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    Under Teleport, could you take back Zeus Teleport. Its often the Zeus that uses the Teleport-self often, or at least me and the ones that I know. As is now, you have to go through the Teleport, list down, take name of yourself and poof. Would be nice to have a insta Teleport Zeus without the fade effect -module. So if some strange things have happened in the game; you could get there fast.
  2. Hello, Got that problem too, so in Eden I did get all roles checked to "Playable" and exported to MP Mission. When run on a dedicated; I as a admin came into the lobby but it was all black, no slots no nothing. And the rest of the players couldnt log in cause to "no more slots". So couldnt play that Eden mission at all. So Im not the only one with that problem, some comfort at least ! :)
  3. Skagget

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Zeus is a playstyle certain groups uses as a norm for their missions or as a asset to their games. You can as a GM enter Zeus, put up some more enemies, change where the AO is, call in a mortarstrike, maybe spawn some animals or whatever.. so its a tool that some use for whole missions or some use just to spice it up. So what you could do with Zeus and this SAM/AA pack is that you could do a sidemission to take out an AA before calling in the heli-extract as an example, then go in Zeus, populate a village with some civs and enemies and then put up the AA that the enemies are guarding.. My bugs Ive found: People in the AA (do you want the exact ones, or is it a WIP?) die but dont collapse, so people think that they are alive and empty a mag into them again and again =P Some of the CUP people you are using is just placeholders and are CSAT and not real CUP units so to say. For some reason when I have your modpack installed; all players start crouching randomly.. is there a script somewhere that are suppose to make AI setunitpos "middle" or something like it ? -- could be an interference with other mods for sure =) I think aswell that the SAM missiles are alil bit to fast, I mean the turret turns and you get the lockon sound in the air, but by then the missles are almost away and it takes just a sec or two before impact.. so no time to react or to change route to flare etc.. if you get the lockon now, you might aswell just dive down and lick the ground even more =P Major cuddos for the modpack, its superduper =) Keep the ideas and working going, in a phase that you dont burn the energy out ofc ;) Cheers !
  4. Skagget

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    This will be so much fun for my group, we are going for a QRF feel as a team. And this really makes it soooo much harder and fun =) Thanks man ! I msg you my PBO as a pastebin, so you see the easypeasie work that needs to be updated for the Zeus to work =) Take care man, and thanks once again for the mod !
  5. Skagget

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    hcpookie >> If you want, I could post a small fix that makes all the units availible in Zeus, I did one for my own group. And its really easy to just add or substract units that you dont want to have in your Zeus, easy to update in future releases too. But only if you want to have it posted that is. And BTW regarding the CUP; there are some units/factions that the CUP havent done already, its just a placeholder. So there are a lot of units/vehicles in this pack that is maned with normal CSAT as those are the placeholder that CUP has chosen. FYI. I personally like that there are CUP, as my group is using it.. or I have made our repo and group to use it =P But its all up to the modder; if he/she wants to have a mod that uses RHS CUP or MASSI for that matter; its all up to them.. no need to bash or so; if you dont want the mod for its dependencies; dont use it; no need to come to the forums and whine about it. hcpookie>> your a rockstar that have been working your butt of with all this, porting from A2 to A3 is a feat on its own right ! Grats !
  6. After latest update, it seems like my updating dont sync with ftp server. It wants to upload all files/folders even tho its on the server. So if I add one file, it wants to upload everything. Didnt have that in the version before the new one that rolled out. Then it sync to ftp for a very long time and then just updated the change. Now it goes straight to upload the whole repo-folder. Everything is the same, regarding the logins etc.. is there a new box I missed checking or something =P
  7. I cant praise MCC enough for what it has done for the community and endless players/GMs all around. It has really elevated the gameplay for its easy to use and fast insertions of units etc. What I do want to talk about is the route it seems to be taking and what Im wanting to see. When I started to use MCC it was for its easy to use (when you learned it) way of tweak the gameplay for the players. It was its way for me as a GameMaster to really change and add/remove things, that caught my love for MCC. From the way it was easy to build camps, fobs, patrols, ambushes on the fly etc.. made missions something new. What I see now is that MCC is taking a slightly diffrent route. Now I see a more AltisLife/DayZ/Survive -mod going on, where you get food, player added interactions, keybinds for shoutings etc. But I dont really like the idea its making, I want the focus to be on missionbuilding and not the player-interactions towards a survivalmod. There are so many diffrent mods out there that does it and communities use with MCC so that MCC get bloated with to much actions. What I mean is that; speaking for myself.. my group uses AGM for its almost ACE feel. And thats a great mod for just that, altering the players interactions and battle awareness. But AGM and MCC together gets kinda bloated, in AGM you have the ability to take people prisoners, move objects, load vehicles etc.. and then get MCC to do that too.. it gets to much. And yes; I hear you already " dont use AGM and try use only MCC ", right ? - Well I want it to be focusdriven mods, where AGM focus its core to the playerinteraction, awareness etc.. and MCC focus its core on missionbuilding. You dont need MCC to be everything, its a great tool and alot is still to expand within the missionbuilding, aswell as develop more on existing platform of MCC. I mean I would like to get a more advanced mission-wizard, more option on spawning, the logistic-update that was made have a lot of things it can expand on.. but there are some ideas that it works very well with MCC. As the brushes that have been included; they are great, the lock doors is a neat new trick. And then you have "how to interact with the locked doors"; I would have said an option to go AGM way as its open source. Better to team up with a mod that uses a player interaction as its main focus and then focus MCC to the mission edit stuff. What I would like to see, at least, is a way to enable/disable the new features, make it as AGM if you want to go that route as modules pbo where you can include them into the game experience if you want or delete them if you dont want them. So lets say I want just MCC for its missionbuilding I include the core MCC pbo, but if I want the Survival mod then I include that pbo. Or just an Enable/Disable function in the login. As of now, Im getting alot of functions and items that I dont want or dont feel I need at all, so a way to shut it off would be great. Not hating, just would have seen it taking the route of more mission making then another AGM/CSE/LIFE mod addition to it. Dont know if it all makes sense or if Im just dribbled myself away in my thoughts.. :)
  8. Skagget

