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  1. I am editing a Mike Force mission and would like to add a HALO jump spot from base. I know years ago there were scripts you could use to add to a flagpole or another object but I've been out of the editing stuff for a long time and no longer have any of those. Can anyone direct me to where I can grab a HALO script? Any help would be a pppreciated. Diesel
  2. Is there anywhere I can find out what size for the paa for signs? Example the billboard signs in Arma 3 I tried a 512x512 but it skews the image so I am assuming it's a different size. Would be great if there was a list someplace. Anyone know some of the sign sizes? Thanks Diesel
  3. Even though I am the admin on my PC It brings up a warning and blocks me from installing BI Tools. I am running Win 10 and I try and "runas" and still blocks BI Tools from installing. Anyone have any ideas? JC
  4. DieselJC

    BMR Insurgency

    Is there a version of this for SOG Prarie Fire Viet Nam? Used to love these missions but would love a SOG version. JC
  5. Any good squads around anymore? I'm an old original Arma player and have been playing for quite a few years. Looking to join a group that has regular and casual ops both. I have no issues downloading mods or using TFAR or ACE,I'm a bit rusty but looking to get back into the Arma game. Prefer being an Engineer or a Grunt/Rifleman Well past 18+ and am usually on around evenings and late nights Central Standard time. Or if anyone is just looking for someone to game with feel free to hit me up. Thanks Diesel JC
  6. Just back into Arma afetr a long absence and looking for a group to game with. I am 18+ and have been playing Arma since it first came out years and years ago. Feel free to message me if anyone is looking for a new member. JC
  7. DieselJC

    Task Force Apophis | Milsim

    Are you still active? Just got back into Arma after a long absence and looking for people to game with. JC
  8. Since the release of " Advanced Towing" by duda I have modified a script to be able to use the unarmed UGV as a boat trailer/dolly of sorts,so you can add boats to your missions on dry land then load them onto the UGV and tow them. Not really a huge deal but thought it was cool to be able to do. Credit goes to TCann for the original Script from the Hemtt Module script you can find on Armaholic that allows loading of Huron containers onto the back of a Hemtt Truck. You can find my Boat Towing/Loading script here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6t0ydx7qyue55yw/Boat%20Tow.rar Includes a read me. Any questions don't hesistate to PM me. Enjoy. Diesel
  9. Is anyone aware of an Android App that can be used for server control for a Dedicated server..I use Epm RCon now on my laptop but would love an Android application I could use to check in on the server. Did some digging and havent found anything. Diesel
  10. DieselJC

    Units still Down??

    Anyone else still having an issue with A3 Units being down with the error "Data Aquisition Failed" when I go to launch A3...hasn't worked for awhile and was wondering if it was my end or A3 Unit page was down. Diesel
  11. So I'm looking for answers how to host just Arma 2 for myself and a couple friends but it doesn't show in the MP list I know gamespy shutdown way back but was wondering is there a way to host that now If I want to? Thanks, JC
  12. Loading a Civilian Quadbike into the bed of a Civilian Offroad Truck No Addons Needed,completely Vanilla. Readme included. Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vzy4p6jzz0u0g1p/QuadLoadCiv.rar?dl=0 Thought this would be cool for the guys who dont use any Mods.
  13. Question...Im playing this in SP but want a small group of AI with me. Ive tried adding 3 new characters and grouping them to me the commander but they dont show up. Is there any way to do this so I have a small squad in SP to command? Any help would be great. Thanks, Diesel
  14. DieselJC

    EL_76 Logistics

    Love this!! This would have been so cool when I had my Engineer Clan! Following this!! Great stuff! Diesel
  15. Really love this script..been using it on Winter 2035 as well as Chernaurus Winter and Thirsk Winter...really adds to the ambience. I didnt notice a huge Framerate drop and I dont have a big rig. Diesel
  16. Is there any way to change what the AI in your squad is wearing. I'm playing on Thirsk Winter and the Soldiers I recruit are all wearing camo and I was hoping to change them to winter uniforms. I'm using the Bon Recruit script but dont see an option to change the uniforms just the whole player. Any help would be appreciated. Diesel
  17. Any chance of a link besides steam? Diesel
  18. So I updated my server today to 1.70 x64..also had to update ACE..started the server and went to join it and set up a mission and I got kicked with this error. "You were kicked off the game"(Battleye!This Server Violates Bohemia Interactives Server Monetization Rules Battleye;a) I dont understand this..never charged for anything never will charge for anything..its a public server,never had this issue before today. Is this a battleye bug? I contacted my Server comapany but no word back from them yet. Just wondered if anyone else ran into this. Note: I didnt buy the DLC yet but the server has it automatically installed I think. Any help would be great..thanks. Diesel
  19. DieselJC

    [SP] Raging Ethics

    Any chance of posting this anywhere else. Can't download off of steam as I only have cellphone for internet currently. Thanks. Diesel
  20. DieselJC

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Island Thunder 2 Campaign

    Now that I am limited to offline single player I am really loving these missions..great stuff..I appreciate you sharing them!. Diesel
  21. DieselJC

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Island Thunder 2 Campaign

    Is there anywhere else to download the mission from. I do not have internet access on my game machine any longer and steam wont let me download the mission on my phone. Thanks Diesel Sorry just saw the link for the missions above.
  22. The physical Medkit will show but it wont do anything with ACE Medical on..the FAKS get turned into Bandages with ACE..Not sure about the Vector..I think the physical piece will be their but I think ACE adds its on in too. That I am not sure on. Diesel
  23. If its a vehicle that option should be availible in Eden editor for Ace vehicle I think scroll to the Bottom of the vehicle Init..and if you use ACE I think the Medkits and FAKs are all turned into ACE Bandages too if I remember correctly. Diesel
  24. This group I was interested in said they were using the Charlie version..but later when I asked they just forgot to update the info about their group..lol..I havent used the Unsung Mod yet so wasn't sure what was availible. Diesel