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  1. Grafics - Should be dark in the buildings if they haven’t got any windows (wrong HDR effect) - Dynamic self-shadow from every light not only from the Sun - There should be rivers or streams on the scene -If it rains, the roads and the ground should become wet or muddy -more detailed living environment in the villages and towns(citisens,NPC's, shops, offices) -The speed of explosions are too slow and no snapnel effect -Visible more war debris in town or lands -More different visual feedback about damage every objects If we use different caliber weapons. (broke or collaps glass or objects when hit it) -More visual feedback If vehicles are damaging. -More colorfull scene, less brown or post process effect in full display -better and deatiled texture on objects and enviroment Sounds -More battle noise, Soldiers should scream and curse if they injured or fear - more variable sounds on different materials AI -AI’s behave more realistic.They shouldn’t see through bushes ,trees etc.. -improving parts of pathfinder system -Use and make some things individually if they have to do. Shoot , if they have been identified by enemy or run cover if enemy throws grenade among us -improve morale system , move back if they contact bigger strength enemy or call reinforcement. -Move more dynamic and fluid than real.(more different animations) -handsignals -AI’s should work in group with player more effective. Physics -improve physical system ( If it contains PhysX system, when why don't we see big differences from previos series? Only ragdoll ,but don't cloth simulatoiion, brokable objects -damage system( not HP system) -The explosions haven't got effect the tiny things like boxes or windows glass( push and broke things when exploding something ) -particle system -collision system ( effect -counter effect) -Explode some things like gas or petrol tank - the water have to flow from water tower if it get leak. -We should use doors of cars for cover Animation - too little the variation of movement( I didn’t see injured or wounded people movement or help each other to can climbing or move cover) -AI should use more animations when they go through obstacles or move in cover or when he get a hit in legs or arms or another non dedly place is its body -AI’s use animations more dinamicly and continue.Not to be a break when they change position or direction. Gameplay -Improve CQB fight (breach and clear room by room) - New commanding chain and UI ( see in PPT) -More fight on the map at the same time (independent from my mission) -The player model control and aiming should be more direct like other FPS,because it is delay a lit a bit. Multiplayer: There have to solve to work together the players,because they only run and shoot on everyone and everything what move on the map indivuduali and there isn’t teamplay in the open servers. And thats way this servers became such a gameplay than ordinary action FPS and not like a tactikal military FPS. http://ge.tt/7r5fagL2/v/0?c Commanding Chain: In ARMA it is very difficult If we want use this during fire fight.Because We have to select that soldier whom we would like to use in task.But We have to use only 5 buttons in my system every situations any position from firegroup to division. Because The commander doesn't order to every single soldier in real life. So, the section leader order to A or B fire team leader and He order to fire group soldiers. Every soldier is able to communicate in one level higher or lower commander or any neighbore commander, except fire group soldiers. Unfortunatly, For this system Have to improve AI to carry out the order well. For example: The company commander want to attack the town. He tells order to 2. platoon leader and the 2. platoon leader order to 1.section leader to move right and to 3. section leader to move left and the second move straight ahead. The 2. section leader see a enemy machinegun group in the bushes thats why He order to A fire team to make a suppressing fire and B fire team to go around and kill enemy since they fight with A fire team.B fire team leader order B firegroup soldier to trow a grenade on enemy . After that B fire fire group soldier report to clear and so on toward every single superior. I hope ,it is clear enough to understand my idea. It could be more tactician and easy way to simulate a very big and complex battle on the map
  2. I have a similar problem. I can't start the game after the new helicopter FM dev patch. I tried every way to start, but it didn't succsess. After the start , the game is loading, but after the trademark screen I get a black screen and It doesn't happen nothing. I tried start launcher and normal ikon , but the result is same. The steam local file check is 100% ok.The problem is same the stabil and dev version too. I re-install VGA driver, deleted ARMA3 profile, I do virus scan, but nothing. When i stared in launcher , I choose no-splash, no-intro and window option . This time , I reach to main menu, but I click any menu button I get " the program stopped working " error message. I use the newest dev patch. Please, give me some advise to solve this problem, but I couldn't like re-install my windows, because other programs work fine . MY Pc spec : win7 64 bit , HD4850 1GB ram, 8gb ram 1600mhz, AMD 965x4 BE,asrock 970ext4. before the above mentioned patch ,I could run the game fine.
  3. I have a same problem: I haven't got any DLC. I get this error when run the arma3diag.exe.I use the latest devpatch. The most problem for me that the game doesn't starts .After the loading screen I get a black screen and nothing else. I just can do to close the process. I tried inspect the local files with steam, but it is 100% good. This problem starts after the helikopter FM dev patch.
  4. I don't know , I think, It could be a bug :)
  5. I'm playing with 2. campaign ( stolen fuel truck mission) . I use the most new devpatch. -The AI cross over the hangar side and closed doors. - vehicles control difficulty and they don't want to go on terrain or very slowly. This is very funny that you realised KART DLC meanwhile control of cars don't improve and they don't reach even an arcade car simulator level nor I sent a PM to DnA, but he didn't even answer me
  6. why do it delay mouse control? I use A2+1.10 patch and in the control panel I use head moving and Aiming deadzone zero value. But when I moving the mouse ,then ingame caracter is delay more than one second. My rig is well, and the game is run allright. I tried lower resolution and setups , but not improved nothing. why don't it use more directly mouse control , than other FPS? I'd like it if could be more faster and more precise the procedure of aiming. My rig is AMD X4 965 3,4 ghz 8gb DDR3 1600mhz ram Gigabyte 4850 1gb ram VGA Asrock 970extrem4 win7 64 bit
  7. Repvez

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    improved AI and road searching process more animations (At least for AI) no more rotate around of one point the modell better light and shadow display ( indoor light and shadow is such) volumetric light Better HDR particle system (dust ,smoke,gun fire ) realistic damage system (breakable glass, vehicles, buildings) better penetration in different materials Better collision system (don't go through other object or herself ) more easy commanding system (not simpler, only more easy) better chain of command enhanced and bigger battles the total theater improved vehicles control improve CQB fight better detailed indoor improved sound and AI voice, more sound of enviroment dedicated "use " and grenade button, without gun change faster weapon change Customizable equipment and weapons physics !! use openCL, because this can use every better hardware, not just Nvidia multicore support better optimalisation, less bug easier mission editor and scripting the texture is not ringing use more color and contrast original example PS mod not the best, but see the difference