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Without any other addons/mods I couldnt get the Zeus to work, I tried to activate MCC and couldnt get RHS work with that either. Is there anyone else that can get Zeus working right off the bat with no modifications to extra modules etc.. ?
  9. Bugs I saw. 1. There is no transition from point A+B to C. The unit stands still on a "point", starting to walk and halts. From there he teleports to a new set of "points" and repeat. Ive tried all examples that came with the script regarding of command line in init. Tried aswell on a couple of diffrent houses. 2. Doors are something the unit cant operate, the unit start bugging out and then goes to (1) action; teleport and starts somewhere else.
  10. Hello, Im wondering what to do with this script :) I paste a small addaction to a car, so when you walk up to it and activate the addaction it points to this. _veh = _this select 0; _player = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; sleep 10; _trigger = createTrigger["EmptyDetector",_fordon]; _trigger setTriggerArea[10,10,0,false]; _trigger setTriggerActivation["WEST","PRESENT",true]; _trigger setTriggerStatements["this", "hint ""yes"";", ""]; And yes, the hint goes of well if Im in the triggerzone. But what I would like to do now is to have it pointing to its vehicle/object. Lets say that I want to deletevehicle when entering the triggerzone. _trigger setTriggerStatements["this", "deleteVehicle _veh", ""]; Or if I want to make a carbomb out of it ? _trigger setTriggerStatements["this", "boom = 'Bo_GBU12_LGB' createVehicle position _veh"", ""]; That doesnt work. So how do you do it so when making a trigger from an addaction it remembers the vehicle it was pointed from. I use " null = [this] execVm "script.sqf"; "
  11. What didnt work was to spawn units in 3d nor the 3d move units. So in that mission, I put down all units via 2d, after the VTS wouldnt do as I said =P The VTS said "place on map" and then when clicking just shut down and the hint about mapplacing faded away.
  12. Today with a game of 20 ppl I ran into that I couldnt use 3d placements of units/vehicles aswell as the 3dplacement (after awhile, 10-15mins into play and GM-VTS-creating). What happen was that I clicked 3d as a placemnet for my unit, it asks for where on map, when I pressed it closed the VTS tab and froze its countdown and the hint faded away. I could use all other functions, as 2d placements of units and all commandscripts etc.. but the 3d placements just went dead. It was fine at the start of the mission, lets say 20units out, but when I closed the VTS and wanted to start somewhere else it refused. I tried to log off to lobby, log off the server, the only way to really restart the 3d was to start the dedicated server all over again.. This problem is with the latest b27. No scripts other then VTS. Some random addon units that have worked prior to b27 with no problems.
  13. Yes ofc ! To be able to be the same uniform, gear etc in a easy way. Build as usuall, but when done, go into mission.sqm and find that group and change their side to resistance as an example.
  14. Thats what I thought, but good to know for sure (regarding clouds). Well the games I run is about 2-3h with upwards to 30players, so its good to have a sync there :) Well some missions is for CSAR, some where a group is holding a objective and waiting for the rest to just rush and aid them. So personally I would like a var to disable teleport, but understand if its to much tinkering around too. Many of my missions, dont have players gear up at the shop, I have the shop disabled totally (its a inv-heli with no addaction to shop or groupmanaging). The players get their gear from a loudout.sqf in their init and the rest is in their vehicles or at the FOB in crates if so needed.
  15. Is there a way to not start at marker, just start where the MissionMaker puts the units. As for now, all start at the same point. I have set the vts_generate_spawn_position=false; But I would like to have one group starting at one starting zone and a couple of others elsewhere..