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  1. I have to jump in here and remind you that there was two of us working on Armageddon! Still, your words of support here mean a great deal to me (and super-truite as well, I'm sure). Thank you! And, yes, the mod required overcoming numerous technical challenges on both our parts and it was very gratifying to see the enthusiastic reception from the player community upon release.
  2. ArmAGeddon

    The balance is such that you'll probably die a lot, but with the current system of unlimited respawns it shouldn't be impossible. :) The one big, game breaking issue with playing the mission in localhost on your own, however, is that, at thi moment, you are pretty much forced to take a repair specialist. Any other character class is unable to use the tool kit to repair vehicles. We'll probably "fix" this by creating a special, universal Tool Kit item that is available for all classes to use. In fact, at some point in the not to distant future, we're hoping to improve and expand upon the entire vehicle repair process similar to what AGM does. Looking forward to seeing your changes! I hate to say this because everybody is very excited for the volcanoes, but it seems unlikely that we'll be able to get working volcanoes into existing maps - such as Altis - due to performance and engine limitations. It would be possible, however, to create a new terrain just for ArmAGeddon with working volcanoes already built-in - that's an option we are considering. Yeah, that's actually my job really. A proper SP version shouldn't be too much work; we're looking to release an (somewhat larger) update by the end of the month which will hopefully include the SP.
  3. Ebo files for the community. is it needed?

    Keeping the data out of the criminals' hands is the stated purpose behind your idea, and yet here you admit that not only would the underground continue to maintain access, but, in fact, they would become the ONLY people with access. You want to punish legit users in order to create a minor inconvenience for the outlaws.
  4. Ebo files for the community. is it needed?

    Ebos would create greater damage to the modding community than the problem they are attempting to solve (piracy). Without the ability to learn and build upon the work of others the Arma modding community will largely cease to exist in short order as the barrier of entry for potential newcomers will become far too daunting.
  5. ArmAGeddon

    First off, thanks for all the praise and the feedback, guys! Konaba, can you be a bit more specfic as to what is happening when you experience fps lag spikes? Are there any obvious patterns as to when these occur? So, if I understand corrrectly, you disabled just the earthquakes and all the other special effects are active and you're seeing lag spikes?
  6. ArmAGeddon

    Many thanks for the rpt log, IHUNTERI. Yeah, we ran into this once or twice during our playtesting, but it was so intermittent that we were unable to replicate the issue properly. Good news is that I know exactly where this is occuring - it's the empty vehicles spawn/caching script - so hopefully we'll be able to track it down soon. Also, for the record, I too consider myself one of the "old grumblers" (although I prefer "miltard" or "milsperg" personally :D), but we thought since this mod was for the contest it was the perfect time to fool around and try something a little different. My future mod plans are a lot more "hardcore", BTW, but not before ArmAGeddon (possibly) gets a lot more crazy in the not to distant future. In any case, great to hear that our fellow "grumblers" are also enjoying the mission!
  7. Custom function "CurrentGrenade"

    Lachesis580, thanks for taking the time to try it out on dev build. Yeah, I had a feeling it might be working on stable and not dev. It might very well be an issue they are aware of, but we should probably let BI know that ctrlText is no longer working with HUD elements in dev build before it is migrated over and becomes a pernament fixture within stable. At a glance, I don't see it reported anywhere. Seeing as you are much more familiar with the issue than me, would it be possible for you to create a feedback ticket or post something in this thread? If you do post a ticket let us know back here so we can go and vote (already voted on your original currentGrenade ticket, BTW).
  8. Custom function "CurrentGrenade"

    Hey, OK, addon is running and function is there, but it produces following errors: And the SCW_fnc_currentGrenade function itself is returning: [string,""] I'm on dev build 1.35.128059 and loaded only @CurrentGrenade and latest @CBA ( RC4) as addons into SP.
  9. General Discussion (dev branch)

    How does one launch without this RPT timestamp?
  10. Custom function "CurrentGrenade"

