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  1. jake_krieger

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I have one specific bug report : I can´t hear the cannon sounds of airplanes and helicopters.
  2. jake_krieger

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    No not the RHS one , the vanilla one the mk18 or whatever bohemia called it...
  3. jake_krieger

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Hey Lord_Jarhead i wanted to tell you that i love your work and Dragonfyre is my favorit mod for ARMA 3 , but i have to say that the weapon sounds of the new vanilla eden update are better than yours for the M14 EBR. Could you please use the vanilla sounds for the M14 EBR ?
  4. jake_krieger

    Cosmos Engine 0.41

    This is totally nuts !
  5. Awesome work ! I am impressed ! The most important thing you should have is a proper female voice setup. The female mods in Arma 2 never fixed this problem.
  6. Make the Israeli Armed Forces mod, you already got the Tavor and the Merkava in the game. Only thing you need to make from scratch is the uniform and the F-16.
  7. jake_krieger

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Oh man, i´ve ordered awesome open headphones and they are still not here. I hope i get them when the new updates hits. Im so excited. LordJarhead you are awesome dude ! Thank you for all your work.
  8. jake_krieger

    Refined Vehicles

    That would be totally awesome RedPhoenix , if you could work on the aircraft and make them more realistic , handlingwise. Love your work man.
  9. Awesome release man ! Please think about incorporating manual startup sequences and other gizmos using interactive/clickable Cockpit buttons, like Peral is planning with his A-10C.
  10. jake_krieger

    Refined Vehicles

    Could someone explain linear steering and would it be possible to see it in the next Refined Vehicles version ?
  11. jake_krieger

    FHQ M4 for Arma 3 (Prerelease)

    The problem is , it needs not only the soundfile but the integration with JSRS 2.0, so that when you indoors for example the sound gets modulated accordingly . So it would be awesome if Alwarren could cooperate with LordJarhead and make this M4 integrated into the JSRS 2.0 mod , if you use the FHQ M4.
  12. Could you please contact LordJarhead about the JSRS patch you are using, because the weapon sound doesn´t change when you are indoors. Please get something going with him, he probaly will be willing to help !
  13. jake_krieger

    FHQ M4 for Arma 3 (Prerelease)

    Could you please make this M4 compatible with JSRS 2.0 Sounds , just make something like a file to replace so you use the FN F2000 weapon sound from JSRS 2.0.
  14. Sry to say it but much better than the one in the BWMod for ARMA 3 ! Good job Spectrobr on porting , i hope you can get all the bug fixed. Now we need quality ports/remakes like this of the M4 and Ak-47 and im happy.
  15. @Kothen Trying to stay on ARMA 2 for whatever reason and then wanting the modding community to still support it , will make the transition to ARMA 3 even slower than it already is. Please abandon ArmA 2.