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  1. I am getting this error on start: Addon "CUP_CA_Plants2_Bush" requires addon "CA_Plants2_Tree". I can start the map, but it prevents me to load any savegame. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Campaign was enabled through the Workshop so I guess the dependencies should be fine. Only running required addons.
  2. faire

    Boot Camp with Zeus?

    Uff, I just found out. It's necessary to run a corresponding game-mode first, than the placeable modules work as well. It looks like a great way to show the ropes to the new players - moving, firing rifles, grenades, alway including some form of a score-board.
  3. faire

    Boot Camp with Zeus?

    I have already asked in general forum with no answers: is there any way to run the virtual reality tutorials with Zeus? I have found the module, but it seems to be inactive. It can be placed but nothing starts and it is not possible to choose between the infantry / vehicles course icons in its menu.
  4. What an epic mission, loving it so far! Day on was pretty hectic - arresting a rebel after searching his house, than an unsuccessful try to deliver aid (no dialog allowed me to deliver goods when I reached the destination), finding a rebel hideout after another interrogation and securing it and finally arriving at another FOB. I love the soldiers, I love the fact that I have air evac at my disposal (incidentally I got shot at during my very first flight to AO) but I also like how I can use two vehicles, on with HMG on overwatch and the other one with soldiers doing the dirty work on foot (interrogating etc). I have only one question - is it possible to play this gem somehow in multiplayer? This would be the best co-op ever. And one random bug probably caused by HLC weapons replacement: all the equipment crates I have found were totally empty (in three bases so far).
  5. faire

    Multiplayer Bootcamp?

    I have noticed that there is a Bootcamp module for Zeus, but even after a lot of fiddling I didn't find a way to activate it for my buddy. I can place it, there are two options (infantry and vehicle) but they seem impossible to select and nothing ever happens. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Weapons can tilt on bipods in RL, right?
  7. It's a bit of necro but I can not resist: this is the best update we ever had. 20 $ are nothing compared to all the goodness - I have never had so much fun with Arma.
  8. Coming to play Arma again after the Marksman goodness I am wondering whether there is any feasible way to change say infantry weapons and soldier models for real-world counterparts at a level that would carry the change even to SP. The idea is to play SP missions / campaigns with tools that I choose beforehand (say M4s and and Rangers for NATO).
  9. Slightly decreased sensitivity could also help the player identify that weapon is rested.
  10. How much of this toppic have you really read? This argument has been disputed here MANY times.
  11. faire

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Thanks for the info, Oukej! I am sure more news will be welcome as they come ;)
  12. Variable: but for a lot of people it does not feel cheap, or ridiculous, or murdering immersion. Then your argument doesn't really hold water. I liked what people did on last two pages: trying to find constructive ways to improvethe current state.
  13. Alsanjuro: it has been pointed out numerous times: 2 possibilities are being discussed 1 - no weapon sway or inertia: more realistic behavior of weapon, less realistic fire-fights (people are too accurate - fire-fights are being fought over unrealistic distances with unrealistic results) 2 - weapon sway / inertia: less realistic behavior of wapon, more realistic fire-fights You have to choose one of those and it is really a matter of preference. I (and many others) prefer realistic fire-fights because it allows for use of realistic tactics. For others (like you) the weapon behavior breaks the immersion more than unrealistic fire-fights.
  14. What about the old way - having certain keys defined for certain values (0 - 25 - 50 - 75 - 100)? It worked like that in old flight sims and it worked reasonably well - especailly when it could be furter altered by current system.
  15. And that is perfectly well! On the other hand there are two factors: realistic process of shooting (low horizontal sway) and realistic results of shooting. A lot of the people was saying in this thread that most confrontations in their games are done from over 500m, which is unrealistic. The wind would solve the problem to a degree, but still players are able to shoot unrealistically well and fast on longer distances. For you it obivously isn't a problem, for other it is. In the end it's more about preferences. Read the discussion between Rath and Coulumn, it's worth the time. Wind deflection is fine but obviously not ready to be implemented.