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  1. after installing the beta patch my menu is useless and game freezes after loading the menu this happens only to me or some other too?
  2. up but i think its worthless they just ignoring this problem :( videos pics and many many settings was postet where is the problem?
  3. fantastic map looks like my home east berlin just great
  4. Daio

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    sad i feel the same :( i even don´t played the sp content already because that lod bug on brystica
  5. Daio

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    do i have a bug or something i never ever see acr addon maps online?
  6. Daio

    Wr5 m14

    year my favorite human hunting rifle :P
  7. ACR islands are still broken can we hope for a solution bis??? its really annoying and nearly all trees on screen are changing thats not funny anymore how many months after release?
  8. i tryed that one hour and it was very funny :P i arestet some guys killed a motorcycle gang and many more but sometimes a stolen car dont drive away i just collectet him at the point he stole the car :P little bug i think
  9. can you release a no addon version? without that mig 15?
  10. these are mine problems but actual beta seems ok for the old islands like cherna or takistan only acr maps have these issuse
  11. hi guys i am new here and in my freetime i portet the new domination to zargabad better sayd i tryed and think it runs good me is a big fan of Domination and there sidemissions so i wanted to play that in zargabad becaus i like city warfare and cleaning districts Name: co08Domination2.60.Zargabad Version: dont know i try to eliminate bugs so i can ;) Needed Content: Combined Operations (ArmA II + Operation Arrowhead) / Island: Zargabad Daytime: Changeble Type: Coop Playerside: West Respawn: Revive and respawn Extrainfo: Try to port domination to Zargabad Download: Domination Zargabad Co-08 comments are welcome but no bad flaming and thanks to xeno for great domination dont give so much to these haters ;)
  12. Daio

    CSLA for A2CO

    Holy :O cant await to play go on :)
  13. hi sorry that i dont read the last 20 pages but i would to report a problem when i start your mod and CWR rearmed together i have up 2 game menus thats a litte confusing so on great mod hope for some russian choppers and jets like su 27 :)
  14. yeah please revert *falling on knees :P
  15. sorry i guess you hear that every day but when came a port for brystica?
  16. today i uninstall acr and 1.62 returning back to 1.60 its unplayble with that trees and building switches thanks for no statement from devs :(
  17. cant play since acr because that lod switches 200 hundret meter in front of me or trees looking like anno 1996 with 2 crossed textures
  18. hi I´ve tested the new maps with the brand new touring car but when you steer left the steeringwheel turns right and when steer right the wheel turns left. bye
  19. how can i get this without six updater?
  20. then is arma 3 worthless to me i wish ace will not be portet to arma 3 it just split up the communty so many servers i cant join because that ace complications
  21. i am not sure but as i downloanded that great mission some months ago there was written that you build a campaign with insurgents vs russian army in 85 ? can we hope for something like these?
  22. most fun i had with http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?116308-The-Forgotten-Few-SP-Dynamic-Campaign-Released! lot of aktion and fun i think http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?121258-SP-For-The-Life-Of-A-Friend is nice too but little to short and these rejenorst guy makes great missions http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?107240-Rejenorst-s-Missions-SP-MP-COOP operation cobalt is a nice campaign with very good missions http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9010 chesty puller is very good too http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7599 some bigger aktion missions all of these missions or campaigns you can play without addons and they works very good and here are a special one where you can set up your war by yourselve http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11463 its called advancing power and this i use when i like to enjoy arma in 2 minutes from start
  23. Daio

    User mission requests!

    hi i was testing on some mission but i am at the end of my knowledge its very simple to explain i want a 4 man squad on the map with Roberthammer weaponboxes in front and som module (around 900 up to 1800 meter distance) and the war module ( 700 up to 1400 meters) to this point i can build it self but now i want to combinate this with revive (from norrins script) for online play and this should be not working when the leader or the whole team die one time the som and war module stops working can someone build those mission?