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  1. Actually it is not performance heavy at all. Our new terrain is about 17x17km and we have tens of thousands of grasss objects (every field, open space, along roads) with almost no performance hit. The models are extremely simple and easily rendered. We can help supply you with these high performance models if you are interested. One thing that we discovered is that performance is extremely dependent on the number of different objects that need to be rendered in the frame. If the game has to load fewer textures then the performance is markedly better. This is particularly important with regards to vegetation within built up areas. Although it's slightly less visually appealing try to limit the number of different types of trees and bushes you are using to get a large performance increase. The same goes for any forests that you have on your map try to pick 2-3 tree types and stick with them. I'm guessing your terrain will suffer form the same pitfall that our terrains do; because we are modeling rolling fields with very little gross elevation change the game will have to render to the view distance most of the time. ARMA does not account for objects when deciding what to draw, only terrain occludes the scene being drawn. This means that most of the forests on the map will be drawn in their entirety the majority of the time, which can be resource intensive if you don't make good vegetation selections. I recommend experimenting with different vegetation to see what gives you the best performance, some is much more intensive than others.
  2. Hey guys great looking map so far! It's very nice to see some 1:1 realistic terrains being made. In reference to the ditch and grass problem I would look at how Lancer and I solved the problem in the Schwemlitz terrain for ARMA 2. By using grass objects (essentially bushes) instead of clutter objects you can create fields and grassy areas that are both rendered at range and prevent the AI from seeing through them. Additionally we implemented a ditch system using objects to represent the various ditches and irrigation canals. While both of these solutions worked well we are attempting to improve on them for our next terrain. One idea we've had is creating some better grass clutter objects that can be destroyed by collisions so that people or vehicles moving through fields would leave tracks and destroy the crops. We'd also like to work on making the various objects blend better and look more realistic, closer to the look of the clutter. Anyway we'd be more that happy to help you guys if you need some advice or resources, just let us know. I'd be awesome if we could pool some resources to work on some objects that could be used across multiple maps.
  3. falcon_565

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Nice work Nou! :cheers:
  4. falcon_565

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Wait so the hidden selections aren't specific items of gear, i.e. mag pouches, bayonet, canteens etc? Also could you elaborate on the technical issues with the 7.62 pouches? Furthermore having at4's and LAWs on the packs would absolutely allow you to carry them. The whole point of this is that all of these things are used in conjunction with some major scripting to make a system that more correctly and closely represents what gear you have on your model.
  5. falcon_565

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Can we get a list of all the hidden selections in the model.cfg. I'd like to develop a script for my missions that will change your gear based on what you have on your person, i.e. drop your bayonet no bayonet on your gear etc. Also for the next release a few things to consider adding: 1. NVG mounts on the helmets. A hidden selection like the dust goggles would work great. Makes everything look better if you want to do later 90's stuff and not have the NVGs attach to the helmets via magic. Ide 2. Make the extra 7.62 ammo boxes with shoulder straps hidden selections instead of a backpack. This allows the solider to carry a rucksack or launcher in addition to extra mg ammo if necessary. Ideally each box would be it's own selection for 4 total so if you have 1 extra box then you could make only 1 appear. 3. Make 2 extra alice pack models, one with an M72 tied on (on the side or top) and one with an AT-4. I can probebly get you models for those if you want them and you can just copy and paste them onto yours. This would allow a solider to carry a launcher with a ruck at the same time. Also would lead to an awesome implementation with ACE's on back feature. While I appreciate all the work you put into kitting out all the units but the way you made your addon leads to major possibilities for high level users to create some awesome gear scripting that allows in game models to very accurately represent the actual ammunition and gear units posses in their inventories. I and others would love to capitalize on this possibility and create what would undoubtedly be the gold standard for gear and unit addons moving forward. This is more than a matter of form as it adds tremendous gameplay value to be able to quickly survey your fire-team/squad/platoon and discern what assets are available to you as a leader.
  6. Sounds like everything is in hand. I am eagerly awaiting the release. The only two things I think need to be added are two things yet to be realistically implemented in ARMA. Those are proper cold weather gear and MOPP gear. Honestly I think these units are already well on their way to being passable as winter equipped with the winter thickness BDUs and gloves etc. So for me the number one request post beta would be MOPP gear, coveralls with a hood that could be up/down, gloves and overboots. Currently it's pretty much impossible to accurately represent any large scale conventional war with ARMA. I would much rather see MOPP gear than more special forces kit that only was used by a few hundred people.
  7. Not hard at all. Making them ACE compatible does not make them ACE dependent. PM me if you need help.
  8. Lancer is going to release this as soon as he can. He's been busy. Sorry but it will be out very soon.
  9. How does tomorrow work for you? :)
  10. Indeed I did forget to credit you. My apologies. It's fixed. As far as the buildings those are the MBG buildings, you'll have to talk to Mondkalb about it.
  11. This will happen, along with an adjoining 15x15km terrain.
  12. Amazing work, I'm loving the cateyes on the helmets. I've got 10 1990's mechanized kosovo missions that are dying for these models, looking forward to release.
  13. falcon_565

    Vanilla option to turn off radio

    0 fadeRadio 0;
  14. falcon_565

    COOP 61 Agia Assault

    Agia Assault By Falcon Version 1.0 Date 08.03.13 > DOWNLOAD Scenario Bravo Company 3rd Battalion PPCLI conducts an attack to seize the northern part of Agia from insurgent forces. Features - 61 Player Coop Mission. - Equipment and Time Limit Parameters. - Realistic mission scope, objectives and AI scripting. - Scoring system that allows for (BLUFOR Defeat, BLUFOR Minor Victory, BLUFOR Major Victory, BLUFOR Total Victory). - Battalion Radio Net Simulation. - Spectator Script - No Respawn - JIP compatible - Real Canadian Forces ORBAT (well not really but best I could do with vanilla). Notes Quick mission I threw together for vanilla Alpha Arma 3. Not as detailed or realistic as I would like but I might update it later. Playable with just one platoon (28 players) but the scoring system is balanced for a company attack. Credits: - Mission by Falcon - Beta, Nou, Sandiford and Krause for basis of a few scripts - HeinBloed for the basis of the spectator script.