    Great idea, but I downloaded from Armaholic and I'm getting: Warning Message: Script CurrentGrenade\580Addons\CurrentGrenade\CurrentGrenade.sqf not found on startup. Seems like you forgot to pack the actual script file into the .pbo? :)
  11. ArmAGeddon

    Just had a peek at the code, and currently the whole central isthmus and airport area is generally no higher than 15m which means it gets flooded in 25 minutes at current rates. Starting in the far east, players would almost never make it. We could certainly play with increasing that time to, for instance, 45 minutes, but then that would mean for anybody who did make it to western highlands they could easily forget worrying about the water for another hour or more. Still, there are perhaps other, much more dastardly, solutions to this pacing problem... :D We will certainly have another look into these things! That's not a bad idea. We couldn't use any of the 3rd party revive systems for the contest and certainly didn't have time to write our own, but now it could be something to look into. Could be done, although 10 men is the max number that fit into a Ghosthawk (which is what got the players to Altis followed by a prompt crash upon arrival), so adding slots might be a bit of a credibility stretch. Again, there are probably creative ways around such limitations. ;) Thanks! And thanks for the feedback. :)
  12. ArmAGeddon

    Sounds like everybody is enjoying the mission, and, even better from my perspective, there have as of yet been no real reports of bugs! :D Yes, as BadLucky1776 discovered, the addon has to be turned off when not playing the mission or it will flood the island in any other mission you attmept to play. Perhaps BIS will provide us with a setWaterLevel scripting command some day, but for now we create the flood by modifying the maxTide value within the island's config file. Yes! The idea is to grab a helicopter - either find one and fix it up or hijack one from the AI - and escape the island before time runs out and it is completely flooded. So, if you guys were exploring around in a helicopter you had pretty much already won. :) The only thing left to do is fly off past the edge of the map. Although there is a help hint that pops up briefly at the start (just after the intro video snippet plays) that explains the situation and the mission goal, we should probably make things more clear. Perhaps a further explanation within the briefing screen? Or some more help hints popping up when a player enters their first chopper? A title text in the centre of the screen at the beginning screaming: "Get to da choppa!"? Yeah, probably not the latter idea. ;) Also, while we're talking about escaping the island, there are currently plans to introduce boats as another method of egress. The idea being similar to the AI helicopters flying in to extract their teams, there would also be AI boat pickups. But, there's a number of pretty serious technical issues to sort out before this can happen. I will write more about those and other technical aspects and challenges (past, present and future) in an upcoming post. Most probably. If it's the Armadeus server then that is indeed super-truite's. Many thanks! We'll make sure to release an SP version. It really shouldn't be too much of a problem; most of our pain in the making of this mission came from dealing with MP hijinks, so back-porting to SP will hopefully be child's play for us (famous last words ;)). Thanks for the feedback, guys. Don't be shy about reporting bugs and making feature requests. Work on version 1.2 has already started with new fixes, improvements and goodies coming down the pipe soon. But, again, I'll leave that discussion for an upcoming post. ;)
  13. VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    New YT vid: .
  14. ArmAgeddon

    Howdy, I do believe super-truite is refering to myself. Admittedly, all these "make this, not that", "do this, don't do that" names can get a little confusing. ;) Currently, super-truite is working on the special effects and other goodies, while I am trying to sort out the underlying scripting framework dealing with spawning, objectives, AI, game logic update, etc.. Right now, my primary goals are: Replayability - ie., a fair bit of randomized and procedurally generated gameplay, such as new starting locations and objectives on every playthrough. Performance - writing various scripts and systems within SQF isn't terribly hard, but writing them so things run fast and smoothly is quite the "challenge" (read: involves a lot of swearing, alcohol and despair). AI - ideally, we want the AI to react to and navigate around the rising water and other hazards, but, as one can imagine, this will be no easy task to script without eating up server resources. Gotta admit, HADES does have a nice ring to it. :)
  15. VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Didn't realize you were one of the BBE Simulation guys, Christie. Nice work on the terrains!