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    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.1117

    Congrats on the updated release! Loving your new sounds LJ :)
  2. Most importantly, make sure to remove ANY logos or brand names in text or image form that exist in the real world (Titus, Nexter, Tatra etc) from your mod. I cannot provide any legal advice and copyright in general is heavily dependent on the individual cases but 3D models are subject to copyright laws, even when there is no monetization involved. It is possible that this company copyrighted their orthographic designs as a three dimensional design. I recommend you to be prepared to substantially change the 3D model itself so it can be considered a derivative or fair use (education, research). To be safe, consult with an IP lawyer, many offer free initial assessments and don't release any files before this is fully worked out. I have to say it's quite sad this company decided to take this route...
  3. Since we didn't have a propper space for this and the Press coverage Thread is rather innappropriate, is this a dedicated Thread for the Behind-the-scenes Pictures you can find here and other published "unnofficial content". BIS is updating them on a regular base and you can really get a good impression of the working process or just some random buro impressions I especially liked "the noobs" :P But next to the funny stuff, we also discretely get glimpses at some engine enhancements
  4. purepassion

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Congratulations man!
  5. Congrats on the release guys! Now properly enjoy your holiday season! Since CUP is the continuation of AiA and AiA is no longer maintained, the thread is closed. Please continue discussion in the release thread linked above
  6. Your thread is now moved :)
  7. purepassion

    Arma 4 upgrade?

    Topic locked as OP's question is answered and all other topics have existing threads :)
  8. purepassion

    US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    The thread is hereby closed. Congratulations on the release! Please feel free to edit your post to include the new thread.
  9. purepassion

    Free Games

    Holiday Season Giveaway on Twitter: Arma 3 Extended Edition To celebrate the start of the holiday season and to show appreciation to the Bohemia Interactive games family, the DayZ community DayZ Underground is giving away a copy of Arma 3 Extended Edition (includes all DLC's) on Twitter. Creating stories - connecting people. DayZ Underground is created to unite people who are looking into more than just a superficial DayZ experience. With a focus on realistic, hardcore 1st person-only survival and cultivation of organic role play, DayZ Underground has managed to inspire players around the world. With it being DayZ's first private hive community, it is also home to a lot of Arma veterans who appreciate the unforgiving simulation aspects of DayZ. Have you thought about gifting the game to a friend this Christmas, get all the DLC's for yourself or get into Arma 3 in the first place? This is your chance to not even spend a dime or effort on it! All you have to do to win is follow @dayzunderground and retweet this tweet: https://twitter.com/DayZUnderground/status/678292554396364801 Good luck and enjoy your time!
  10. purepassion

    BI has just lost a customer

    If you are globally banned by BattlEye, contact their support if you have a just case. There's nothing anyone here can do for you.
  11. purepassion

    Timesetting of the expansion

    This is all we know about the expansion. It will be set in the same timeframe (2035) as the rest of the game.
  12. purepassion

    E3 (June 16-19)

    Another game I personally very excited for: Kingdome Come Deliverance!
  13. purepassion

    E3 (June 16-19)

    Here is Arma 3's E3 PC Gaming Show Presentation revealing the stunning Tanoa terrain and more juicy details of the upcoming expansion
  14. purepassion

    Development Blog & Reveals

    And for everyone who missed the presentation, here is the full E3 PC Gaming Show panel discussion
  15. purepassion

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Here is the Youtube Upload of the full panel discussion including the Tanoa Trailer
  16. purepassion

    Zee Identity Pack

    Thread renamed. Congrats on the release!
  17. purepassion

    What is wrong with bohemia developers

    If you see issues with the game, feel free to submit a ticket on the official bug tracker. Rants with personal insults will get you nowhere.
  18. purepassion

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    The only thing said was That sounds more like technical investments (AI routines etc). Arma will stay what it is.
  19. purepassion

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    No idea where you got that from but it's not the case.... :D Regarding the leak as a whole: The content you have seen is valid and was indeed not intended to be published yet. No "orchestrated" event but simply an honest mistake. Apart from spoiling the surprise, not much damage has been done and as outlined in a PM to Smiley Nick, business will go on as usual. Keep an eye out on the E3 presentation in about 3 days for the full, still unseen, video and further details though!
  20. purepassion

    I want more than it has been promised

    You are allowed to say what you want and complain about whatever you like, as long as it is in the restrictions of the forum rules. The thread you posted in was not but a very specific one discussing only reveals of upcoming content. A place for us to hunt for tips and leads. Your post was simply off-topic and this was the reason it was removed.If you want to discuss the DLC's, their content and their price, you are encouraged to do so! Please use one of the existing threads already discussing this. Thank you!
  21. And with that being said, any further discussion of the MANW contest, jury and outcome should go to its respective thread, where it will be recognized the most. Thank you!
  22. purepassion

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Let's get this thread back to its former glory! Original file http://i.imgur.com/A9uJI2i.png (196 kB) Forensic analysis http://i.imgur.com/Pg4MYbH.png (220 kB) Contrast and brightness edited http://i.imgur.com/op2S1Bh.png (244 kB) Results The forensic images suggest that a picture has been cropped and edited with the selection tool to create a new foreground layer. In order to receive contrast between the mountain side and the sky, the picture was most likely not taken during the night. So why was the lower portion of the picture edited and not simply cut out? There are clear remains of what appears to be the ocean and two to three larger and lighter artifacts.
  23. purepassion

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    New Maritime Features in VBS3 v3.7 In VBS3 v3.7, Bohemia Interactive Simulations is introducing a number of new maritime features. This includes early access to the following maritime features: visual representation of sea states 0 to 12, prototype ship physics, variable stern and bow wakes, coastal effects with waves that correspond to wind direction, variable water color and opacity, and configurable sea states in scenario settings and synchronized across networks. Visit www.bisimulations.com to learn more about VBS3 for maritime simulations.
  24. purepassion

    Boeing C-17 ArmA 3 Mod

    Thread closed upon author's request. Please use the USAF Mod thread for further discussion. Thank you! :)
  25. purepassion

    United States Air Force

    Thread closed upon author's request.