some missions , preferably not on Altis.
  11. milosv123344


    On the availability page on their site it does say : The standard desktop version of TitanIM will be widely available in 2016.
  12. milosv123344

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    Hello, i tried your mod and its pretty damn good, very high quality. I'm using the Arma Cold war assault. I hope i can ask about these: - Many SP missions either don't work or give script errors, do you know how to fix it? I haven't tried the extra campaigns for it , they may not work either. Will update when i try. - From some missions that worked, wherever it had rain it was almost unplayable. I started feeling dizzy and sick after a while. How to disable rain or revert to default? My eyes hurt. Something with those textures you used Other than that great mod
  13. The links don't work, the only one that does is the normal no ace version.
  14. milosv123344

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    So umm, the mod is dead? I feel sad because it was one of its kind :( . I realized its dead when some missions with it wouldn't work and it gave me script erros in main menu and when loading maps.
  15. milosv123344

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    I know how to do it but it just didn't want to work, today i tried connecting to the repository again and the update was found, it works now.