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  1. Swiss Armed Forces I always wanted to see some swiss units in ArmA, maybe people remember the Switzerland Mod for Armed Assault who had a lot of good content in it. Since then, I didn't saw any addons like it at leat for ArmA 3. That's why I decided to take some time to get into the modding of the ArmA series. At first it was just a private little addon for testing and playing but then I said why not publish it for everyone. This addon is a simple retextures of various uniforms, headgears and vests, the goal is not to be the most realistic mod to portray the Swiss Armed Forces but I did take some inspiration from my personal experience and from an excellent photographer that take really nice photo of our little army : Explorateur.ch The units are divided in three differents categories : Regular soldiers (basic uniform, basic gear) Military police (balaclavas, MP vests) Special forces (more advanced uniform and gear) There is no dependency with anything other than the base ArmA 3 game, I want it to be a quick and simple mod for adding more units to your game. Here's some pictures of the units : And more picture but a little less representative : Download: Steam Workshop
  2. Yes exactly, it feels like we are driving at idle speed and the tires make louder sounds than the engine.
  3. FanBF2

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    It was both on some Life mission so take it with a grain of salt. We (some friends and me) were playing on an Altis Life server with no mods (except the mission with maybe customs textures) and we experienced quite often that 3 FPS bug after some time playing (like Pettka said, 60 min or more). Sometimes it was posible to recover with ALT+TAB, sometimes not. Now what I find weird is that we changed server. It's a Tanoa Life server with only CBA and Task Force Radio and customs textures (in the mission file) and since, we did not expericenced this bug even with the game running for more than 1 or 2 hours. Both servers had approximately the same amount of players (30-50). Everybody has their (obviously) own different computers, with differents parameter in the ArmA 3. This is what I use : -skipIntro -noSplash -name=NameOfMyProfile -malloc=system -enableHT -noPauses And my config : CPU : Intel Core i7-4771 3.50 GHz RAM : 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz GPU : NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 < Driver 378.49 SSD: 2x Crucial M550 512 GB (RAID 0) < where ArmA 3 is installed HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 3 TB That's all I know for the moment about this issue.
  4. Really good to see some differents skins for the vehicles, nice job. :)
  5. Does your GFX comes with factory O/C ? I had some DX11 related crash with my old card (GTX 770, and it didn't happen with ArmA 3). The only fix i've find was removing the factory O/C and put it to the NVIDIA default base clock.
  6. Really nice details and materials. I suppose it's the high polys version ? :)
  7. FanBF2

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    First thing I saw when using the Blackfish. This is not practical and pretty.
  8. FanBF2

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    I found a little visual bug for the MB 4WD, the suspensions are not connected to the front axle. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117846
  9. Aaaw shit, I don't really follow Hardline (despite owning it), so I didn't know that. But I don't care, like you say, yours is better. ;)
  10. Wow, I never thought seeing the Fass 57 in a video game. Very nice thank you ! :lol:
  11. I downloaded the latest RC of CUP_Terrains and I have to say, it's amazing, especially Chernarus with the ponds ! And finally no satmap Tiling bug. :lol: You are doing a really nice work !
  12. FanBF2

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    I don't have any problems at the moment with this mod. With the new version of Blastcore, these two mods really improves the overall immersion.
  13. Yeah, but when I fly with the AH-9 or any other helicopters I don't have that problem.
  14. Not even low FPS ? On Stratis when I put the Huron I go from 60 FPS to 40-45 FPS for no reason. I will make more tests later.
  15. I am the only one here to get CTD with the CH-67 Huron since the dev branch ?